GH Update Tuesday 10/21/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/21/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sam tells Mac and Alexis that the drugs were planted and that Jerry set her up! Sam says that she has been working undercover for months in a private investigation.

Jerry tells Karpov that Sam’s fingerprints will be all over the contraband that the police will find in the apartment.

Ric says that Jason will never lift a hand against Sonny.

Sonny tells Claudia that Anthony has offered him control of the Zacchara organization and wants him to marry Claudia as an act of good faith.

Maxie and Spinelli try to get Lulu out of Shadybrook. Scott walks in and suggests that Lulu is trying to break out. Scott asks Spinelli if he is trying to break Lulu out.

Sam says that she has been landing cargo for months for Karpov without asking questions about the cargo. Sam starts talking about the PDA and Alexis says that there is no information on the PDA except Russian folk music and a recipe. Sam says that the data is encrypted. Alexis says that Sam needs to quit talking because she is digging a bigger hole that she won’t be able to get out of. Alexis says that she wants Sam to let Mac arrest her and then Diane will meet her at the station. Sam says that she wants to know that Alexis believes her. Lucky walks in and says that he should be there because he and Sam were once involved.

Robin asks Epiphany if tests are back yet for a patient. Epiphany asks what Robin and Patrick are doing and they tell her that they are getting married.

Anthony and Jason discuss business. Jason says that he will tear the organization apart without leaving a scratch on Sonny. Ric says that it won’t happen and asks Jason if he could really pull a gun on Sonny.

Claudia and Sonny talk about how impossible the idea of marriage between them is. Sonny says that the first thing he does is takes Karpov out and run the organization as he sees fit and then as an act of good faith, he marries Claudia, but it is never going to happen.

Scott says that Lulu can’t just run off because she needs help. Maxie and Spinelli confront Scott about being so hard on Lulu and making sure she ended up in a straightjacket and padded cell. Maxie says that Logan was a mean, sadistic jerk and Lulu says that he didn’t deserve to die. Scott says that he is trying to help by not letting Maxie and Spinelli break Lulu out.

Mac says that they found a large quantity of pharmaceutical drugs in the apartment and asks if Lucky knows anything about it. Alexis explains that she arrived before the warrant was served because she wanted to have Sam explain the pictures and that when she arrived, Sam was making out in the hot tub with Jerry.

Ric says that Jason has become Sonny’s enemy by not giving the organization back.

Sonny and Claudia talk about Zacchara family politics. Sonny says that there are major weaknesses in Anthony’s organization and Claudia says that Sonny just wants to be a gangster again. Sonny asks if Claudia would actually consider marrying him and Claudia says, “Not a chance.”

Scott says that he wants Lulu to get well and take her medication, for Logan’s sake. Spinelli says that he will call Lulu’s brothers. Lulu says that she would like to watch her brother’s kick Scott’s ass.

Patrick and Robin talk about why Epiphany is mad. Epiphany comes back with their test results. Patrick assures Epiphany that he and Robin haven’t argued at all about the wedding. Robin tells Patrick to have fun with Epiphany and that she is really sleepy.

Claudia and Anthony talk about his trying to marry her off to Sonny. Claudia says that she is not marrying Sonny.

Sonny visits Kate.

Sam goes off on Jerry for setting her up. Alexis says that Sam isn’t helping herself. Lucky tries to calm Sam down, but she keeps going on about Jerry framing her. Mac tells Jerry not to leave town. Sam says that she is going to be there when Jerry pushes it too far and that she will make sure he pays.

Kate and Sonny talk about Jason’s visit. Sonny says that he was lying to himself about being able to build a life outside of the mob.

Anthony and Claudia talk about the business deal that he offered Sonny. Claudia says that she and Sonny don’t want to marry each other. Claudia tells Johnny that Anthony wants her to marry Sonny.

Olivia and Patrick talk about Kate’s condition. The conversation changes to Patrick’s baby with Robin.

Jason and Robin talk about her baby and her upcoming wedding to Patrick.

Scott says that he will leave as soon as Maxie and Spinelli do. Maxie and Spinelli leave. Lulu tells Scott to get out and he says that he just wants what is best for her.

Anthony, Johnny and Claudia talk about the offer that Sonny got from Anthony. Claudia says that it might not be a bad idea for her to marry Sonny, once they figure out how to use it to their advantage.

Sonny says that there is no getting out of the mob. Olivia comes in and Sonny leaves. Olivia says that Dante and Sonny are exactly alike.

Mike and Sonny talk about Kate.

Robin says that Jason should come to her wedding.

Lucky and Sam talk about the preliminary report. Jerry tells Alexis that he never would have slept with Sam and that he only wanted to help. Sam says that she wouldn’t have slept with Jerry, but Lucky doesn’t believe her.

Jason says that he doesn’t think he should be at the wedding, but Robin says that he should be.

Kate and Olivia talk about Dante and Sonny.

Sonny tells Mike that he is thinking about making an alliance with the Zaccharas. Sonny says that the catch is that he has to marry Claudia.

Claudia and Johnny talk about her marrying Sonny.

Lulu visits Laura and talks about killing Logan!

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