GH Update Monday 10/6/08

General Hospital Update Monday 10/6/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At the hospital, Kate tells Patrick that Olivia’s son, Dante, is Sonny’s. Olivia calls Dante to update him on Kate’s condition. Jason tells Sonny he has no intentions of working for him (Sonny).

On the docks, Nikolas catches Nadine and Spinelli kissing. Spinelli says it is not what it looks like. Nikolas says he has to go. Spinelli asks Nadine why she kissed him when it is clear that she likes Nikolas.

Claudia asks Ric why he never brought up the business during their lunch together. Ric says that he wanted to talk about other things instead. Claudia asks him to walk her home. They leave the Metro Court, where Jax tells Carly he has no interest in selling his share of the Metro Court.

Anthony upsets Johnny, who starts to cry. Anthony says that Lulu’s condition is getting to Johnny and that it is hard to turn away from a first love. Anthony tells Johnny he will have to learn more about the business before he expects Johnny to run the business. Johnny finds Anthony’s gun.

Jason says that Sonny can’t take over the business again. Sonny says that Kate was shot right in front of him, so he wants to take the business back now.

Nikolas walks up to Elizabeth at the hospital. Nik tells Liz that Nadine has a crush on him. He reveals that him and Nadine spent the night together. Nikolas says that he caught Nadine kissing Spinelli.

Olivia asks Patrick if Kate said anything to him. Patrick tells Olivia that Kate isn’t coherent and that Kate has just been rambling. Olivia says that her and Kate were fighting before the wedding. Patrick says it is important that Olivia is there for Kate. Patrick says it is okay for Kate to see Sonny as long as Kate doesn’t get agitated.

Sonny tells Jason that things have changed and he wants the business back. They argue back and forth. Jason says he has to see things through. Jason says it isn’t fair to his employees to have Sonny take the business back. Sonny starts to scream, yelling that Karpov needs to pay for what he did to Kate. Sonny yells that Kate is dying in the hospital. Sonny wants Karpov to die.

At Claudia’s apartment, Ric and Claudia have a few drinks. Ric admits that he would have taken Johnny’s case regardless of his and Claudia’s deal to sleep together.

Johnny says that Anthony’s gun only shoots Russian bullets. Johnny says that Anthony is being sloppy and that the cops are going to find out sooner or later that Anthony was behind Kate’s shooting.

At the Metro Court, Jax asks Carly where she is going. Carly says she is going to the airport. Jax says he is going on his private jet to the meeting. Jax says that Carly should take the jet and he will fly commercial. Carly declines his offer.

In Kate’s hospital room, Olivia says to Kate (who is not awake) that she is thankful that Kate kept her secret all this time. Olivia says that Sonny never needs to know about Dante.

Jason says he is loyal to Sonny, but he can’t make a personal decision to take Karpov out. Sonny says that Jason will lose everything if he doesn’t take a stand on this. Jason tells Sonny to move on with his life. Sonny says that Jason is weak since he won’t defend his territory. Sonny says it breaks his heart that everything he (Sonny) has built will be destroyed. Sonny adds that everyone gets what they deserve in the end.

Claudia asks Ric why he is with her right now when he could be anywhere else. Claudia says she intends to live up to their deal. She still plans to sleep with Ric. Ric kisses Claudia.

Johnny tells his father that the police still think that Karpov shot Kate. Johnny says it was smart that Anthony framed Karpov. However, Johnny says, it won’t be that easy to get rid of Sonny. Johnny pushes Anthony out of the wheelchair. Johnny says that Anthony can walk. Anthony denies it and says he is mad at Johnny for thinking it. Johnny leaves. Anthony has no problem standing up.

Jason says that he knows that Kate was shot by a Russian rifle. Sonny asks what Jason is going to do about it. Jason apologizes and says he can’t take out Karpov. Sonny says that Jason was like a brother to him and now Jason is nothing.

Elizabeth says to Nikolas that he can’t forget he is a prince and that Nadine is head over heels for him. In the meantime, Nadine tells Spinelli there is no her and Nikolas. Nadine says that Nik is way out of her league. Spinelli tells Nadine not to give up on Nik. Nadine reveals that she slept with Nikolas. Nadine says that now her and Nikolas are in an awkward situation. She doesn’t know how to act around Nikolas now.

Ric and Claudia kiss passionately and start to undress. They have sex on Claudia’s couch. At the hospital, Olivia admits to Kate that she was in competition with her. Olivia says she wishes she had told Sonny the truth a long time ago. Sonny walks in and asks Olivia what she is talking about. Olivia changes the subject. Sonny asks what Patrick had to say about Kate’s condition. Olivia says that Kate will be fine. Sonny steps out of the room.

Cody shows up at Jason’s office. Jason tells Cody that Sonny is not happy. Jason says he isn’t sure that Karpov was behind the hit on Kate. On the docks, Spinelli meets with Nikolas. Spinelli says that Nikolas jumped to conclusions about his kiss with Nadine. Spinelli confides in Nik that Nadine really cares about him (Nikolas).

Sonny goes to the church where him and Kate would have married. Anthony appears and Sonny wonders why he is there. In the meantime, Nadine shows up at the docks where Nik is. Nadine falls down some stairs.

Kate wakes up and Olivia tells her that she is in the hospital. Kate asks where Sonny is. Olivia says he will be back shortly. Kate says she remembers being shot. Olivia tells her that she will be okay. Kate is worried about where Sonny went. Olivia reassures Kate that Sonny will be back any minute. Olivia says that it is Sonny’s fault that Kate got shot.

Anthony says that it seems like Jason isn’t going to take out Karpov. Anthony says that Sonny must feel betrayed. Anthony says that he will put his organization at Sonny’s disposal. Sonny asks Anthony what’s the catch.

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