GH Update Wednesday 10/15/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/15/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

 Claudia meets Maximus. Maximus reveals that he knows Claudia’s father. Claudia says that she is there because she is obsessed with Max.

Jason says that he can’t let Sonny start a bloodbath and asks if Sonny wants to die.

Olivia tells Kate that they both know that Sonny and Dante are better off if the secret stays hidden. Carly walks in and says that she loves family secrets.

Sam tells Karpov that she is a cautious person. Sam says that she doesn’t walk into anything blind because that is a good way to wind up dead. Karpov says that double-crossing him is another way to wind up dead. Karpov says that it is time to prove what she’s worth.

Lucky and Alexis talk about Johnny’s involvement with the recent joy-rider in the harbor. Lucky says that he is hoping Lulu doesn’t love Johnny. The conversation changes to Sam. Alexis asks if Lucky talks to Sam at all and Lucky says that he hasn’t talked to her since the breakup.

Olivia says that Sonny has always been a gangster. Carly tells Olivia that nothing she said to Sonny mattered. Carly says that it sounds like Olivia knows Sonny better than Kate does.

Sonny says that he has no intention of dying, but he wants to keep his family and Kate safe. Sonny says that he is only asking for Jason’s help because he can’t sit by and do nothing. Jason says that he isn’t convinced that Karpov was responsible. Sonny says that Jason is either lying or delusional.

Maximus and Claudia talk about the business he used to do with her father. Claudia says that sex with Max is a life-shattering experience. Diane comes in and tells Claudia to get her hands off of Max.

Tracy says that she has a solid lead on Luke’s whereabouts. Monica and Edward aren’t sure about the new lead and agree that Luke would make things worse, not better. Tracy asks Edward to call in some favors and get the charges against Luke dropped.

Scott confronts Alexis about pulling his surveillance people. Scott says that her surveillance on Karpov has been terminated.

Claudia and Diane argue about Max. Claudia tells Max not to keep her waiting for too long. Diane says that if Max has no further need for her services she will be saying goodnight. Max says that he isn’t through with her yet.

Kate says that Sonny will do anything to protect the people he cares about. Carly says that she wishes she could have gotten through to Sonny, but she couldn’t. Kate says that she will and that she doesn’t want Carly or Olivia there. Carly asks Olivia if she wants to get a cocktail. Kate says that they have a lot in common and will have a lot to talk about.

Jason tells Sonny that he does what needs to be done to keep everyone in line. Sonny says that Jason has made it clear that he doesn’t want to fight for his territory. Sonny says that Jason is out of his league, but Jason says that he will fight for his territory. Jason says that he is protecting his men and suggests that Sonny should give up his idea of revenge. Sonny says that he will do what he has to do. Sonny says that when everything comes crashing down on Jason, he will be the only one to blame.

Edward says that he isn’t calling in any favors to get Luke exonerated. Monica says that it is up to Tracy to get the charges dropped. Tracy says that Edward wouldn’t be helping her or Luke, he would be helping Lulu.

Alexis tells Scott that Andrei Karpov is the main suspect in Kate’s shooting. Alexis says that she can’t support using the surveillance guys for vengeance against Johnny.

Max tells Diane and Maximus that he likes walking out there because he does his best thinking there. Maximus tells Max that he needs to find someone nice, like Carly. Diane says that she can’t wait to hear what Max thinks about his father’s advice.

Jason asks if they were able to land the shipment. Claudia shows up and asks when Jason decided to trade places with Sonny’s bodyguard and explains that she went along with the charade. Claudia says that it was sweet of Jason to do that for Max. Jason asks why Claudia is there. Claudia says that she wants to stop a war before it starts.

Olivia and Carly talk about the differences between Carly and Kate. The conversation changes to Sonny. Olivia says that Connie (Kate) will never admit that she is wrong about Sonny, even if it kills her.

Sonny goes to see Kate. Kate apologizes for sending Carly to talk to him. Sonny says that Kate needs to focus on getting better and says that he is handling things. Kate says that she wants the life they walked about and asks what they have to do to make it work.

Max says that he isn’t looking for a wife at the moment, so there is no point in speculating what type he would choose. Maximus tells Max to find someone to come home to and someone that he can trust and believe in. Diane tells Max that he should get to work on that and leaves. Max says that Diane is perfect. Max suggests that they should get Maximus to the airport. Maximus says that he can get there on his own and that he has a stop to make on the way. Max tells his father not to hug him.

Claudia says that Johnny didn’t damage the boat or keep Jason from landing his shipment. Claudia says that Johnny is acting out because of Lulu’s breakdown. Jason says that if Johnny makes trouble for him again for any reason, he will retaliate. Claudia realizes that she and Jason both believe that Karpov wasn’t responsible for Kate’s shooting. Jason says that if it wasn’t Karpov, it could have been anyone and asks if the Zaccharas were responsible.

Carly tells Olivia about her past with Sonny. Carly says that she and Sonny brought out the worst and the best of each other. Carly shows Olivia a picture of Morgan and Olivia says that she can see a lot of Sonny in him.

Sonny says that the only way that Kate won’t have to live in fear is to stay away from everyone who is getting shot at, including him. Sonny says that he can’t guarantee that Kate will be safe and can’t make promises about the future. Kate says that she doesn’t want guarantees and that all she wants is for him to stay out of organized crime because she can ride it all out with him if he does. Sonny says that he tried, but it didn’t work and Kate reminds him that it has only been 3 months. Kate says that if Sonny really loves her like he says, then he won’t retaliate. Kate asks Sonny not to sink back into that life because she won’t give up on him or them. Sonny says that he has already made a move and will make more and that is the way it has to be. Sonny says that he has to do what he thinks is right for Kate, even if he loses her because of it.

Edward and Monica tell Tracy that she is using Lulu to guilt Luke into abandoning his latest road trip. Tracy gets a call and says that she is on her way to get Luke. Tracy says that she wants Edward to get the charges dropped before she gets home or she will tell the members of his club that he has resorted to internet dating. Edward agrees to have the charges dropped.

Jerry shows up to see Alexis and offers to take her home. Alexis says that she is busy and that she has to figure out how to proceed with an investigation that might implicate her daughter. Jerry suggests that she give her thoughts a rest and let him take care of her.

Maximus shows up to see Sonny. Maximus says that they need to talk and asks for a drink.

Olivia and Carly talk about Sonny being a good father. Carly says that taking the boys away from Sonny was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Olivia says that nothing is more important than protecting your children and that Sonny must miss them like crazy. Olivia says that it seems like Sonny knew that the greatest gift he could ever give his child was a mother that would keep him safe no matter what. Carly says that it is great that someone understands that and that Sonny will never forgive her.

Maximus says that Sonny seems too intelligent to go after a rival without the proper backup to get the job done. Maximus tells Sonny to make them come to him because he doesn’t want to see Max get killed working for Sonny. Maximus says that Max must be a very valuable soldier for Sonny to keep up the charade about Max being the boss. Sonny asks when Maximus figured it out and Maximus says that he figured it out 5 minutes after he walked in the door. Maximus asks Sonny to take care of his sons and not to let Max know that he knew the stint was all made up. Sonny agrees.

Max tells Jason that he thought that Diane might be there because she got irritated with his father and walked off. Max tells Jason that Claudia kissed him as part of the charade. Max tells Jason that his dad is going back to Palermo, so things can finally get back to normal and thanks Jason for playing along. Max says that if Jason ever decides that he wants to retire, he is ready to step up.

Lucky says that he has some questions for Sam. Sam says that Karpov and his crew left to handle the shipment that she landed and says that she saw Karpov give Jerry a PDA will names and cargo information. Lucky says that Sam has taken things far enough, but she says that she has come too close to stop now.

Alexis says that Jerry can’t take care of her because she doesn’t trust him. Jerry says that she can trust him tomorrow, but Alexis says that tomorrow she has to get a warrant and search her daughter’s apartment. Alexis says that she is going to call it in before she loses her nerve. Sam calls Jerry. Alexis calls to issue a warrant for Sam. Sam asks Jerry if he would be interested in having dinner the following night and he says that he can’t wait. Sam says that by the next night it should be all over.

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