GH Update Tuesday 10/7/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/7/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Johnny walks in on Claudia and Ric.

Kate asks Olivia for the truth about Sonny. Olivia says that Sonny says that he is going to go to war over Kate.

Cody tells Jason that he agreed to turn against Jason so that he could be on the inside and get information.

Sonny and Anthony talk about avenging Kate’s shooting. Anthony offers to hand over his organization to Sonny.

Nikolas takes Nadine to the hospital to get checked out after she falls on her face. Nikolas offers Nadine a ride home after she is checked out by a doctor. Nikolas and Liz talk about what happened to Nadine.

Johnny confronts Claudia about sleeping with Ric.

Olivia and Kate talk about Karpov. Olivia says that she got her information about Sonny still being in the mob from Carly and Kate says that if it came from Carly, then it is a lie.

Jason and Cody talk about how fast Sonny is moving. Spinelli shows up and Jason asks him to run a phone trace to find out which lieutenants Sonny has been talking to in the last 48 hours.

Sonny and Anthony talk about Anthony’s offer. Anthony says that using the organization is the only way that Sonny will get his revenge.

Liz and Nikolas talk about Nadine’s fall and her feelings for Nikolas. Nikolas says that he just wants Nadine to be herself.

Johnny tells Ric to leave and never come back or touch Claudia. Claudia admits that she promised to sleep with Ric if Johnny got acquitted, but that she didn’t have to go through with it if she didn’t want to. Claudia assures Johnny that she wanted to.

Anthony says that he gets survival and insuring his legacy out of the deal and that Sonny gets the men and the resources to hit back at Karpov. Anthony starts criticizing Jason and Sonny says that Anthony can’t pay him enough to run the organization. Anthony says that Sonny can’t take down Karpov on his own, but Sonny disagrees.

Olivia and Kate talk about what Patrick said. The conversation turns to Dante, Olivia and Sonny’s son. Kate says that Sonny is a good and loving father. Kate tells Olivia to stop blaming Sonny. Sonny walks in and says that Olivia and Kate should both blame him because it is his fault.

Spinelli gives Jason the list of names. Spinelli says that it seems like Jason is going to stop Sonny’s takeover attempt by force, if necessary and Jason says that he doesn’t want Spinelli involved. Spinelli says that all Jason has to do is step aside.

Liz and Nikolas talk about Nadine. Liz says that Nikolas and Nadine could be together if they wanted as long as they were honest with each other.

Nadine and Leyla talk about Nikolas.

Ric and Johnny argue. Claudia steps in and says that she doesn’t need Johnny to protect her.

Nikolas and Matt talk about Nadine.

Jason and Spinelli talk about Sonny’s motives for wanting to take the business back. Jason says that he has to stop Sonny.

Sonny visits with Kate. Kate says that they will get through it together. Sonny gets ready to leave so that Kate can rest, but agrees to stay with her until she falls asleep.

Claudia says that she can handle her brother and that Johnny would never hurt her. Claudia tells Ric that he can’t be there when Johnny wakes up. Johnny wakes up.

Nikolas and Nadine talk. Nadine tells Nikolas that just because they slept together, it doesn’t have to change anything and that she wanted to make sure they could be friends.

Claudia and Johnny talk about her motives for sleeping with Ric.

Anthony and Ric talk about Johnny and Lulu.

Olivia talks to Kate about Sonny. Diane shows up and talks to Olivia. Kate wakes up and talks to Diane. Olivia gets a call from Dante.

Sonny talks to a man about loyalty. Sonny says that he has no choice, but to take the business back over.

Claudia says that her personal life is off limits, just like Johnny’s is.

Ric tells Anthony that Johnny could blow his plan all to hell. Anthony says that he already went to Sonny and made a very compelling argument for Sonny to come to work for them, but that Sonny turned him down.

Milo and Max talk about their father. Max reveals that he told their father that he is running the Port Charles mob.

Kate and Diane talk about Sonny and Carly. Olivia tells Dante that she doesn’t want him in Port Charles.

Sonny and Jason talk about the business. Tommy says that Jason is in charge, not Sonny. Jason reminds Sonny that it isn’t his organization anymore. Sonny says that he hopes that Jason doesn’t regret his decision and Jason says that he already does.

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