GH Update Wednesday 10/8/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/8/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Anna tells Mac that they have a crisis on their hands.

Robin orders tests on a patient and Epiphany reminds Robin that she already ordered everything. Patrick comes up and complains because a patient’s file isn’t on his desk. Epiphany asks what is wrong with them.

Jax admits that he was watching Carly.

Jason sets up a meeting with all of his lieutenants. Max comes in and tells Jason who his father is. Max explains that his father is coming for a visit and that Max told him that he was running the Port Charles mob.

Carly and Jax talk about colors for the solarium and new spa addition to the hotel. The conversation changes to their honeymoon. Alexis shows up and says that she was waiting for Jax.

Nikolas and Nadine talk about her fall the previous day.

Anna and Mac talk about Robin’s proposal to Patrick.

Epiphany scolds Patrick and Robin and takes a break. Robin says that she was disappointed when Patrick turned her proposal down, but will be more professional from now on.

Jason, Milo and Max talk about Milo and Max’s father.

Lucky and Sam take the boys back to Elizabeth’s house.

Jax tells Alexis that the hotel in Montreal was a gift to Carly. Carly walks up and says that she doesn’t want the hotel in Montreal, but that she will take the Metro Court. Jax asks Alexis to give them a minute and she runs into Jerry.

Nadine says that she got counterfeit drugs from general hospital and asks Nikolas to keep his ears open.

Max asks Jason to help him out. Liz calls Jason from her studio. Diane shows up and Jason asks her to find out what Max wants and if he can help. Max says that Diane has no idea what is about to hit the fan.

Jerry and Alexis talk about Jax and Carly. Alexis says that if Jerry encourages Jax and Carly’s reconciliation, she will kill him.

Jax and Carly talk about the hotels.

Mac brings Robin a smoothie and chocolate chip cookies. They talk about the previous times he brought her cookies.

Diane, Max and Milo talk about Maximus Giambetti, Max and Milo’s father. Maximus walks in.

Lucky and Sam talk about the weekend trip with the boys.

Liz and Jason meet at the studio and talk about the trip they almost took to Italy.

Robin and Mac talk about the proposal and about Patrick. Mac says that everything is going to work out.

Matt and Nadine talk about the clinic fire. Matt remembers seeing a pair of shoes and Nadine says that she has seen them somewhere recently.

Jerry and Alexis talk about their relationship. Jax apologizes for wasting Alexis’ time and says that he is going to keep interests in both of the hotels.

Max welcomes his father to his territory. Max introduces his father to his lawyer, Diane.

Jason says that it isn’t fair for her. Liz asks why he can’t just give the organization back to Sonny.

Jax tells Nikolas to leave because Carly has nothing to say to him. Jax tells Nikolas to back off while he still has the choice.

Sam and Lucky talk about the kids and about the getaway trip. Lucky says that Cameron understands that Sam is his girlfriend.

Liz and Jason talk about what is going on. Liz asks why Jason can’t give everything back to Sonny and Jason says that he can’t take the cowardly way out. Jason says that he wishes that they had made it to Italy.

Carly tells Jax and Nikolas that she is thinking about selling half of her shares to Nikolas.

Robin and Mac talk. Mac arrests Patrick for failing to yield to his niece.

Carly, Jax and Nikolas talk about the Metro Court.

Jerry talks about someone playing detective and breaking into his hotel room.

Lucky and Sam talk about their relationship.

Maximus asks what kind of organization Max is running and asks if anyone shows respect.

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