GH Update Friday 10/24/08

General Hospital Update Friday 10/24/08


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Claudia and Jason arrive at the Justice of the Peace.

Olivia and Sonny are at GH. Olivia takes her phone from Sonny so she can talk to Dante.

Luke is passed out in Mexico. Tracy wakes Luke up.

At Shadybrook, Scott attacks Lulu and threatens to have her punished for killing Logan. Laura wakes up and grabs Scott from behind. Lulu and Scott are stunned. Laura assures Lulu that her awakening is real. Laura calls Scott on his threats to Lulu.

Luke tells Tracy they need to head out of Mexico. Tracy says they need a plan. Luke says Edward won’t help get the charges against him dropped.

Lucky goes to Wyndemere to see Nikolas. Nik agrees to post Sam’s bail. Lucky fills Nik in on Sam’s plan to trap Jerry.

Back at GH, Olivia is still on the phone with her son. Sonny is surprised to learn that Olivia has a son. Sonny says he’d like to meet Dante.

Claudia and Jason prepare to get married at the JOP office. The “ceremony” begins. Claudia asks that the ceremony be as “fast” as possible.

Back in Laura’s hospital room, Scott tries to get Laura to see his side. Laura is upset at how Scott is treating Lulu. Scott says Lulu should be punished. Laura asks if Scott has any “compassion” left.

Nik and Lucky are still together. Nik is unhappy to learn about Sam’s plan with Jerry. Nik takes Sam’s side and says Jerry is a master manipulator.

Jerry goes to see Sam at the PCPD. Sam isn’t happy to see Jerry. Jerry says he’s there “to apologize.” Jerry compliments Sam on her “efforts.” He asks Sam what she thinks of the saying, “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

Back at the JOP, Claudia and Jason continue on with their marriage ceremony.

At GH, Olivia says everyone at home is familiar with Sonny and his career. Sonny asks questions about Dante. He wonders if Kate knows about Dante. When Olivia says “yes,” Sonny wonders why he was never told about the boy.

Back in Mexico, Tracy tries to help Luke get sober. Tracy wonders what Luke’s plan is for Lulu. Luke says he will reassure his daughter. Tracy isn’t impressed.

Scott tells Laura he didn’t know about Logan until recently. Laura says Lulu shouldn’t be punished because of Scott’s guilt. Scott compares Lulu’s actions with Laura’s past actions. Laura insists she was once “torn” between Scott and Luke. Laura says Scott should pay for killing Rick Webber.

Back at the PCPD, Jerry is still with Sam. Jerry says Sam could “join him” on his side of the law. Jerry says Nik will most likely post Sam’s bail. Jerry says he and Sam can join forces and “cut out” Karpov in the process. Sam seems interested but skeptical. Jerry says he and Sam are very much alike. Sam says Jerry is a risk she may be willing to take. Lucky arrives in time to see Sam flirting with Jerry.

Back at the JOP, Claudia and Jason are questioned as to whether they really want to get married. Jason stays quiet. Claudia walks away. Jason apologizes and leaves as well.

At GH, Sonny and Olivia are still together. Sonny says Kate “missed” Olivia. He wonders when Dante was born. Sonny asks who Dante’s father is.

Back at Shady Brook, Lulu and Scott argue. Laura asks Scott “to have compassion” for Lulu. Laura tells Lulu to explain what happened when she killed Logan. Lulu tells Scott the entire story. Scott says Lulu “just confessed to murder.”

At the PCPD, Jerry comments on Lucky’s “unpleasant mood.” Lucky tells Jerry to leave. Jerry leaves. Lucky wonders why Sam can’t keep her distance from Jerry.

Nadine arrives at Wyndemere. Nadine brings up Carly. Nik insists they are merely business associates.

Claudia and Jason are back in his limo. Claudia says Jason could end things by “giving in to Sonny.” Claudia says she and Sonny will end up getting married.

At GH, Sonny continues to grill Olivia about her son. Olivia says she has no clue who Dante’s father is. Olivia says she raised a beautiful child. Olivia leaves the hospital room.

Claudia accuses Jason of hoping she would skip out on the ceremony. Claudia says she will use her “position of power to her full advantage.” Claudia says Sonny “is drunk on power.” She says Sonny considers Jason an “insult to” his “pride.” Claudia says a “war” is coming.

At Wyndemere, Nik explains to Nadine why Carly was helping him button his shirt. Nadine apologizes for her paranoia and insecurities. Nadine says she’s her “own woman” and Nik can take it or leave it. Nik says he likes Nadine the way she is. Nik says his night with Nadine was “a big deal.”

At the PCPD, Lucky gives Sam a hard time about Jerry. Lucky says Sam’s intentions were originally good, but she didn’t know when to stop.

Back in Laura’s room, Scott insists on getting “justice” for Logan. Laura says Scott only wants “revenge.” She asks Scott to reconsider arresting Lulu. Scott says he will let Lulu go if Laura will “come with” him. Laura says she’ll go with Scott if he promises not to prosecute Lulu or tell anyone what really happened. Scott takes Laura by the hand and leaves with her.

In Mexico, Luke promises to “stay sober” until he helps Lulu. Tracy says Lulu “needs guidance.”

Lulu tries calling Tracy for help but the doctors catch her on the phone “after hours.”

Nikolas and Nadine are at Wyndemere. Nik says the staff won’t “interrupt” them no matter what. Nik says he “cares about” Nadine and wants to spend time with her.

At the PCPD, Sam’s bail is posted. Sam asks Lucky to meet her later and he refuses. Sam says Jerry means “nothing” to her. Lucky thinks Sam would have slept with Jerry if it had come to that. Lucky says he’s leaving town. He leaves Sam in the interrogation room.

Tracy tries to get Luke cleaned up so they can proceed out of Mexico. Tracy sees that she missed a call from Shady Brook. Luke takes off.

Lulu tells the doctor that Scott took Laura. The doctor doesn’t believe Lulu and has her carted off by an orderly.

Laura is with Scott in his car. Scott says they’ll never be found. He says he wants Laura to fall in love with him again.

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