GH Update Monday 9/29/08

General Hospital Update Monday 9/29/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny and Kate’s wedding is just starting. Sonny stands next to Mike, his best man. Carly looks over at Jax, who looks away. Olivia, Kate’s maid of honor, walks down the aisle and gives Sonny a strange look. Kate walks down the aisle shortly afterwards. Sonny is smiling as Kate nears him. At the altar, Sonny and Kate are looking at each other when a shot rings out. Everyone looks around to see where the shot came from. Sonny looks at Kate. Kate falls to the floor. She has been shot. There is a lot of shouting going on. Lulu is hysterical. Sonny tells Jason to find out who the shooter is. Olivia starts to pray. Sonny goes crazy and says he will kill whoever shot Kate.

Elizabeth is at home when Sam and Lucky show up to pick up the kids to go on vacation. Sam reassures Elizabeth that they are doing everything they can to find who is responsible for the counterfeit drugs. Elizabeth says she is glad that Sam and Lucky are happy together.

Diane tells Alexis that Kate getting shot doesn’t surprise her when Sonny lives in a world of constant danger. Johnny tries to comfort Lulu. He escorts her away from the church. In the meantime, at Shadybrook, Tracy asks an orderly where Lulu is.

The wedding guests are waiting in front of the church, where Alexis announces that an ambulance is on the way. She also tells them that the police will be arriving shortly to get everyone’s statements. In the church, Olivia tells Kate to stay focused and to not give up. Olivia tells Kate to pull through. Sonny is upset and tells Kate that everything will be alright.

Kate tells Sonny she loves him and has loved him all these years. Cody finds a shell casing. Jason thinks that Kate was the intended target. Claudia tells Ric that Sonny is better off without Kate. Ric tells her to keep her opinions to herself. Maxie is upset and hugs Spinelli.

Olivia tells Kate to hang in there, while Carly listens. Sonny tries to reassure Kate that she will be okay. Jason gives Spinelli the shell casing and asks him to run a trace on it. In the meantime, Lucky and Liz get into an argument about Jason. Liz says she plans on seeing Jason and doesn’t care what Lucky thinks. Sam pipes in. Sam says that Lucky shouldn’t worry about Elizabeth.

Sonny tells Kate that he isn’t going to lose her again. The ambulance arrives. Kate is put on a stretcher. Sonny tells Jason to find the proof of who shot Kate. Diane says that Kate has to make it. Carly informs Jax of Kate’s real identity. Jax says he already knows, which makes Carly mad. Claudia says to Ric that it shouldn’t be a surprise that Kate got shot. Claudia says that Sonny was naïve in thinking that his loved ones wouldn’t be targets.

Mac tells Maxie that she shouldn’t hang out with Spinelli because Spinelli is friends with Jason. Maxie reassures him that Spinelli is harmless. Johnny brings Lulu back to Shadybrook. Johnny and Lulu kiss, as Tracy walks in.

Mac questions Olivia and Mike, who say that they didn’t see the shooter. Olivia says that Sonny looked happy as Kate walked down the aisle. Mike says that Sonny turned his life around for Kate.

Elizabeth says goodbye to Cameron and Jake. Lucky and Sam leave with the two boys. At the hospital, Kate is brought into the ER. Monica tells Sonny to stay out of the way.

Mac says that witnesses overheard Olivia and Kate fighting before the wedding. Olivia says that it was just a misunderstanding. Scott shows up and Mac tells him that some people left the scene of the crime, like Cody and Johnny.

Tracy says that she wants to speak to Johnny alone. Lulu tells Johnny that he didn’t do anything wrong. Johnny leaves Lulu’s room. Tracy asks Johnny what he was thinking taking Lulu to the wedding.

The wedding guests talk amongst themselves about how Sonny and his loved ones are always in the line of fire. Scott says that he wants to speak to Jason. Diane says that Scott can’t speak to her client.

Elizabeth arrives at the airport. The plan is to go away with Jason to Rome for a short vacation. She asks a receptionist if Jason has shown up yet.

Monica tells Sonny that Kate is in bad shape. Monica says that everyone close to Sonny eventually winds up getting hurt. Back at the church, Mac questions Claudia. Ric sticks up for Claudia and says that Claudia had nothing to do with the shooting.

Tracy brings Johnny to see Laura. Tracy explains that Laura has no idea that they are there. Tracy says that Lulu will end up just like Laura if Lulu stays with Johnny.

Sonny sits by Kate’s hospital bed. She is hooked up to a ventilator. Sonny says he is sorry and that this shouldn’t have happened. Olivia knocks on the door. Olivia asks how Kate is doing. Sonny says that Kate needs surgery. The bullet is lodged in her spine, he explains.

Tracy checks in on Lulu. Lulu says that Johnny never said goodbye. Lulu says she will follow the doctor’s orders to get out of Shadybrook. Tracy says she knows what is best for her (Lulu). Tracy tells her to get some rest. As Lulu is about to eat her dinner, she notices a note on her tray. The note says that she killed Logan and she will pay.

Elizabeth is waiting to board the plane to go to Italy. On the docks, Claudia meets with Karpov. He denies having anything to do with Kate’s shooting.

Crying, Olivia tells Kate that she needs to live. Jason tells Sonny that he found a shell casing before the cops showed up and it’s being tested. Sonny tells Jason to send a message to Karpov. Ric shows up at Anthony’s house and catches Anthony putting away a gun.

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