GH Update Friday 10/10/08

General Hospital Update Friday 10/10/08


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Carly arrives at Jason’s office. She’s confused because Max seems to be in charge. Diane introduces Max Sr. to Carly. Max tells his father Carly is his “girlfriend.”

Robin goes to check on Kate at the hospital. Kate says she’s “grateful to” Robin.

Olivia is outside working on Kate’s car. Sonny is there. Sonny calls Olivia “hostile.” He asks Olivia what’s on her mind.

Armed men break into the Crimson office. Spinelli and Maxie hide.

Carly plays along with the charade at the coffee house. Diane is not amused. Carly cuddles up to Max. Max Sr. wants details on their relationship. Diane complies.

At Crimson, the men speak in a foreign tongue then leave the office. Spinelli finds a threatening note for Kate.

At GH, Robin and Kate discuss Sonny. Robin brings Stone into the conversation. Robin says Sonny left the mob for Kate. She worries that Sonny will want “revenge.” Robin thinks Kate can “stop” Sonny from making a bad decision. Kate says Sonny has already decided to return to the mob. Patrick arrives in time to hear part of the conversation. Kate asks Robin if she would admit her own baby was Sonny’s.

Olivia and Sonny are still together. Sonny tells Olivia he plans to return to the mob. The news upsets Olivia. She says Sonny must chose between the mob and Kate.

Max Sr. asks Carly out on a “date.” Diane thinks it’s a good idea. Carly declines the offer. Diane offers to walk Carly out of the office. Max dismisses Milo. Max Sr. says he likes Carly.

Sam is with Lucky at her apartment.

Claudia goes to Jake’s. Coleman is there. Claudia asks Coleman about getting a room at the bar. Ric arrives at Jake’s. He questions Claudia’s choice of a “location” for their meeting.

Sonny says he’ll do his best to “keep Kate safe.” Olivia suggests Sonny “get out of the mob.” Sonny says he needs an “organization” to be powerful. Alexis arrives. She wants a statement about the shooting. Olivia tells her Karpov is responsible.

Max Sr. presses Max to dump Carly and send her his way. Max Sr. gets snide with Jason. Max says Carly is “fragile.” Max Sr. insists on being “fixed up” with Carly. Spinelli and Maxi burst in and talk to Jason about the incident at the magazine.

At Jake’s, Claudia shoots some pool with Ric. Ric wonders if Claudia set it up so Johnny would catch them together. Claudia says John is merely “protective” of her. Claudia says Ric is “trouble”, which is something she likes.

Patrick approaches Robin at the hospital. He tells her about overhearing her conversation with Kate. Patrick says “Sonny’s world” is dangerous. He wonders if Robin would tell Sonny if she was indeed carrying his child.

Olivia tells Alexis what she knows about Karpov. Sonny stands silent as Olivia talks. Olivia agrees to “identify” Karpov. Alexis leaves. Sonny gets upset with Olivia.

At GH, Patrick tells Robin to “forget” his question about Sonny. Robin and Patrick discuss their wedding. Patrick wonders how big the wedding will be. The two agree to marry before the baby comes.

At the coffee house, Max introduces his father to Spinelli and Maxi. Max Sr. can’t understand what Spinelli is saying. Spinelli questions how Jason is dressed. Jason plays along. Maxie tries to explain Spinelli’s odd ways to Max Sr.

Back at Jake’s, Ric and Claudia finish their game of pool. Claudia invites Ric to her newly rented room upstairs. Claudia says Ric is free to change his mind. Ric and Claudia head upstairs.

Sonny gets upset with Olivia for pointing Alexis in the right direction. Olivia stands by her decision. Sonny wonders why Olivia has suddenly become so honest. Olivia insists she will continue to cooperate with Alexis.

At GH, Robin and Patrick are surprised they agree on when to get married. Robin says they must have religious “counselling sessions” before the wedding. Robin wonders if the 29th of the month would be a good wedding date.

Sam is with Lucky on the couch at her place. Lucky tells Sam he loves her. Sam says she loves Lucky.

Alexis meets with Karpov in her office. Karpov is upset and threatens to file charges. Alexis accuses Karpov of shooting Kate. She says she has proof that Karpov is smuggling drugs. Karpov denies the accusation. Alexis dares Karpov to “try and run.”

Back at the coffee house, Maxie tries to smooth things over with Max Sr. Jason is sent to get Maxie and Spinelli some refreshments. Maxie seems to enjoy giving Jason a list of what she wants him to bring back.

Ric pays Coleman an entire month of rent for the upstairs room. Patrick comes in to see Coleman. Patrick confides in Coleman about Sonny’s secret without mentioning any names. Olivia arrives. Claudia sits with Olivia at the bar. The two introduce themselves and exchange pleasantries.

Jason brings back the refreshments to the coffee house. Maxie says they need “to discuss the Karpov situation.” Maxie informs the group of what happened at Crimson. Spinelli shows Max the note. Max Sr. says Karpov’s men didn’t leave the note because it was too “obvious.”

Jerry meets Karpov on the pier. Jerry is unhappy that Karpov “summoned” him. Karpov tells Jerry about Alexis’ threat. Jerry promises to “handle Alexis.” Karpov orders Jerry to kill Alexis.

Alexis is in her office ordering “24-hour surveillance on Karpov.” Sonny arrives. He tries to smooth things over. Sonny tells Alexis to “shut down” her investigation on Karpov. Sonny says he will “go after Karpov” if that’s what he decides to do.

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