GH Update Monday 10/20/08

General Hospital Update Monday 10/20/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Tracy is about to get arrested for trying to bribe a police officer. Luke says he will pay any man to take her off his hands. At Sam’s apartment, Alexis walks in on Jerry and Sam kissing in the hot tub. In the meantime, Karpov meets with Jason. Karpov asks Jason if he is working with Sonny. Sonny tells Anthony he wants to run Anthony’s organization. Sonny says that Karpov has to die.

Spinelli is put in a straitjacket and locked in a padded cell at Shadybrook. Spinelli yells to get the doctor’s attention. Spinelli tries to explain that he was visiting a troubled friend (Lulu) and that is why he was acting strange. The doctor takes some notes and asks Spinelli about his childhood.

Maxie says to Lulu that they need to help Spinelli. Maxie wants to call Jason. Maxie tells Lulu to get a grip. Sam tells Alexis that Jerry has a PDA that has information about meetings with Karpov. Sam explains that she is trying to bust Jerry. Jerry tells Alexis to destroy the PDA. Sam says that Jerry wants to destroy the PDA because he is working with Karpov. Jerry asks Alexis to trust him.

Jason informs Karpov that him and Sonny are no longer in business together. Sonny tells Anthony that he doesn’t need a middleman. Anthony says Sonny can get back at Trevor. Anthony says that Ric has been a big help to him and that Ric hates Trevor. Sonny asks for 24-hour surveillance on Karpov. Sonny tells Anthony that these are his terms. Anthony says he needs tangible proof of Sonny’s loyalty before he lets Sonny call the shots.

Maxie finds the padded cell in Shadybrook. Lulu says that she was put in there when she found the note in her room. The doctor leaves the room and sees Lulu. Lulu makes up an excuse that she is looking for Dr. Winters. The doctor says he will talk to Dr. Winters. The doctor goes back in the padded cell, where Maxie is hiding. Maxie and Spinelli escape.

Luke explains to the police officer how him and Tracy ended up getting married in Las Vegas. Luke says he can’t get rid of Tracy no matter how hard he tries. Luke explains that this is why he came to a different country – to get away from Tracy. Luke and the police officer have a drink together. Luke admits that Tracy is the most fun he has ever had.

At the Metro Court, Ric and Claudia meet. Ric says that he doesn’t need Claudia to further his career. Ric tells her that a lot of people would say that Claudia is a liability to him (Ric).

Jerry tells Alexis the password for his PDA. Alexis checks Jerry’s PDA, which doesn’t have anything incriminating on it. Sam says that it must be encrypted. Sam adamantly states that Jerry and Karpov are working together. Jerry says that he thought Sam and Karpov were working together, so he played along when Sam invited him into the hot tub. Mac shows up at Sam’s apartment with a search warrant.

Anthony says to Sonny he will put aside their differences. Anthony says that he wants to bring respect back to the business. Anthony asks Sonny what they can do to make sure this deal will work. Anthony states that Sonny should marry Claudia.

At the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that he will miss her when she is on maternity leave. Patrick admits he will miss her help with consultations at work. Robin says she is excited to meet their daughter soon.

Claudia says she likes Ric, but there were always be ulterior motives between them. In the meantime, Jason goes to visit Kate. Olivia asks Jason how close he is to Sonny. Olivia wonders why Jason won’t give back the business to Sonny. Jason doesn’t want to answer her questions.

Sonny says he won’t marry Claudia. Anthony warns Sonny that Claudia won’t make Sonny’s life easy. Anthony explains that if Sonny marries Claudia, then they will be family. Anthony says that it would be only right of him to hand the organization to Sonny if Sonny marries his daughter. Sonny adamantly refuses to marry Claudia.

Lulu, Maxie, and Spinelli return to Lulu’s room. Spinelli asks Maxie to take off his straitjacket. Lulu asks them if they have an exit strategy. Lulu says that Spinelli and Maxie convinced her to escape Shadybrook and wants to know how they plan on doing this.

Mac wonders why Jerry is at Sam’s apartment. Alexis says that Jerry doesn’t have anything to do with this case. Sam says that isn’t true, but Alexis tells Mac that Jerry can leave.

Jason tells Olivia that he hopes Sonny and Kate can be happy. Kate wakes up and wonders why Jason is there. Jason says that Sonny is about to make a big mistake and wants Kate to talk Sonny out of it.

Sonny says he wants to talk business, but bringing up marriage to Claudia is making it personal. Sonny says that once Karpov is dead, Anthony’s organization will only be stronger. Anthony says there is no deal if Sonny doesn’t marry Claudia. Sonny tells Anthony he is declining his offer to work with him.

Patrick says to Robin that he can’t believe they are getting married in nine days. He asks Robin if she is mad that he asked Coleman to be his best man. Robin says it is okay if Patrick has a bachelor party. Patrick says that everything is great and that he can’t wait to marry her.

Jason says that Sonny wants to get revenge. Kate asks for the details, but Jason won’t divulge anything. Kate says that she doesn’t want Sonny anywhere near the mob. Kate tells Jason that Jason needs to live with his choices concerning the organization.

Lulu says that an escape plan needs to be talked about. Lulu says it is now or never. In the meantime, Luke punches the police officer when the officer starts to flirt with Tracy. Tracy hits the policeman over the head with a bottle. Another police officer enters the bar and informs Tracy and Luke they are both being arrested.

Sam tries to explain to Alexis that she was working Jerry for info about the counterfeit drug ring. Sam asks Alexis to check out Jerry’s PDA again. Mac finds pharmaceuticals at Sam’s apartment. Sam has no idea how they showed up there.

Jerry meets with Karpov. He explains to Karpov that the police will find drugs in Sam’s apartment and that she will be put behind bars for many years. In the meantime, Sonny runs into Claudia at the Metro Court. He updates Claudia on his conversation with her father. Sonny says that Anthony wanted him (Sonny) to marry Claudia. Jason goes to see Anthony and warns Anthony to stay out of his way.

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