GH Update Thursday 10/23/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/23/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Luke and Tracy are in Mexico. Tracy isn’t impressed with Luke’s drinking binge.

Lulu visits with Laura at Shady Brook. Spinelli and Maxie watch as Trevor lurks outside in the hall. Spinelli plans to follow Trevor.

Carly and Nikolas are at the hotel. Jax is there meeting with a woman. Carly thinks the meeting is strictly “business.”

Olivia is at GH with Kate. Kate listens as Olivia talks on the phone with her son, Dante. Sonny arrives.

Claudia informs Jason about her possible marriage to Sonny. Claudia tells Jason that Sonny is looking for “power.” Claudia says she must marry Jason instead – that way there will be no “war.”

At Shady Brook, Maxie advises Spinelli not to follow Trevor. Lulu is still in talking with Laura.

Tracy and Luke are still in the bar in Mexico. Tracy is upset that Luke was out of touch for so long. Tracy calls Luke “an opportunist without conscience.” Luke says it was Tracy who “bailed” on him.

Jax is still at the hotel. He informs his business associate that Nikolas is “using Carly as leverage.” The woman says she will “draw up the papers” for Jax. Nikolas and Carly watch Jax as he ends his meeting. Carly thinks Jax “is up to no good” and says she and Nik are his target

Sonny goes to GH to visit Kate. Olivia leaves the room. Sonny wonders what the ladies were discussing. Sonny says whoever shot Kate will “pay.” Kate says she doesn’t want revenge; she wants her life with Sonny. Kate is taken away for tests. Sonny sees Olivia out in the hall. Olivia says she overheard Sonny tell his dad about the marriage to Claudia.

Claudia is at Jason’s office. She tells Jason a “war” will break out if she marries Sonny. Claudia says Jason must marry her. Jason agrees.

Maxie and Spinelli interrupt Lulu’s visit with her mother. Lulu invites them into Laura’s room and introductions are made. Spinelli tells Lulu about Trevor. Lulu agrees that Trevor has never approved of her relationship with John. Spinelli and Maxie make a quick exit to follow up on Trevor.

Back in Mexico, Luke and Tracy discuss why she didn’t stick with him on his original road trip. Luke says he and Tracy are “a great team.”

At GH, Olivia says Sonny will marry Claudia so he can get power and revenge.

Claudia and Jason head out in his limo to get married. Jason says he won’t be living with Claudia after the marriage. Claudia says Jason must “change his attitude” and work on her side. Claudia says Jason must “convince” her to choose him over Sonny.

Back at GH, Sonny demands to know if Olivia shared her news with Kate. Sonny claims he won’t marry Claudia. Olivia is skeptical. Olivia says Sonny wants to “be the guy in charge.” She’s convinced Sonny will have his revenge no matter what.

Claudia grills Jason about “why” she should marry him. Jason reminds Claudia that the marriage was her idea. Claudia says a marriage to Sonny would make Jason a target. Claudia wonders if running away is a better option for her.

Carly is at the hotel with Nik. She’s doing her best to find out who Jax’s business associate was. Carly’s attempt fails. Nikolas is amused by the “games” Carly and Jax are playing.

Johnny meets with Trevor at the hotel. Spinelli and Maxie are close by, watching.

Lulu is still visiting with Laura. Lulu heads off to get her book of poetry. A shadow lurks outside in the hall.

Maxie and Spinelli are dressed as hotel employees. They plan to stick close to Trevor and Johnny. Maxie says she has to “focus on the wedding” soon.

Carly and Nikolas discuss the sale of her hotel shares. Nikolas says the hotel is “a new experience” for him. He advises Carly to take her time and think about her position.

Johnny and Trevor talk as Spinelli and Maxie lurk around. Trevor writes down the name of a doctor for John to contact regarding Lulu. Spinelli gets a bit close and drops a bucket of ice on their table. Spinelli picks up the paper with Trevor’s handwriting on it.

Back at Shady Brook, Lulu leafs through the poetry book. Lulu leaves Laura’s room. She finds a note outside the door accusing her of killing Logan.

Back in Mexico, Luke and Tracy have a drink. Tracy is amazed by the amount of alcohol Luke is drinking. Luke calls Tracy “irresistible.”

Claudia asks Jason if he’s ever considered leaving the mob. Jason says he tried but “it didn’t work.” Jason tells Claudia about the time he spent “traveling.” Claudia wonders if Jason’s plan is to make her disappear by killing her. “You don’t have to die for them, all you have to do is leave,” Jason tells a nervous Claudia.

At GH, Sonny resents that Olivia thinks she knows what his every move will be. Olivia says Sonny has a lot of “suppressed rage.” Olivia says Sonny will “get even,” no matter what. Sonny says he will do what he must to “protect” himself. Olivia says Sonny’s goal is getting back into the mob. She tells Sonny to set Kate free if his plan is to return to his former occupation. Olivia leaves.

Claudia wonders if Jason would “pay” her to disappear. Claudia tells Jason a story about Johnny “running away” when he was young. Claudia says, “running is not an option” for her. Claudia says the purpose of the “alliance” between Anthony and Sonny is to “take out” Jason.

At the hotel, Spinelli compares the writing on the notes. He says Trevor’s writing doesn’t match the writing on Lulu’s note. Trevor gives Johnny the doctor’s number again. Trevor leaves. Johnny thinks Lulu wrote the notes. Maxie disagrees. John promises to figure out who’s after Lulu. John leaves the hotel.

At Shady Brook, Lulu shows the note to a catatonic Laura. Scotty arrives. He says he wanted Lulu “to feel some remorse.” Scotty says he knows Lulu killed Logan.

Carly runs into Jax’s business associate at the hotel. Carly tries to convince the woman to leave some papers with him. Jax arrives and introduces the woman as his attorney. Jax says he “intends to win” the game he and Carly are playing.

Sonny is still at GH. He answers Olivia’s phone when Dante calls. Olivia arrives.

Tracy and Luke are drunk in Mexico. Tracy calls Luke a “cheater,” among other things. Luke says Edward has no intention of helping them. Tracy agrees with Luke that Edward has left them “high and not so dry.” Luke says they must head for the boarder but he passes out.

At Shady Brook, Scotty gets all over Lulu about Logan’s death. He accuses Lulu of killing Logan deliberately. Scotty says Lulu will “get a lethal injection” for what she did. Suddenly Laura grabs Scotty from behind.

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