GH Update Monday 10/6/08

General Hospital Update Monday 10/6/08


Written By Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Spinelli tries to explain what happened to Nikolas, but Nadine keeps stopping him. Nikolas leaves and Spinelli asks why Nadine kissed him when she wants Nikolas.

Claudia and Ric talk about their lunch “date” and she says that when he walks her home, they will find out if it was a real date or not.

Patrick tells Kate that she made it through surgery and that she will be fine. Kate tells Patrick that Olivia had Sonny’s son. Olivia walks in and asks about what Kate said when she woke up. Patrick says that Kate wasn’t making much sense.

Anthony and Johnny talk about Karpov’s shipment and the speedboat. Johnny starts to weep and they talk about Lulu. Anthony says that Johnny will take over when it’s time, but for now Anthony has other plans.

Jason reminds Sonny that he signed the business over and says that he can’t just let Sonny take over. Sonny says that he is taking his business back.

Nikolas and Liz talk about Nadine. Nikolas says that he and Nadine spent the night together and then he caught her kissing Spinelli.

Patrick tells Olivia that the best thing for Kate right now is rest and to not get upset. Patrick says that if Kate wants to see Sonny, then she should be able to. Patrick leaves.

Jason and Sonny argue about the business. Jason tells Sonny that he cut himself out of the business so that he could start a new life. Sonny says that Karpov shot Kate and the only way to make sure it doesn’t happen again is to make sure that Karpov pays with his life.

Claudia and Ric talk about Johnny’s trial. Ric reminds Claudia that she promised to make it worth his while if he got Johnny acquitted.

Johnny and Anthony talk about a Russian rifle. Johnny says that it is interesting that the rifle was recently fired.

Carly says that Morgan is upstairs with Mercedes and that she needs a cab called to take her to the airport so that she can go to Montreal. Jax says that he is going to the meeting too on the jet and offers for them to fly to the meeting together instead of her flying commercial. Jax says that Carly can take the jet and he will fly commercial and Carly thanks him, but says that she can get wherever she needs to go on her own.

Olivia talks to Kate about Sonny being Dante’s father and says that Sonny never has to know about his son.

Sonny and Jason talk about loyalty.

Ric tells Claudia that she is remarkable. Claudia asks what Ric is doing with her and suggests that he is trying to figure out how many ways he can use her. Ric says that if Claudia doesn’t tell him to leave, one of them is going to betray someone. Claudia says that it is up to Ric if he leaves.

Johnny and Anthony talk about Kate’s shooting. Johnny says that Anthony can walk and stand without help.

Sonny and Jason talk about Kate’s shooting and about the territory.

Liz and Nikolas talk about Nadine. Liz says that Nadine is head over heels for Nikolas and trying not to show it.

Spinelli and Nadine talk about Nikolas.

Olivia talks to Kate about Sonny’s child and Sonny walks up. Olivia says that she keeps talking to Kate, hoping that she will wake up. Olivia tells Sonny what Patrick said. Olivia asks Sonny if he wants to sit for a minute, but he says that he will be right back.

Jason tells Bernie to hold off all shipments for the rest of the week because he doesn’t know what Sonny is capable of. Cody comes in and they talk about Sonny.

Spinelli and Nikolas talk about Nadine. Spinelli says that the only reason that Nadine kissed him is to hide her true feelings for Nikolas.

Claudia asks Ric who manipulated who and he says that he doesn’t know.

Jason and Cody talk about what might happen if Sonny tries to get Jason’s lieutenants to turn against him. Cody says that he has already been approached to switch sides and has agreed.

Olivia is happy when Kate wakes up. Kate asks about Sonny and Olivia says that Sonny stepped out for a minute and will be right back. Kate says that she was shot and Olivia tells Kate that she will be fine. Kate says that something happened to Sonny, but Olivia says that Sonny is fine. Olivia says that Sonny is the reason that Kate got shot because he lied about being out of the mob.

Anthony tells Sonny that Karpov was the only one with a motive to shoot Kate and that all of the Zacchara resources are at Sonny’s disposal. Sonny asks what the catch is.

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