GH Update Friday 10/3/08

General Hospital Update Friday 10/3/08


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Nadine walks into the Metro Court and sees Carly with Nikolas. Carly is fussing with Nik’s shirt collar. Nadine walks away before Nik can see her. Carly and Nik discuss him buying the hotel. Nadine stays out of site watching Nikolas and Carly.

Sonny is at GH with Kate. Jason is in the room but Sonny doesn’t know it. Sonny tells Kate his enemies will pay and he will keep her “safe.” Jason leaves without being seen.

Robin proposes to Patrick at GH by getting down on one knee. Patrick turns the proposal down. Patrick says he’s had time to “focus” and he knows Robin really doesn’t want to marry him. He thinks the situation with Kate and Sonny has made Robin propose. Robin says Robert’s illness made her realize how “short” life is. Patrick calls Robin “brave” and “independent.” Patrick doesn’t want Robin to “regret” their marriage.

Olivia comes to GH to see Kate. Sonny says Kate will make a full recovery. Olivia is still upset with Sonny. Olivia calls Sonny on his “lie” about retiring from the mob. Olivia accuses Sonny of still being “in the mob” and threatens to tell Kate.

At the hotel, Carly compliments Nik on his choice in a hotel to purchase. Carly can’t think of a good reason to sell the hotel to Nik. Nadine lurks around the lobby, watching. Carly says Nik wants to buy the hotel as a diversion. Marty approaches Nadine as she’s on the floor watching Nikolas. Marty wonders why Nadine is spying on Nikolas. Nadine asks Mary about Carly and Nik. Carly tells Nik she has no interest in selling her share of the hotel. Nik says it may be good for Carly to get out of her business dealings with Jax. Nikolas says selling her shares would give Carly an opportunity “to start over.” Carly says she’ll think about Nik’s offer. Nik leaves. Nadine approaches Carly and demands to know what she’s “doing with Nikolas.”

Spinelli is at the coffee house with Bernie. They are discussing Sonny and Jason. Jason arrives in the middle of the discussion. Bernie says Jason’s “loyalties lie” in the organization.

Olivia and Sonny argue at GH. Sonny says he and Olivia “are on the same side.” Olivia insists she’ll tell Kate the truth. Sonny wonders if Olivia got her info from Carly. Sonny promises to keep Kate “safe.”

Robin says she’s certain she wants to marry Patrick. She says their relationship may have some “tough times.” She says she’s afraid of “drifting apart” from Patrick. Patrick says he was wrong to “push” the issue before. Patrick says they should keep their relationship as it is. Patrick says he loves and respects Robin but he “can’t” marry her. Patrick leaves the locker room.

At the hotel, Carly tells Nadine she was discussing something with Nik. Nadine accuses Carly of being too “close and personal” with Nik. Nadine assumes Carly is fooling around with Nik. Carly assures Nadine that she’s wrong. Carly finds Nadine amusing. Nadine walks away.

Nik meets up with Jax on the pier. They discuss the hotel. Nik tells Jax about his offer to Carly. Jax says the hotel means a lot to him. Nik says Carly is considering his offer. Jax walks away angry.

Bernie and Jason continue their conversation. Bernie says revenge on Karpov would be a “mistake.” Bernie says it will cost “money and lives.” Jason promises to consider Bernie’s opinion. Bernie leaves the office. Spinelli says Bernie is wrong and Jason must take action for Sonny.

Back at GH, Olivia doesn’t understand Sonny’s need for revenge. Sonny tells Olivia about Michael running away. He tells her about Michael’s shooting. Olivia is sympathetic. Patrick comes in to check on Kate. Patrick says Kate should wake up soon. Patrick mentions that Kate tried to tell him something before her surgery. Olivia seems uncomfortable hearing that.

At the coffee house, Spinelli carries on about avoiding a “tragedy.” He says Jason must help Sonny so Sonny won’t “turn” on him. Jason says “giving in to Sonny” would make him a “coward.”

At GH Olivia wonders what Kate wanted to tell Sonny before her operation. Sonny promises to be completely honest with Kate. Mac arrives looking for information.

Anna goes to see Robin at the hospital. Robin fills Anna in on her conversation with Patrick.

Sonny tells Mac he knows nothing about the shooting. Mac is skeptical. Olivia says she didn’t see anything. Mac asks Sonny about “threats” or “enemies.” Mac thinks Sonny knows who is responsible for the shooting. Olivia steps in and asks Mac to find the shooter. Mac says Sonny is responsible for the shooting. He says Sonny “is doing business as usual.” Mac leaves Kate’s hospital room. Olivia comments that Mac was pretty accurate. Sonny leaves, asking Olivia to stay at the hospital while he’s gone.

Anna tries to get the story straight with Robin. Robin says she finally realized how “lucky” she is to have Patrick. She goes on to say that life is “short” and people should be held onto. Robin goes on to talk with Anna about Sonny and how his “loses” made her appreciate her own life.

Spinelli and Jason disagree about going to “war” with Karpov. Jason says he must choose between “betraying Sonny” or “betraying” everyone else in his life. Nadine calls Spinelli and asks him to meet her on the pier. Jason thanks Spinelli for his help. Spinelli heads off to meet Nadine.

Jax approaches Carly at the hotel and asks her not to sell to Nikolas. Carly says Nik made her a fair offer. Jax says Nik is “taking advantage” of Carly. Carly says she loves the hotel and doesn’t want to sell. She asks Jax to sell his half of the hotel to Nik.

At GH, Anna tries to console Robin. Anna blames herself for Robin’s fears. Robin says life “would be better” if she married Patrick. Robin regrets turning Patrick down in the first place. Anna advises Robin to “slow down.” Robin points out the irony of the situation.

At the hotel, Carly tells Jax the hotel is “a metaphor” of their “relationship.” Carly tells Jax to sell his shares and “make a graceful exit.” Jax refuses. Carly says they need to “cut” their “loses.” Carly says Nik’s offer is Jax’s “way out” of their relationship.

Spinelli meets with Nadine on the pier. Nadine says Nik should be by soon. Nadine rambles on, and Spinelli has no clue what she’s talking about. Nadine sees Nik coming along, so she plants a kiss on Spinelli.

Sonny goes to the office to see Jason. He fills Jason in on Kate. Sonny tells Jason he’s taking over the business again.

Olivia is still at GH with Kate. Patrick comes in. Olivia goes into the hall to use the phone. Olivia gets a call from her son, Dante.

Kate wakes up calling for Sonny. She tells Patrick that Olivia had Sonny’s baby.

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