GH Update Monday 10/27/08

General Hospital Update Monday 10/27/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lulu is put into a padded cell at Shadybrook. She begs the doctors to let her out. Lulu screams that Scott Baldwin has kidnapped her mother. In the meantime, Scott tells Laura that he hopes she will fall in love with him again. In Mexico, Luke manages to grab a gun from a man.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas confesses to Nadine that he cares for her deeply. Nadine says that Nik is saying what she wants to hear. Nadine adds that Nikolas should always be honest with his feelings. Nadine kisses Nikolas.

A doctor checks in on Lulu, who is in a corner of the padded cell. She is faking being unconscious. Laura wonders how Scott actually believes that she could ever love him again, especially after what he put Lulu through. Someone starts shooting at Luke and Tracy.

Spinelli tells Maxie that he is concerned about Lulu. Maxie says they need to focus on Robin’s wedding. Lulu manages to get into a Shadybrook vehicle and she drives away.

Scott says he can’t believe that Laura is awake. Scott explains that he killed Rick Webber. Laura thanks him for protecting her when she was seventeen, but she doesn’t understand why Scott is punishing Lulu for killing Logan.

Luke and Tracy are in a plane; Luke is flying it. Tracy tells Luke that Edward got the charges against him (Luke) dropped. Luke starts to lose control of the plane.

Robin tells Patrick they will be having birdseed thrown at the wedding instead of rice. Patrick leaves abruptly. At Wyndemere, Nadine starts telling Nikolas a story about one of her neighbors.

Sam pays Lucky a visit. Sam says she still loves him, but Lucky doesn’t want to hear it. Lucky says that Sam is attracted to Jerry. Sam says she was only coming on to Jerry to learn info about his dealings with Karpov. Sam and Lucky are discussing their relationship when Lulu walks in. Lulu announces that Scott Baldwin has taken Laura away from Shadybrook.

Laura wonders why Scott left after Rick was killed. Luke and Tracy’s plane starts to nosedive, but Luke manages to get it under control. Tracy is hysterical. Tracy says that Luke doesn’t know what he’s doing. Tracy threatens if they make it through this, she is going to kill him.

Patrick shows up at Jake’s. Coleman asks him if he needs a drink. Olivia is at the bar, too. Olivia asks him if he is getting cold feet. Patrick says he is looking forward to marrying Robin.

Maxie and Robin are working on wedding favors, unaware that Spinelli is intently listening. Maxie asks Robin if she has pre-wedding jitters. Spinelli pipes in and implies that Patrick will miss being a bachelor.

Laura admits that she was in a dark hole after Rick’s death. Scott says he never meant to hurt her (Laura). Scott says he figured that Laura was still planning on being with Luke all those years ago, so he (Scott) stayed away. Scott says he tried to get through to Laura when she was first admitted to Shadybrook. Laura wonders if Scott wants her forgiveness. Laura asks Scott why he can’t forgive Lulu for killing his son.

Lucky asks how Lulu got out of Shadybrook. Sam leaves. Lulu explains that Scott took Laura away. Lulu confesses that she was the one who killed Logan. Lulu says that Scott wants her to pay for killing Logan. Lulu tells Lucky that Laura woke up and left with Scott.

Nadine says she is not scared of being in a relationship with Nikolas. Nikolas says he never wants to hurt her. Nikolas kisses Nadine. Lulu and Lucky walk in on them. Lulu announces that Scott has Laura.

Laura asks Scott to have compassion for Lulu. Laura says Scott is bitter and that is why he wants to punish Lulu. In the meantime, Luke and Tracy are still in the plane. Luke jokes that Tracy is enjoying this. Tracy is becoming more irritated and says that this isn’t what she would call fun.

Patrick admits to Olivia that he never wanted to settle down. However, Patrick says, that all changed when he met Robin. Olivia says that marriage isn’t in her future. Patrick makes a slip about the father of Olivia’s son. Olivia wonders what he is implying. Patrick says that he heard her (Olivia) mention something about her son not knowing his father. Patrick asks Olivia if she ever thinks about telling her son about his father. Olivia asks him if he would be marrying Robin if she weren’t expecting a baby. Patrick says he loves Robin and would want to marry her regardless.

Maxie and Spinelli leave with the wedding favors just as Mac arrives. Robin says she is glad that Mac is going to walk her down the aisle. In the meantime, Nadine decides to leave so Nikolas can talk to his brother and sister about their family emergency. Nik kisses Nadine before she leaves. Lulu updates Nikolas that Scott has Laura. Lucky says that Scott and their mother could be anywhere now.

Scott says to Laura that Luke has hurt her so many times. Scott tells Laura to move on. Laura tells him that the two of them will never work. Scott implies he is taking her to a place where they can reclaim their past. Luke prepares to land the plane.

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