GH Update Thursday 10/9/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/9/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nik, Jax and Carly are at the hotel. Jax doesn’t want Nik to buy into the Metro Court. Carly thinks Nik is good for business.

At the coffee house, Jason returns to find that Max’s father has arrived. Diane introduces Jason as Max’s bodyguard. Max is sitting at Jason’s desk.

Sonny is at GH visiting Kate.

Max Sr. is less than impressed with Jason. He demands that Jason show Max Jr. some “respect.” Max Sr. calls Milo “Mario.” Jason stays mum and Max Sr. hits him. Jason is sent away and ordered to dress appropriately.

Maxie is at Crimson with Spinelli. Maxie is frazzled and Spinelli is trying to assist. Spinelli wonders if Maxie is “overstepping” because Maxie is making decisions for Kate. Olivia arrives and is on to Maxie.

At GH, Sonny blames himself for the shooting. Kate appreciates Sonny’s “confession.” She tells Sonny not to “blame” himself.

Back at the hotel, Carly tells Jax of Nik’s plans for the hotel. Jax and Nik bicker. Jax says Carly is “being used.”

Jerry is upstairs in his room with Nadine. He’s extremely annoyed. Nadine is terrified as Jerry prepares to inject her with a needle. Nadine falls to the floor after Jerry injects her.

Olivia questions Maxie at Kate’s office. Maxie says business must go on to get the magazine out. Maxie says Olivia should refrain from telling Kate what’s going on at the office. Olivia says Maxie shouldn’t be making decisions for the magazine.

At GH, Sonny fills Kate in on the details of the shooting. Kate doesn’t blame Sonny for the shooting. She tells Sonny about receiving flowers from Karpov. Sonny says he “couldn’t see the truth” about what could happen.

At the hotel, Jax tells Carly she’s moving too fast. Jax gets in Nik’s face about Courtney. Nik brings up Spencer. Jax says Nikolas is looking for payback. Jax is suspicious of Nikolas’ motives. Jax leaves, promising to “stop the deal.”

Mac hauls Patrick into the PCPD. He tells Patrick what a “fool” he is. Robin arrives, out of breath. Mac says he must have his “say” before releasing Patrick. Mac says Robin is “making stubborn, idiotic choices.” He says there are just as many “reasons” to marry Patrick as there are not to. Mac says, “there are no guarantees” when getting married. He thinks Patrick and Robin “have a really good chance together.” Mac leaves Robin and Patrick alone.

At the hotel, Carly asks Nik if he wants revenge. Nik says he doesn’t. Carly is suddenly suspicious. Nik says he has no “ulterior motive.” Nik is “determined” to buy into the hotel.

Back at Jason’s office, Diane tries to smooth things over. Max suggests taking his father to a restaurant. Jason comes back dressed in a suit. Max Sr. asks for a coffee – Milo goes to retrieve it. Max Sr. expresses a personal interest in Diane. Bernie calls with an “emergency.”

Maxie tries to pacify Olivia at the Crimson office. Spinelli does his best to help. Spinelli amuses Olivia. Maxie promises “an amazing December issue.” Olivia offers to help Maxie with Kate’s approval.

At GH, Sonny is still with Kate. Sonny says the lies are over. He tells Kate he’s planning “revenge” for the shooting by returning to “the mob.”

Robin and Patrick are still at the PCPD discussing their situation. Robin apologizes for being difficult. Robin says she “understands” why Patrick doesn’t want to get married anymore.

Olivia is still at Crimson with Maxie and Spinelli. Maxie is uncomfortable with Olivia referring to Kate as “Connie.” Olivia says she will take the blame if Kate is unhappy with Maxie’s decisions on the magazine. Spinelli comments that Olivia is Kate’s opposite.

Back at GH, Kate says she can’t understand Sonny’s “logic.” Sonny says he understands how Kate feels. Kate says they will “never be safe” if Sonny returns to his former life. Sonny says he wants a life with Kate. He also says he must “defend” what’s his. Sonny leaves Kate’s room.

At the hotel, Nikolas discusses business with Carly. Nik suggests some “improvements” for the hotel. Carly is intrigued. Nik says Jax is thinking with his emotions.

Back at the coffee house, Max pretends to know how to handle a business call from Bernie. Diane offers to take Max Sr. for a walk. Milo goes along with them. Max apologizes to Jason. Jason tells Max to “shut up and get Bernie back on the phone.”

Patrick and Robin are still at the PCPD. Patrick says he knows how much Robin loves him. He admits that fatherhood will be challenging. Patrick calls Robin and the baby the “best” things to happen to him. He says it’s ok if Robin refuses his marriage proposal. Patrick proposes to Robin and Robin says “yes.” Mac comes back in the middle of their kiss.

Maxie and Spinelli are still at Crimson. Maxie says there is much more work to do. Maxie says she and Spinelli may have to work through the night.

Jason takes care of business with Bernie. He tells Max his “timing” is bad. Jason gives Max three days to get rid of Max Sr. or the truth will come out.

Jax approaches Carly at the hotel. Carly says she wants Nikolas to buy into the hotel. Jax tells Carly she’s making a “mistake.” Jax storms off.

Nikolas goes to the clinic. The door is locked. Looking through the window, Nik sees Nadine unconscious on the floor. Nikolas finally gets inside the clinic. He wakes up Nadine. Nadine says she “must have fallen asleep.” Jerry lurks outside the clinic door.

Spinelli and Maxie are still at Crimson. Spinelli tries his best to help Maxie. Someone comes into the Crimson lobby. Spinelli and Maxie duck out of site.

Max rushes back to Jason’s office just as Diane returns with Max Sr. Max Sr. barks orders at Jason. Carly arrives and wonders what is happening.

Olivia is under the hood of her car as Sonny approaches. She wonders if Sonny is “enjoying the view.”

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