GH Update Thursday 10/2/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/2/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nadine and Nik are still in bed at Wyndemere. Alfred and his breakfast tray interrupt them. Nadine is uncomfortable with Alfred’s arrival. Nikolas acts casual.

Johnny is at the PCPD with Scott. It seems Johnny had a boating accident. Scott wonders why Johnny tried to “kill” himself.

Sonny is at GH with Kate. He says Patrick will perform surgery. Olivia arrives. There’s tension between Sonny and Olivia.

Back at Wyndemere, Nadine wonders how much “practice” Nik’s had offering breakfast to a guest. Nik asks Nadine to dinner and she declines. Nadine talks a mile a minute. Nik wonders what he did “wrong.” Nadine says she enjoyed her evening and will see Nik “around.” Nadine exits Nik’s bedroom.

Back at the PCPD, Scott is disappointed that Johnny survived the accident. Scott goes on about how privileged Johnny thinks he is. Johnny tells Scott that he “loved every second” of killing Logan.

Diane, Jason, and Max are at the coffee house. Diane is upset about the shooting. She knows Sonny plans to “strike back.” Diane asks Jason to “take a step back” before getting “revenge.” Diane fears Max may end up getting hurt. Diane leaves the office. Max says he’ll do whatever it takes to help Sonny.

At GH, Sonny thanks Olivia for postponing the surgery. Sonny says he takes full responsibility for the shooting. Olivia says Kate was an innocent victim of Sonny’s choices. Patrick arrives. Olivia leaves GH. Patrick tells Sonny how Kate woke up for a little while the night before.

At the PCPD, Scott is all fired up over Johnny’s announcement. Johnny calls Logan a “coward.” He tells Scott how much he enjoyed killing Logan. Scott attacks Johnny. Ric and Claudia burst into the room.

Carly meets with Olivia at the hotel. Olivia wants to discuss Sonny. Olivia asks if Sonny really quit the mob. Carly says she “can’t be objective.”

Back at GH, Sonny wonders about Kate’s awakening. Sonny wonders about the outcome of the surgery. Patrick says there are some “risks.” Patrick leaves to prepare for surgery. Sonny stays and talks to an unconscious Kate.

At the PCPD, Scott shrieks that Johnny admitted killing Logan. Ric says Johnny can’t be charged with the murder again. Scott says there was a witness to the boating accident. Claudia says Scott should be charged for attacking Johnny.

At the coffee house, Jason tells Max they can’t retaliate without all the facts. Max is upset with the news.

Carly and Olivia are still at the hotel. Olivia wants the inside word on Sonny. Carly says Sonny wanted out of the mob. She tells Olivia how Sonny “sold” the business to Jason. Carly tells Olivia about her custody battle with Sonny. Carly tells Olivia about Sonny’s ties to Karpov. Olivia says Sonny is a liar who “set up” Kate.

Sonny is still at GH with Kate. He says she was a beautiful bride. Sonny says he’s overwhelmed with love for Kate. He begs Kate to hold on for him. Kate wakes up. Kate says Sonny needs to “know” something. Epiphany comes in and says it’s time for surgery.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Alfred discuss his day. Nik wonders if Nadine acted “odd.” Alfred wonders why Nik is concerned. Nik wonders why Nadine didn’t find their evening together more “significant.” Nik says his ego is “bruised.”

Nadine arrives at GH. Leyla is there and says Nadine has the day off. Nadine fills Leyla in on her evening. Nadine says her evening with Nik was “like fireworks.” She then tells Leyla about Alfred and the breakfast tray. Nadine says Nik “acted casual” so she left in a hurry. Leyla thinks Nadine left Wyndemere too quickly.

Back at the PCPD, Scott plans on holding Johnny for 48 hours. Ric says Scott will be sorry if he doesn’t “back off.” Ric says Scott’s job will be in jeopardy. Scott agrees to release Johnny. Scott says his true revenge lies in Lulu’s mental illness and her inability to know Johnny. Scott leaves.

Sonny waits in Kate’s hospital room. Robin arrives and offers comfort. Robin says Kate is in the “best” hands. Robin says Patrick is “the best doctor” she’s ever known. Robin’s words give Sonny “hope.”

Nikolas meets with Carly at the hotel. Nik offers to buy the Metro Court. Carly wants to know why Nik wants the hotel. Nik says the hotel is in his field of view from Wyndemere. Carly wonders whether Nik is “looking for a challenge” or if he wants to “go up against Jax.”

Ric and Claudia are still at the PCPD. Claudia wonders how much trouble Johnny is in. Claudia says Ric is entitled to his promised “reward.” Ric is pleased but he says he’s busy. He tells Claudia to “hold” her “thought.”

Robin is still at GH with Sonny. Sonny says he’s always been “moved” by Robin’s “courage.” Sonny says people need to seize the moment when it comes to love. Patrick returns with news about Kate.

Robin talks with Patrick in the GH locker room. She tells Patrick about her conversation with Sonny. “Time and love are precious,” Robin tells Patrick. Robin admits to being fearful and “difficult.” She apologizes for failing to “honor” her love with Patrick. Robin proposes to Patrick.

Nik is still at the hotel with Carly. She wonders if he’s using the hotel to compensate for Emily’s death. Nadine arrives at the hotel and sees Nik talking with Carly. Nadine watches as Carly innocently adjusts Nik’s shirt collar.

Sonny is at GH with Kate. Kate is still unconscious. Sonny tells her that according to Patrick, she will recover fully. Sonny says he can’t escape the violence of the mob so he plans on “going back.” He promises to make the person who shot Kate “pay an ugly price.” “No one will come after me or mine again,” Sonny promises Kate as Jason comes in the room.

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