GH Update Tuesday 9/30/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/30/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lulu asks Howard if he left a note on her tray.

A woman says that it is the last call for flight 247 to Rome.

Sonny asks if Jason has a problem with his request. Jason says that they have to be sure that Karpov was the shooter and that it is too soon to make a move against anyone.

Ric asks how long Anthony has been faking his paralysis. Anthony reveals that Kate was the real target and that he has big plans for Sonny.

Howard says that he didn’t leave a note with Lulu’s food. Howard offers to find Dr. Winters, but Lulu says that she will do it on her own.

Carly assures Morgan that she, Jax and Sonny are all fine. Jax tells Morgan that he is going to make sure they are safe until the bad guys are caught by the police.

Elizabeth tells a woman that she is supposed to be traveling with someone, but that he isn’t there yet. The woman says that they can’t hold the flight.

Sonny says that if Jason doesn’t send a message immediately, Karpov will strike again.

Olivia talks to Kate.

Jason says that Sonny is too emotional to make the call. Jason says that he needs to know the truth before he does anything. Spinelli says that the bullet was manufactured in Russia and fired from a Russian rifle. Sonny tells Jason to kill Karpov for shooting Kate.

Ric asks Anthony why he would want to shoot Kate. Anthony says that he used the Russian rife to shoot Kate and a Russian bullet because Jason and Sonny will think it was Karpov. Anthony says that Sonny will come to him and ask for help with Karpov. Anthony says that the partnership would be the first step toward taking Jason out of the picture for good.

Jax asks Johnny to drink somewhere else. Lulu calls Johnny and says that she needs to see him because someone knows that she killed Logan.

Mercedes goes to run Morgan’s bath. Carly tells Morgan that Sonny doesn’t spend time with him because he is staying safe that way.

Jason says that anyone with money can buy a Russian gun.

Monica says that Kate’s vitals are too unstable to operate and that the surgery will be done as soon as Kate is strong enough. Sonny says that he wants to see Patrick. Monica leaves and Sonny says that he doesn’t want Kate paralyzed. Olivia says that Kate would be lucky to be paralyzed because at least she would be alive.

Jason calls Liz from the hospital and tells her that he is sorry he didn’t make the flight. Jason tells Liz that Kate got shot.

Anthony explains his plan to Ric.

Lulu tells Johnny about the note and realizes that he doesn’t believe her.

Anthony says that he always knew how to destroy Sonny, but couldn’t find the right leverage. Trevor comes in and says that Kate was shot by Karpov. Anthony says that Ric was filling him in on what happened. Claudia walks in and says that Karpov didn’t do it.

Jax tells Carly that he doesn’t think that she and Morgan are safe there. Jax says that he wants to keep Carly and Morgan safe.

Olivia asks what is wrong with them. Karpov says that he came to offer his condolences. Jason asks Olivia to go back in with Kate and says that he will take care of it. Karpov says that he had nothing to do with Kate’s shooting. Jason agrees to have Spinelli trace Karpov’s movements to see if he actually shot Kate. Sonny says that Karpov’s plan is to bluff his way through it.

Johnny suggests that the note was a product of what is going on with Lulu.

Jax tells Carly that he booked her the windward suite for the forseeable future. Carly says that she isn’t sure that she wants to leave her house.

Claudia assures Ric and Trevor that Karpov had nothing to do with Kate’s shooting. Ric, Trevor and Claudia argue.

Mac and Harper say that they have some questions about Kate’s shooting.

Olivia talks to Kate. Olivia wonders why Kate risked everything to get involved with Sonny again.

Jason says that he doesn’t have a choice, but to turn Sonny down. Sonny tells Jason that Kate is dying and it would be retaliation.

Johnny says that he will never stop believing in Lulu, but she is getting sicker because of what he did. Johnny says that he met Laura and she can’t move or speak. Johnny reminds Lulu that she made up Laura’s recovery. Johnny says that if the note is real, Lulu wrote it herself.

Marty tells Jax that the suite has been set up. Jax tells Morgan that they have to figure it out as they go along.

Mac asks Claudia and Anthony questions about Kate’s shooting. Trevor tells Mac that they should be questioning Andrei Karpov. Claudia says that Karpov didn’t shoot Kate, but Ric disagrees.

Olivia talks to Kate about their past with Sonny.

Sonny and Jason argue about what to do.

Johnny tells Lulu that he can’t give her what she needs. Lulu tries to get Johnny not to leave her, but he seems determined. A doctor comes in and tries to get Lulu to calm down.

Carly thanks Jax for staying for Morgan’s bedtime story and tells him that he was her hero. Carly says that Jax showed her beyond any doubt that he still loves her.

Spinelli asks Jason if he will be ordering retaliation against Karpov. Jason says that he isn’t going to war because Sonny isn’t thinking clearly.

Anthony and Claudia talk about Ric and about Kate’s shooting. Anthony asks Claudia to go see Sonny and represent the family.

Sonny asks Olivia for some time with Kate. Sonny assures Olivia that he is out of the mob. Olivia says that she wants Sonny to admit that he did it.

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