GH Update Monday 10/13/08

General Hospital Update Monday 10/13/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At Jake’s, Patrick asks Coleman for some advice. Coleman assumes that Patrick is talking about Sonny. At the hospital, Carly pays Kate a visit. Kate apologizes to Carly. Kate says she needs a favor from her. Kate asks Carly to do something for Sonny that she (Kate) can’t do.

Karpov tells Jerry to get rid of Alexis. Jerry tries to talk Karpov out of it. Karpov warns that if Jerry doesn’t take care of it, that he will.

At Alexis’ office, Sonny tells Alexis to stay out of his way. Sonny says that Alexis won’t be able to do anything when he goes after Karpov. Sonny says that Alexis went to Jerry when Anthony threatened Kristina and that this situation isn’t any different. Sonny tells Alexis that she shouldn’t start an investigation. Alexis says that Kate was shot because of Sonny. Alexis tells him that revenge isn’t a good idea. Alexis pleads with Sonny to stay out of the mob and to not retaliate against Karpov. She asks Sonny to let the police do their job.

Jerry says that killing Alexis, the DA, would bring unwanted attention to Karpov. In the meantime, Sam prepares a meal for Lucky. Lucky says that it is nice to have dinner without any outside drama. Sam receives a phone call.

Patrick reveals to Coleman that Sonny has a son he doesn’t know about. Patrick doesn’t know what to do with this secret. Patrick says that he recently found out he has a brother. Patrick says that he doesn’t have a good relationship with Matt.

At Jake’s, Olivia tells Claudia that the Zacchara family is trouble. Claudia is mad that Olivia is disrespecting her family.

Carly says that Kate is happy that her marriage to Jax is over. Carly tells Kate that everyone knows she is really Connie from Bensonhurst. Kate begs Carly to tell Sonny not to retaliate. Carly is offended that Kate is asking her to do this. Kate says she hopes that Carly can talk to Sonny. Carly says that Kate is a phony and she doesn’t like her. Carly agrees to talk to Sonny in spite of her feelings towards Kate.

At the hospital, Maxie asks Robin how she is doing. Robin tells her that she is getting married to Patrick. Maxie asks for details. Robin says that the wedding is October 29th. Robin asks Maxie to be her maid-of-honor. Maxie says that she wishes Georgie was here. Maxie agrees to be her maid-of-honor.

At Jason’s office, Max is still pretending to be running the organization. Maximus tells Max that he shouldn’t be scared to get his hands dirty. In the meantime, Patrick tells Coleman that Robin and Sonny are very close. Patrick is still unsure about revealing the secret about Sonny’s son.

Claudia tells Olivia that she (Olivia) will never be rich or get married. Claudia asks Olivia if she has any regrets. At Sonny’s house, Carly asks Sonny why he is in love with a fake, referring to Kate. Carly asks Sonny not to avenge Kate.

Maxie tells Robin that an October 29th wedding is cutting it close. Maxie says that she will get Robin two pair of shoes in case Robin’s feet swell. Maxie says that she will talk to a designer about creating Robin’s wedding dress. Maxie asks Robin who Patrick’s best man is.

Coleman says that if Sonny finds out he has a son, his son could end up killed. Olivia says that Claudia comes off as desperate. At the warehouse, Sam meets with Karpov. They discuss a shipment while someone is taking photos of them.

Carly says that Kate really believed that Sonny was out of the mob. Sonny says he needs to retaliate. Carly says that it’s not a good idea to get revenge. Sonny says that Jason wouldn’t take care of it, so he (Sonny) has no choice but to do it himself. Carly asks him what Morgan would think of all of this. Sonny threatens that Carly shouldn’t use Morgan as a bargaining chip. Sonny says he realizes that no one in his life is safe. Carly tries to reassure him that the police will find who shot Kate. Sonny is adamant that he needs to retaliate. Carly says that Kate asked her to speak to him. Carly is upset and says that she is scared for him (Sonny). Sonny tells Carly that she should tell Morgan that his father is taking care of everything.

Olivia calls Claudia a slut. Olivia tells her to leave Kate alone. Claudia threatens to fight Olivia. In the meantime, Maxie and Robin discuss wedding preparations. Maxie is taking notes. Robin can’t believe that she is actually getting married. Patrick calls Robin and asks her to meet him at Jake’s. Patrick says that his best man is at the bar right now. Robin asks Maxie to come with her. Maxie wonders if Patrick asked Matt to be his best man.

Max tells his father that he will take care of things his way, regarding the organization. Maximus tells Diane that Max is stepping up.

Robin and Maxie arrive at Jake’s and Robin wonders where Patrick’s best man is. Patrick reveals that Coleman is his best man. Robin laughs. At the hospital, Olivia pays her cousin a visit. Olivia brings Kate some coffee. Olivia tells her about her conversation with Claudia. Olivia says that Claudia will stay out of Kate’s way.

Sam tells Lucky that Karpov is planning another shipment. Sam thinks that this is the one that could make or break their counterfeit drug case.

Robin admits that Coleman is an interesting choice as best man. Maxie asks Robin if she is okay with Coleman being the best man. Robin suggests having the wedding at Jake’s. Maxie asks if there is a better choice for best man. Maxie says that Matt Hunter would be a good choice. Patrick says he doesn’t get along with Matt. Robin says that Coleman is a good choice. Robin tells Coleman he will make an excellent best man. Robin and Patrick kiss.

Sam and Lucky resume their dinner. Sam asks Lucky to move in together. Lucky agrees that they should. They kiss.

Jerry shows up at Alexis’ office. Alexis questions him about Sam. Jerry shows Alexis the photo taken at the warehouse, showing Sam meeting with Karpov.

Kate tells Olivia that Claudia is dangerous. Olivia says that she isn’t scared of Claudia, regardless of the fact that Claudia’s family is in the mob.

Karpov is trapped in his warehouse. Sonny grabs Karpov and holds a gun to his head.

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