GH Update Friday 9/26/08

General Hospital Update Friday 9/26/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
Proofread by Anoma

Nadine is bound and gagged on the Karpov ship.

Claudia is at the hotel talking with Carly about the wedding.

At Kate’s house, Maxie is stressed about her dress not being ready. Olivia arrives wearing the dress. Olivia introduces herself to Maxie.

Kate is at the church with the wedding planner. Kate gets some flowers from Andre Karpov.

Jason goes to see Sonny, saying they “need to talk.”

Diane is at the hotel looking for some accessories. Carly’s dress is delivered and so is Claudia’s. Claudia heads off. Diane is aghast to learn that Carly and Claudia will be at the wedding.

Maxie is still with Olivia. Maxie says she’s fine with the change of plans.

At the church, Kate rips up Karpov’s card and sends the flowers away. Mike arrives and thanks Kate for allowing him to be “part” of the wedding. Mike says Sonny now has “a reason to start over.” Mike asks permission to “hug the bride.”

Jason tells Sonny he’s taking Carly to the wedding. Jason tells Sonny about Kate’s invitation. The two discuss Max’s fight with Diane. Jason wishes Sonny well before he leaves.

Lulu is at Shady Brook with Dr. Winters. They discuss Laura. Lulu is distant with Dr. Winters. Lulu says Johnny is what she needs to get well. Someone approaches Lulu’s room.

Nik arrives at GH looking for Nadine. Leyla says Nadine didn’t show up for work. Nik is worried. He thinks Nadine got herself in “trouble.”

Nadine is on the Karpov ship. Karpov’s men restrain her. Karpov’s attorney threatens to “eliminate” Nadine.

Alexis meets Diane at the hotel. Diane tells Alexis about Carly and Claudia. Diane says they need to do something. Alexis says they should just stay close in case there’s trouble.

Maxie goes to see Spinelli. Maxie wonders how Olivia and Kate can be related. She asks Spinelli to look up info on Olivia and Kate.

Lulu and Dr. Winters are still together. Dr. Winters continues to talk about Johnny, saying he can’t “cure” Lulu. The session ends, and Dr. Winters leaves. Johnny arrives, dressed as an orderly.

Nik is still at GH with Leyla. He gets a call from Nadine’s phone. Nik can hear Nadine being threatened in the background. Nadine gives Nik clues as to where she is. The phone is discovered, and the call is disconnected. Nik and Leyla figure out where Nadine might be.

Lulu is thrilled to see Johnny in her hospital room. Johnny gives Lulu Kate’s wedding invitation. He offers to take her to the wedding.

At the penthouse, Spinelli finds info that proves who Kate really is. Maxie is crushed that Kate is “a fraud.” Spinelli says Kate’s “success is authentic.” Spinelli is supportive of Kate’s reinvention of herself. Maxie is disappointed and thinks Olivia will make Kate “look like a joke.” Maxie worries that her own career will suffer.

Jason meets Carly at the hotel. Jason has reservations about taking Carly to the wedding. Carly insists she’ll be fine. Diane arrives and tries to stop Jason from attending the wedding with Carly. Carly says she is an invited guest. Jason insists Carly will behave. Carly promises not to “ruin Sonny and Kate’s wedding.”

Robin visits Sonny and says she can’t attend the wedding due to an “emergency.” Sonny learns the sex of the baby.

Olivia arrives at the church to help Kate. Kate apologizes for hurting her family. Olivia gives Kate their grandmother’s necklace to wear. Kate says the necklace clashes with her dress.

Sonny arrives at the church and talks with Mike. Sonny wonders if he should feel guilty for being “happy” considering Michael’s situation. Sonny says being a father helped him to understand Mike.

Olivia says Kate must wear the necklace. Kate says her dress was specially designed and the necklace just doesn’t fit. The women disagree. Olivia says Kate chose the dress over the family. The women agree they no longer know each other. Kate says she can wear what she chooses to on her special day. Olivia calls Kate soulless.

Maxie and Spinelli get ready to go to the wedding. Maxie is still concerned about Olivia. Maxie gets distracted with fashion. Maxie suggests that they get “Jason’s thugs” to ship Olivia back home.

On the Karpov ship, Nadine tries to talk her way out of the situation. Karpov’s attorney says Nadine will be killed. Nikolas arrives with a gun. He orders the men to release Nadine. Nik and Nadine escape by jumping into the water.

Maxie and Spinelli arrive at the church. Maxie asks Sonny how Kate is doing. Sonny makes nice with Spinelli. Spinelli puts his foot in his mouth. Ric and Claudia arrive. Sonny comments on Ric’s “choice of a companion.” Cody and Benny arrive. Lulu and Johnny are outside. Claudia is upset when she sees them together. Lulu greets Sonny. Diane corners Sonny as Alexis arrives. Carly arrives with Jason. Sonny and Carly talk. Carly wishes Sonny well. Jax arrives and ignores Carly and Sonny.

Olivia and Kate are together at the church, arguing. Kate wonders if Olivia is “jealous.” Sonny hears the argument in the hall, as do most of the guests. Carly is beside herself with glee.

Olivia and Kate continue their argument at the church. Kate tells Olivia to “leave.” Kate accuses Olivia of being there to snag Sonny. Olivia wants Kate to prove her loyalty to the family by wearing her grandmother’s necklace. Kate refuses. Olivia calls Kate a “coward” and leaves the room.

Sonny and all the guests are at the church, waiting. Mike and Sonny are at the altar. Olivia gets Kate ready for her walk down the aisle. Olivia enters as the guests watch. The guests stand and watch as Kate makes her way down the aisle. Kate hands the flowers to Olivia. Carly is really happy. A shot rings out.

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