GH Update Friday 10/17/08

General Hospital Update Friday 10/17/08


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In Mexico, a police officer comes into the bar to arrest Luke on multiple charges.

Maxie and Spinelli are at the coffee house discussing Lulu’s hospital escape. Spinelli is hesitant, but Maxie convinces him to go along with the plan.

Carly interrupts Nik and Nadine at an inopportune moment at Wyndemere.

Jason falls of the ladder at Liz’s studio. Liz chuckles over such a silly way for Jason to get hurt.

Sonny is at home with Max. Max says Karpov is attempting to “leave the country.”

At the studio, Liz insists on inspecting Jason’s ankle. Liz says she enjoys caring for Jason.

Sonny says he’ll take care of Karpov before he exits the country. Max says he’s there to help. Ric arrives at Sonny’s house. Sonny says he’s not interested in Anthony’s offer. Ric says he’s only there to see if Sonny is ok.

At Wyndemere, Nadine accuses Carly of “chatting up Nikolas.” Nadine leaves abruptly. Nik apologizes to Carly.

Back in Mexico, Luke tries to convince Tracy to “pay off” the police officer. Tracy goes along with Luke and pays the officer.

Lulu is in her room at Shady Brook. Maxie and Spinelli are outside her room in disguises. Spinelli is “trying to mimic the behavior of an unhinged inmate.” Maxie and Spinelli enter Lulu’s room. Lulu shows them the note.

Patrick and Robin are at GH. Patrick is uneasy about his expertise as a father.

At Sonny’s house, Ric says he knows about Anthony’s offer. Ric admits to disliking Jason. Sonny thinks Ric is enjoying the tension with Jason. Ric says Jason may want Sonny’s “life” soon. “Part of being able to play dirty is knowing how to keep your hands clean,” Ric tells Sonny before he departs.

Liz bandages Jason’s injured ankle. Jason notices a new picture of Jake. Jason says he fell because he was “distracted” by Liz. The phone rings as Jason moves in for a kiss. Sonny says he needs to see Jason.

Jerry is outside on the phone trying to pacify Karpov as Sam arrives. Sam says their dinner date is on. She suggests a hotel. Jerry calls the suggestion “tawdry”, and they agree to meet at Sam’s place. Jerry leaves.

Carly is still at Wyndemere with Nikolas, who can’t seem to find his shirt. Carly reveals she has Nik’s shirt and gives it back to him as Jax arrives. Jax is obviously unhappy to find Carly with Nik. Carly leads Jax to believe she has a “personal” relationship with Nik. Jax threatens to “stop the transaction” for sale of the hotel shares. He further threatens a lawsuit, then leaves.

Maxie and Spinelli examine the note at Shady Brook. Lulu says she wrote the note.

In Mexico, Tracy says Luke may get arrested when they return home. She says they must hope for Edward to come through. In the meantime, they must “wait,” Tracy says. The police officer comes back, and Tracy gives him more money.

Ric arrives at Anthony’s house. Ric says he’s not sure what Sonny will decide to do. Anthony says he’s sure Sonny will come around. Anthony says Sonny must kill Jason.

Jason goes to see Sonny. Sonny says Karpov is on his way out of the country. Sonny asks for Jason’s help before he’s forced to get help from Anthony. Sonny tells Jason about Anthony’s offer. Jason is skeptical of Anthony’s offer. Sonny says he would rather have Jason’s help. Sonny asks Jason to “return the organization” to him.

Carly apologizes to Nik for giving Jax the wrong impression. Nik says Jax still cares for Carly. Carly says she accepts Nik’s offer to invest in the hotel. Carly helps Nik button his shirt as Nadine arrives.

At GH, Robin tells Patrick she prefers a “natural birth.” Patrick is nervous about the delivery. Robin says she’s enjoyed sharing the pregnancy with Patrick. Robin says it’s time to call Maxie about the wedding. Robin proposes putting off the wedding as Patrick is too overwhelmed.

In Mexico, Tracy calls Edward about getting the charges dropped. Edward says he’s working on it. He says it’s a slow and expensive process. Tracy tells Luke they can’t go home quite yet.

Robin and Patrick are still at the hospital. Robin says she understands if Patrick has “second thoughts.” Patrick says he wants to marry Robin as planned. Robin says Maxie is “planning” the entire wedding. Patrick and Robin discuss baby names.

Jerry arrives at Sam’s place. He seems pleased that Sam is wearing a bikini. Sam suggests a soak in the hot tub. Jerry gets a call. Sam heads for the hot tub and says Jerry can do as he pleases. Jerry takes his jacket off.

Sonny presents papers for Jason to sign that will return the business to him. Jason warns Sonny against working with Anthony. Jason says Sonny will “destroy” everything if he joins up with the Zaccharas. Jason leaves.

At Shady Brook, Spinelli doubts Lulu wrote the note. Maxie agrees with Spinelli. Lulu says she wrote the note but doesn’t “remember doing it.” Spinelli heads off to distract a doctor.

In Mexico, Tracy blames Luke for not being around for his daughter. Another police officer arrives, and Tracy pulls out her money. The officer places Tracy under arrest for “bribery.” Tracy is taken to jail. Luke tells the officer to take Tracy away.

Maxie watches as Spinelli distracts the doctor at Shady Brook. The doctor seems perplexed by Spinelli’s behavior. Spinelli is put in a straight jacket and placed in a padded room.

Nadine arrives at GH. After dropping some medication, Nadine flashes back to Jerry injecting her with a needle. Robin observes Nadine’s strange behavior but doesn’t say anything.

Jerry heads to the hot tub to join Sam. A woman’s footsteps approach Sam’s door. Jerry gets into the hot tub and comments on the “lovely view.” Alexis is revealed to be the person at Sam’s door. Alexis lets herself into Sam’s apartment. As Sam reaches across to retrieve a wine glass, Jerry kisses her. Alexis arrives and witnesses the whole scene.

Jason meets Karpov on the dock. Jason tries to smooth things over. Karpov says he’s headed to Russia for a short time.

Sonny goes to see Anthony. Sonny says he’s interested in accepting Anthony’s offer.

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