GH Update Wednesday 10/22/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/22/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jax tells Carly that he will gladly talk about business.

Jason says that he needs to know who Sonny has been in contact with. Spinelli says that Sonny has received 3 calls from Anthony. Maxie comes in and says that she really needs Spinelli’s help.

Tracy says that it is Luke’s fault that they are in the Mexican torture chamber.

Liz and Robin talk about patient’s tests. Epiphany and Liz stage an intervention on Robin because she is taking on too much work.

Nikolas, Leyla and Nadine talk. Leyla leaves the room. Nadine says that it seems like their night of sex was just business for him. Nikolas says that nothing could be further from the truth.

Carly and Jax talk about her encounter with Nikolas.

Ric and Claudia talk. Claudia says that Ric betrayed her and asks why he didn’t tell her about Anthony’s plan.

Jason agrees to let Spinelli help Maxie.

Johnny visits Lulu. Johnny says that he doesn’t want to interfere with her recovery. Lulu says that it isn’t his fault that she got sick because she was born with it. Johnny says that he can’t come back because he wants her to get better. Lulu says that his love makes her stronger. Johnny says that he loves Lulu and wants her to have a great life even if he isn’t in it.

Tracy tells Luke to get them out of there. A woman comes and bails Luke out.

Robin and Lainey talk about a patient. Lainey asks if Robin will stop being a control freak.

Kelly says that it is all set. Liz says that Robin wants to work, but Epiphany says that she will take care of it.

Nikolas and Nadine talk about the morning after they had sex. Nadine asks Patrick if they are still on.

Jax says that Carly is impulsive when she is hurt. Carly and Jax talk about their business relationship.

Claudia tells Ric that Anthony wants her to marry Sonny.

Nadine says that she has a special surprise for Patrick and that she is looking forward to meeting him. Patrick leaves. Nikolas tells Nadine to have fun doing whatever she is doing. Nikolas says that he is actually not doing anything for the night because he wanted to spend time with her, but she is busy. Nikolas leaves and Leyla says that Nikolas must really care about Nadine.

Epiphany tells Robin that her entire calendar cancelled for the day. Patrick walks up and Epiphany says that Robin is questioning her integrity. Robin says that she suspects her calendar was cleared during a conspiracy between Epiphany and someone else. Robin and Patrick leave. Epiphany says that they are on the way.

Spinelli and Maxie talk about breaking into the loony bin. Lulu asks what they are doing back there. Maxie says that they have come to prove that Lulu didn’t write the notes to herself. Spinelli says that he found a handwriting analysis program. Spinelli says that it isn’t possible that Lulu wrote the note herself.

Claudia and Ric talk about the possibility of her marrying Sonny. Ric says that it is just one of Anthony’s mind games and Claudia says that Anthony isn’t going to turn over everything without insurance. Ric says that they have a good thing going on there and asks Claudia not to blow it.

Jason and Carly talk about Sonny considering an alliance with Anthony. Carly asks how Jason is going to stop it and Jason says that he has to give Sonny back the organization to stop it.

Robin gets a surprise! Patrick says that he didn’t say anything to Robin before they got there because he values his life. Lainey says that it is a baby shower and bridal shower in one. Epiphany says that she chased them out of the hospital and drove like a maniac to beat them there. Coleman brings Robin a virgin margarita.

Carly tells Jason to give Sonny the organization back, but Jason says that he can’t because he doesn’t trust Sonny to run things right now. Jason says that all Sonny wants is revenge right now. Jason says that he wishes he could just walk away but he has an obligation. Carly tells Jason to do what is best for him.

Luke comes back for Tracy. Luke explains that he got his friend to bail him out because he saved her from a really bad card game.

Trevor tells Johnny that it was a bad idea seeing Lulu at Shadybrook. Johnny realizes that Trevor is having him followed.

Spinelli tells Lulu what he has figured out about her symptoms. Spinelli shows Maxie and Lulu the program and the differences in handwriting. Spinelli says that someone is really trying to blackmail Lulu.

Robin opens presents. Coleman gives Patrick a gift and Patrick talks about how nice Coleman has been to him.

Luke talks to a bartender. Tracy pays the bartender. Luke and Tracy talk about Edward getting the charges dropped. The conversation changes to Lulu, but Luke doesn’t want to talk about Lulu.

Spinelli and Maxie try to help Lulu figure out who is blackmailing her. Maxie suggests that the note was intended to upset Lulu and make her feel guilty. Lulu asks who would want to do that.

Jax meets with a woman about a new “relationship” and Jax says that it calls for champagne.

Robin talks about none of them being married. Nadine says that she would like to be in love someday and Epiphany reminds her that she was carving Nikolas’ initials into her pudding the other day. Robin, Kelly, Epiphany and Leyla talk about Patrick. The ladies do a shot of tequila! Robin tells them to do another one for her! Patrick and Coleman talk about the wedding.

Lulu and Maxie realize that someone wants to keep Lulu stuck in Shadybrook. Lulu thanks them and says that she has to do something before her therapist gets there. Lulu says that she thinks she is finally getting better.

Trevor shows up to see Lulu.

Jax tells a woman that he wants to make sure that the deal goes through and asks how they can get around the current occupant having a right to refuse the offer.

Carly and Nikolas talk about what Jax is up to.

The woman says that Nikolas isn’t going to be happy when Jax buys Spoon Island out from under him.

Jason tells Bernie that Sonny will start a war that they aren’t ready for. Claudia shows up and says that she has something to say that affects Jason’s future. Claudia says that Sonny and Anthony’s deal has to go through her first.

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