GH Update Tuesday 10/14/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/14/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Alexis says that it looks like Sam is in serious trouble.

Jason asks where Max is and Diane says that Maximus suggested a family outing to “break some heads.”

Karpov denies being responsible for Kate’s shooting. Sonny says that Karpov is a coward.

Lucky and Sam talk about the mess that they made. Lucky says that he would like to move in. Lucky gets a call about work.

Alexis and Jerry talk about Sam and Karpov.

Olivia and Kate talk about Dante. Olivia says that the Falconeri family would lose their collective minds if they knew that Sonny was Dante’s father. Kate tells Olivia that Sonny is a good father. Olivia says that Kate will not use her child to save Sonny from himself.

Diane tries to convince Jason to let Max deal with his father.

Sonny says that he doesn’t care if he walks out alive. Sonny tells Karpov that he needs to play by the rules because you don’t go after women or children. Maximus walks in and says that they have a situation.

Diane and Jason talk about the situation. Jason agrees to wait to hear from Max. Diane says that she would like some scotch. Carly shows up and says that they have a problem with Sonny.

Max tells Sonny to lower his gun. Sonny tells Max and Milo to get out of there. Sonny tells Karpov to watch his back. Karpov starts speaking and yelling in Russian. Sasha tells Karpov that he needs to leave Port Charles, but Karpov says that no one is forcing him out.

Lucky questions Claudia about a speed boat dodging through shipping lanes. Claudia says that Johnny is with a hooker trying to get over his broken heart.

Olivia and Kate talk about Michael’s shooting and Dante’s safety. Olivia admits that she fantasized about telling Sonny that Dante is his son, but didn’t because Sonny is who he is. Olivia says that Sonny only got out of the mob for “five minutes while he was doing deals on the side.” Olivia says that Sonny’s life will never touch Dante’s.

Alexis and Jerry talk about Sam’s “connection” to Karpov.

Karpov calls Sam and says that he has a job for her. Karpov tells Sam to meet him at Pier 52 in an hour.

Claudia and Lucky talk about Johnny and Lulu. Lucky tells Claudia to make sure that Johnny stays away from Lulu. Lucky leaves and Johnny says that if Claudia’s lies make Lulu worse, he will never forgive her.

Carly says that Jason is the only one that can handle this. Diane says that she is going home to soak in a hot bath. Diane leaves and Carly says that Kate asked her to talk Sonny out of going after Karpov, but Sonny will do the opposite of what she told him.

Max tells Sonny that he shouldn’t have gone after Karpov without him. Maximus says that Max would have provided proper backup. Max says that is what you do when you are the boss. Maximus asks if Sonny is new in the business and Max says that Sonny is just emotional. Sonny says that it is very personal for him.

Carly and Jason talk about Sonny. Jason says that he needs to know for sure that Karpov is guilty before he makes a move.

Sonny tells Maximus that Karpov put a hit out on Kate in a church. Maximus tells Max to whack him. Max tells Maximus that he will handle it. Maximus leaves and Max says that his dad will be gone soon. Sonny says that he is taking care of this.

Kate asks Olivia if she would care if Sonny died. Kate and Olivia talk about Sonny. Olivia says that Kate can’t stay with Sonny without putting her life on the line.

Alexis and Jerry talk about Sam possibly being involved with the Russian mob. Jerry tells Alexis that he ran into Sam at the waterfront a few times.

Sam tells Lucky that Karpov called.

Claudia and Johnny talk about him risking his life with the boats. Johnny admits that he was messing with one of Jason’s ships because it was there. Claudia says that she isn’t going to lose Johnny to Lulu. Claudia says that if Johnny wasn’t playing chicken with cargo ships, she wouldn’t have to make up lies to keep him out of trouble. Johnny asks if Claudia realizes how much her lie will hurt Lulu and Claudia says that hurting Lulu is the best thing that he can do for her. Claudia says that Johnny can’t be with Lulu again because she makes him weak and he makes her ill.

Jason talks to Bernie about the speedboat. Max and Maximus walk in and Maximus tells Max how good he did. Jason says that he is going to take care of the job that Max wanted him to. Maximus says that Jason is too independent for his station in life and that Max is either going to bump him up or put him in his place. Maximus asks if Max wants him to take care of it.

Kate and Olivia talk about their pasts with Sonny. Olivia says that if Kate stays with Sonny, she will be visiting Kate’s grave next time. Kate suggests that Olivia is worried that Kate will reveal the secret about Dante to Sonny.

Alexis asks Diane for some advice, legally and as a friend. Alexis and Diane talk about Sam’s possible dealings with Karpov.

Jerry and Karpov meet.

Alexis says that she had Karpov followed. Alexis tells Diane what Olivia told her about Kate’s shooting. Alexis says that she fears that Sam is smuggling drugs for Karpov. Diane says that Alexis should go to Sam and ask for an explanation. Diane says that having Sam arrested should be a last resort.

Jerry and Karpov talk about Kate’s shooting. Karpov says that Jerry has full responsibility now and any failure will be his fault. Jerry says that as long as Karpov keeps paying him on time, they won’t have any problems.

Kate says that keeping the secret isn’t fair to Sonny or Dante. Olivia says that Kate isn’t going to tell Sonny about Dante because she loves Sonny. Olivia says that Sonny would hate Kate if he found out that she knew about his son the whole time they were rekindling their love affair. Olivia says that Sonny and Dante are both better off if the secret stays hidden. Carly says that she loves family secrets.

Milo tries to stop Claudia, but she just walks into the office anyways. Maximus asks Max if Claudia is his ex-girlfriend.

Sonny and Jason talk. Sonny says that he hopes Karpov comes after him. Jason says that Sonny never should have went after Karpov alone and Sonny reminds Jason that he wouldn’t help.

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