GH Update Wednesday 10/1/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/1/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jax says that it wouldn’t be fair to him or Carly because their marriage is still over.

Spinelli says that the romantic getaway could be rescheduled, but Jason says to forget about it. Elizabeth says that Kate getting shot doesn’t change anything for her.

Claudia realizes that Anthony wants her to offer their condolences to Sonny. Anthony tries to get Ric to help him convince Claudia. Ric says that throwing Claudia at Sonny is the worst idea possible.

Olivia asks why Sonny put Connie (Kate) in the line of fire. Sonny admits that if Kate dies, her blood is on his hands.

Nikolas tells Nadine to try the Cornish hen with fig stuffing. Nadine says that her aunt used to tell her that figs were an aphrodisiac and starts to explain. Nikolas says that he knows what an aphrodisiac is. Nikolas says that Nadine should finish her food so that she can get to bed and says that he is going for a ride.

Elizabeth says that what happened to Kate was a tragedy and that they can reschedule the trip for whenever because they have all the time in the world. Jason says that is exactly what Sonny told Kate. Elizabeth asks Spinelli to wait in the lounge so that she and Jason can talk. Elizabeth says that she doesn’t want Jason using what happened to Kate as an excuse to pull away from her. Jason says that there is something that she needs to see.

Sonny tells Olivia about Michael’s shooting. Sonny says that whoever is responsible for Kate’s shooting will pay with their lives. Olivia says that violence leads to more violence and that people who live in Sonny’s world need to stay away from people who don’t.

Jason tells Liz that it could be her future if she stays with him.

Anthony and Ric disagree about Sonny. Ric says that Anthony’s plan will blow up in his face. Claudia leaves. Ric reminds Anthony that he shot Kate. Anthony says that Claudia doesn’t know that.

Carly tells Jax that they belong together, but he says that they don’t work in the day-to-day lives of married people. Jax says that it is too late, but Carly says that they can try again if they want to. Jax says that he doesn’t want to and Carly says that he is going to regret it if they give up now. Jax says that it hurts too much to be her husband.

Anthony tells Ric why his plan is going to work. Johnny comes in and says that he and Lulu went to the wedding. Johnny says that he might have driven Lulu over the edge to complete insanity.

Jason tells Elizabeth to look at Kate and says that it could easily be her. Olivia confronts Jason about using Kate as exhibit A on the dangers of mob life. Jason says that he hopes Kate is okay. Sonny asks Jason if it was Liz if he would do everything he could to go after the people responsible.

Jax says that moving Carly and Morgan into the hotel wasn’t an invitation to get back together. Carly asks him to give their marriage another try. Jax says that he can’t be with her.

Jason says that Sonny knows why he isn’t making a move. Olivia says that going after the person who shot Connie/Kate isn’t the way to help her.

Jason and Spinelli talk about Liz and Kate. Jason says that Sonny wants a war and he might not be able to stop it. Spinelli suggests that Jason needs some distance, but Jason says that he can’t leave right now. Carly calls Jason and says that she needs to see him. Carly asks Jason who tried to kill Sonny and if Morgan is safe.

Olivia says that Kate doesn’t want the kind of protection that Sonny is talking about. Olivia says that Sonny is out for payback.

Robin and Sonny talk. Robin says that she and Patrick will be on the case every step of the way. Sonny introduces Robin and Patrick to Olivia. Sonny asks how soon they can operate, but Olivia reminds him that she gets to make the decisions. Patrick says that Olivia can research the doctors, but he needs as much lead time as possible to assure a positive outcome on the surgery. Patrick says that the longer the bullet stays in Kate, the greater the chances are of her waking up paralyzed. Olivia tells Patrick to take the bullet out, but Robin says that if they operate too soon, Kate could die on the table.

Johnny and Anthony talk about Lulu. Anthony says that Johnny is better off, but Johnny suggests that Anthony is better off without Lulu. Trevor says that Karpov is using Kate’s shooting as a distraction to land a shipment under their noses and that they should teach him a lesson. Ric says to let the shipment go through because it would be another slap in the face for Jason and that Jason might take Karpov out for them. Anthony says that he isn’t sure that they want a war between Jason and Karpov. Johnny leaves and says that he will know where he is going when he gets there.

Jason and Carly talk about the security. Jason says that he doesn’t think that she and Morgan are in danger because Kate was the target. Jason says that his lead might take him and Sonny in the wrong direction.

Claudia asks to see Kate, but Epiphany says that visiting hours are over. Sonny comes out and says that Claudia isn’t going anywhere near Kate. Claudia says that she is actually there to see him.

Robin goes to check on Kate after saying that Sonny isn’t the bad guy. Patrick says that Sonny and Robin are great friends. Patrick says that he has an operating room on standby, but would like to see her numbers go up before the procedure. Olivia says that Kate has to walk.

Claudia says that her family had nothing to do with Kate’s shooting. Sonny says that he knows who did it or he would be coming after all of them. Claudia says that people like them can’t get out of the business.

Jason and Carly talk about the possibility of Karpov being responsible for Kate’s shooting. Jason says that he doesn’t know who was responsible, but that he knows that Kate was shot on purpose and that it is personal. Carly says that it sounds like something Karpov would do.

Nikolas shows Nadine to her room. Nadine says that she doesn’t want to be alone. Nadine tells Nikolas to stop talking and thinking and just go with it.

Vaughn tells Johnny that he is too drunk to drive a boat. Johnny asks if Vaughn wants to bet that he can run circles around the Russian freighter.

Claudia returns and Ric says that Anthony went to bed. Claudia says that Sonny doesn’t think they had anything to do with the shooting, but didn’t want to be consoled. Claudia asks why Ric is going along with the idea that Karpov shot Kate. Ric says that it makes sense because Karpov was angry at Sonny.

Jason says that Carly and Morgan are safe at the hotel. Carly says that Sonny isn’t going to rest until whoever shot Kate is dead and will ask for Jason’s help. Jason says that he already refused to take out Karpov. Jason says that Sonny is on his own and Carly asks Jason when he has ever been able to refuse Sonny of anything.

Sonny and Olivia talk about Patrick. Sonny says that nothing could change the way he feels about Kate and tells Olivia not to take a chance on Kate’s life.

Patrick tells Kate to take it easy and that Sonny is outside. Kate says that if she dies, he has to tell Sonny that he has and stops. Patrick asks Kate what Sonny has.

Nadine says that she is sure about it and Nikolas says that he has wanted this for a long time.

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