GH Update Thursday 9/25/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/25/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Liz and Jason are at her studio. She’s stunned that Jason invited her to Italy. Jason says all the arrangements are made.

Lulu is with Dr. Winters at Shady Brook. The doctor says Johnny is “bad” for Lulu. Meanwhile Lucky is arguing with Johnny in the hall.

Kate and Sonny are rehearsing for the wedding. Maxie and Mike are there. Kate worries about all the bad luck that surrounds the wedding.

Olivia checks into the Metro Court. Carly listens as Olivia is told she’s Sonny’s guest. Carly approaches Olivia. Carly tries to figure out who Olivia is.

At the studio, Liz is confused by Jason’s change in attitude. She says yes to Italy.

Lucky tells Johnny about Lulu’s conversations with Laura. Lulu tells Dr. Winters that Johnny is good for her. The doctor disagrees.

At the hotel, Carly tries to get more info out of Olivia. Olivia tells Carly how she’s related to Kate.

At the rehearsal, Sonny and Kate discuss details with the minister.

Claudia is at home with Ric. She insists on being Ric’s wedding date. Ric is hesitant.

At the hotel, Carly is beside herself with joy about Olivia’s info.

Kate and Sonny have a wedding vow run through at the church.

Nikolas arrives at GH. He’s upset to find Nadine working rather than resting. Leyla is there.

Back at the studio, Liz and Jason discuss things. He says he wants to “disappear’ with Liz “soon.” Jason wants to leave for Italy right after Sonny’s wedding.

Ric thinks Claudia will send the wrong “message” as his wedding date. Ric says he won’t “deliberately” ruin the wedding for Sonny. Claudia says she needs Ric’s support with all her latest stresses.

The wedding rehearsal continues at the church. Maxie tells Mike Carly will be at the wedding. Mike and Maxie leave the church. Sonny kids Kate and proposes they elope.

Carly and Olivia have a glass of wine at the hotel. Olivia tells Carly what Kate’s real name is. Olivia tells Carly about Kate’s history with Sonny. Carly seems to like Olivia. Carly wants more details. Olivia says Kate deserted her family and her roots. Carly wonders why Olivia came in for the wedding.

Liz and Jason are still at the studio. They plan to meet at the airport after the wedding. They leave the studio separately.

Nik teases Nadine at GH. Nadine gets flustered. Nadine says Nik was a mother hen when she stayed with him. Nadine says it’s time to get back to reality. She says she’s found a clue to the drug mystery. Nadine teases Nik about Wyndemere. She won’t disclose the clue. Nadine teases Nik about being a person of leisure. Nadine and Leyla get back to work and leave Nik at the desk.

Lulu watches from her window as Johnny leaves Shady Brook. She calls out after him. Lucky arrives. Lulu is upset that Lucky sent Johnny away. Lucky blames Johnny for Lulu’s problems.

Still at the church, Sonny asks Milo about Max. Sonny questions Milo about his father. Anthony Zacchara arrives.

Kate is at home. Olivia arrives. Kate wonders why Olivia is there. Olivia tells her about Sonny. Kate welcomes Olivia. Kate tells Olivia how she reunited with Sonny.

Claudia makes plans for her wedding dress. John comes home, angry. He fills Claudia in. John vents his frustration on the situation with Lucky. Claudia does her best to help. John insists that Lulu needs to see him.

At the church, Anthony apologizes to Sonny about Kristina. Anthony claims to wish Sonny “well.” Anthony leaves the church.

At the hotel, Carly insists on giving Olivia the best possible treatment. Jax interjects and wonders what Carly’s ulterior motive is. Carly gets hostile and storms off, promising to see Jax at the ceremony. Jax asks Marty for info on Olivia. Nikolas interrupts. Nik says he wants to purchase the hotel. Jax says the Metro Court isn’t for sale.

Nadine is on a ship nosing around. She hides when she hears voices.

Johnny is at home when Lulu calls. Lulu is frantic. Johnny says he must respect the doctor’s orders. Lulu insists on a visit the next day. John promises he’ll be there.

Olivia and Kate get reacquainted at her house. Kate says she misses her family but she’s a different person now. Kate talks about her younger days. Olivia compliments Kate on her accomplishments. Kate insists on being called Kate, not Connie. Sonny arrives.

Carly goes to see Jason and insists he take her to the wedding. Jason is suspicious. He wonders what Carly’s “plan” is.

Nadine is still on the ship. Karpov’s people catch her. Karpov’s attorney shows up.

Nik is still at the hotel with Jax. He insists on buying the Metro Court. Jax says the hotel isn’t for sale and walks away from Nik.

Carly is still at the penthouse with Jason. Carly says Kate will “get what she deserves” at the wedding.

Claudia is with Anthony at home. Anthony brings up the wedding. Anthony wonders why Claudia wants to be Ric’s wedding date. Anthony says Ric will be instrumental in his power plan.

At Kate’s house, Sonny and Olivia talk. Sonny says Kate wants to “reconnect with her past.” Olivia isn’t so sure. Kate comes in and says it’s time for the rehearsal dinner. Sonny proposes that Olivia be Kate’s Maid of Honor. Kate agrees. Olivia agrees to stand up for Kate. Olivia says she will head back to the hotel. Kate is overwhelmed with Sonny’s surprise. Sonny says Olivia is important because she’s family. Kate says Sonny is “all the family” she needs. Olivia hesitates at the door

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