GH Update Thursday 10/16/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/16/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Tracy is in Mexico where she finds Luke passed out in a bar.

A concerned Spinelli brings Jason a smoothie at the coffee house.

Nikolas meets Carly at the Metro Court. Carly voices her reservations about selling Nik some shares in the hotel.

Johnny and Anthony are at home. Johnny is cleaning a gun – he points it at Anthony.

Maxie goes to visit a seemingly confused Lulu.

Carly questions Nik’s motive for wanting to buy into the hotel.

Nadine and Liz are at GH. Nadine tells Liz about passing out at the clinic. Nadine hedges about her feelings for Nikolas. Liz suggests keeping thing “simple” and “enjoy the time” she spends with Nikolas.

Jason tells Spinelli about Sonny’s attack on Karpov. Spinelli offers his help and his PI skills. Jason isn’t too receptive of Spinelli’s offer. Jason says he’s unsure if Karpov shot Kate. Jason thinks the clues left at the church were too “obvious” to be from Karpov.

Johnny tries to scare Anthony into getting out of his wheelchair. Johnny says he thinks Anthony is a total faker. John says he’d like to be a part of his father’s plan. John claims to be “staying away from” Lulu. John puts the gun on Anthony’s lap and leaves the room.

Back in Lulu’s hospital room, Maxie tries to make small talk. Lulu seems to be in her own world. She asks Maxie about Johnny. Maxie says Johnny had an innocent boating accident. Lulu seems unaffected by the news.

Back in Mexico, Tracy cuts off Luke’s alcohol supply. Tracy tries to tell Luke about Lulu.

At the coffee house, Spinelli uses a chessboard to figure out Jason’s strategy. He uses the chess pieces to represent all the players in Jason’s game of life. Jason is certain Karpov didn’t shoot Kate. Spinelli thinks Karpov is responsible for the shooting.

At the hotel, Nik says he wants the hotel to “impress a woman.” He tells Carly he wants Nadine to see him “going to work.” Carly says she needs more time to think. Nik says he will help Carly achieve “more power.” Nik leaves Carly to think about her options.

Spinelli pays Lulu a visit at Shady Brook. Lulu says Maxie visited earlier. Spinelli gives Lulu some poetry books. Spinelli reads a poem to Lulu.

Maxie goes to the Zacchara house to see Johnny. Instead she’s greeted to Anthony. Maxie threatens to call Jason if Anthony doesn’t let her see Johnny. Johnny arrives. Maxie wants to talk in private so Johnny dismisses his father. Maxie says Lulu “needs to see” John.

In Mexico, Tracy tries to sober Luke up with coffee. She says it’s time for Luke to return home. Tracy explains the Logan situation to Luke.

Nikolas arrives home to find Nadine there waiting. Nadine stumbles over what to say to Nik. Nikolas says the night he spent with Nadine was “wonderful” and it made him happy.

Carly arrives at the coffee house to see Jason. Carly asks Jason’s advice on Nikolas. Jason says Carly shouldn’t sell the hotel “just to prove a point to Jax.” Carly seems to have made up her mind after listening to Jason. Carly leaves the office. Liz calls and says she needs to see Jason “right away.”

Maxie tells Johnny he needs to visit Lulu. Johnny says he must stay away from Lulu for the sake of her mental health.

Spinelli continues with his poetry reading. He offers Lulu a snack or a walk but she declines. Lulu says she has a session with her doctor. Lulu says she can’t be late for her session. Spinelli finds that odd. Lulu asks Spinelli about Johnny.

In Mexico, Luke doesn’t seem worried about Lulu. Tracy tells Luke about Lulu’s hallucinations. Luke gets upset when he learns how Scott made Lulu testify.

Jason arrives at the studio to meet with Liz. Jason is surprised when Liz asks him to help her paint the walls of the studio. Liz says she needs a “more comfortable” studio so she can get some work done. Jason is confused as to Liz’s timing. Liz says painting the studio will give them some “down time” together. Liz says maybe painting the studio will help Jason “unwind” with her and not focus on the negative. She says enough time has been wasted on the unattainable. Jason surrenders and agrees to start painting.

Back in Mexico, Luke asks for the details on Johnny’s trial. He wonders why Lulu’s health hasn’t improved. Tracy tells Luke about Laura. Luke seems disturbed. Luke decides it’s time to return home. On the way out of the bar, Luke passes out.

Maxie goes to the coffee house. Spinelli arrives. They both are concerned about Lulu. Both find it odd that Lulu was suddenly concerned about punctuality. Maxie says they need to get Lulu out of Shady Brook.

Lulu is at Shady Brook with Dr. Winters. Johnny arrives and listens in at the door. Lulu tells the doctor she wants to get well. Johnny walks away without being noticed.

Nadine and Nikolas are still at Wyndemere. Nik apologizes about his attitude the morning they woke up together. Nik says he just wanted Nadine to “feel comfortable.” Nadine says she likes having Nikolas in her life. Nikolas kisses Nadine. Things start to get intimate until Carly arrives.

Back at Liz’s studio Jason starts to paint. He apologizes about Italy. Liz calls Italy “a dream.” Jason says he’s “glad” Liz called him over. Jason moves in for a kiss but Liz asks him to “start painting.” Jason smiles, but complies. Liz warns Jason about the ladder, which he promptly falls off of.

Back in Mexico, Tracy assists Luke. Tracy says Edward is working on getting the “money laundering charges” against Luke dropped. Luke questions why Edward would help him. Tracy says she may be “blackmailing” her father. The police walk into the bar looking for Luke.

Lulu is in her hospital room. She finds a note on the bed. “You killed Logan, you should pay,” the note says.

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