GH Update Wednesday 9/24/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/24/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Spinelli plays Italian wedding music to get ready for the wedding. Jason asks Spinelli to research something personal.

Olivia tells someone that she is on her way to see an old boyfriend marry her cousin.

Sonny and Kate talk about the seating chart. Kate suggests that the bad omens mean that she is afraid to get married or is terrified that something will prevent the wedding.

Carly says that she can get another dress if it isn’t ready in time. Jax says that Carly can’t be seriously considering going to the wedding.

Spinelli and Jason talk about the progress in Spinelli’s research. Jason says that online dating had nothing to do with it and says that he needs more research.

Kate and Sonny talk about weddings in the old neighborhood and about Nonna’s necklace. Kate tells Sonny about the necklace and he says that they will track it down, but Kate says that she isn’t a Falconeri girl anymore and that she is just being nostalgic.

Olivia and the nun talk about school. Olivia says that if she had stayed with Sonny her life would have been a nightmare.

Lulu asks Johnny to visit her and he agrees.

Johnny says that Lulu needs him and Claudia says that Lulu will always need him.

Nikolas visits Lulu and brings her cookies from Bobbie. Lulu says that it was the illusion of Laura that made her face what happened to Logan and stop feeling guilty. Lulu says that she needs to focus on getting better and living the life that Laura would want her to live. Lulu says that Johnny is going to visit and Nikolas says that it is a bad idea.

Sonny and Kate talk about her leaving her family. Kate says that she had a big fight with Olivia the last time she went home and that was the last time she saw her parents alive. Kate tells him about talking to her mother without anyone else knowing.

Spinelli says that everything will be delivered within the hour. Jason says that he has always wanted to be with Liz and tells Spinelli that he proposed before Michael got shot. Spinelli says that this is a bold and important step that Jason will never regret. Diane shows up and says that she has some information about some waterfront property and that they have to act fast. Spinelli says that Jason is otherwise engaged.

Lucky and Liz talk about him taking a trip with the boys and Sam for a few days. Lucky asks if it is okay with Liz and she says that he and Sam are getting more serious and that it is a good idea for the boys to become more comfortable with Sam. Liz and Lucky talk about camping out under the docks and being in the boxcar. Liz says that Lucky, Sam and the boys will have a fun trip.

Nikolas says that he doesn’t want Lulu to be dependent on Johnny. Lulu says that she knows she needs to get better for herself, but there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to get out of there so that she can be with Johnny. Nikolas reminds Lulu that Johnny is trapped in a dangerous and unstable family. Lulu assures Nikolas that she is getting better and thanks him for the cookies. Nikolas says that he will see her later.

Johnny says that he and Lulu owe Claudia and that Lulu is getting better and will be out of Shadybrook soon. Claudia asks if Johnny thinks that Lulu will be able to handle their family’s dark-hearted drama. Johnny says that he doesn’t want to hear it. Claudia tells Ric that Johnny isn’t free yet, but they will fix it.

Spinelli tells Diane that she will have to wait because Jason has other pressing matters. Jason tells Diane to set it up. Spinelli says that Jason has another window of opportunity that could slam closed by any number of factors and that Jason needs to seize the moment while he has the chance.

Claudia and Ric talk about Lucky wanting Johnny away from Lulu. Claudia says that she is all Johnny has. Ric reminds her that Johnny has managed to survive on his own. Claudia says that Lulu is a liability and that Johnny and Lulu need to be over for both of their good. Claudia tells Ric to make sure that Lucky knows that Johnny is on his way to see Lulu. Ric says that Claudia is manipulating the situation because she doesn’t want her fingerprints on it in case it gets back to Nikolas.

Carly tells Jax that she has to go see Lulu. Jax says that they need to talk about Sonny and Kate’s wedding. Carly says that she is going because she was invited and that she isn’t going to hide. Carly says that she wishes Kate and Sonny the best. Carly says that she will be at the wedding.

Olivia and the nun talk about the wedding and the arrangements.

Kate says that they will be late for rehearsal, but Sonny says that there is no rush. Kate says that nothing is going to stop her from standing at the alter and walking into a new life with him. Maxie comes in and says that the worst thing ever just happened.

Jason tells Diane that if he has to show up somewhere then he will have to pass because he has a previous commitment. Spinelli says that he can’t contain his joy because Jason is finally choosing happiness over the burdens of work and duty and turns the music back on.

Claudia and Ric talk about what she wants him to do. Claudia says that Ric should hurry because Johnny is halfway to Shadybrook by now.

Carly shows up to see Lulu and smells cookies. Lulu talks about her love for Johnny. Carly and Lulu talk about love. Carly tells Lulu that if she has real love with Johnny, that she needs to hold on to it with both hands and not let it go.

Jax tells Alexis that Carly’s going to be at Sonny and Kate’s wedding. Diane shows up and says that Alexis has made a grave error. Alexis assumes that Diane is talking about the divorce, but Diane says that it is about the wedding.

Kate talks to Giselle on the phone. Mike and the reverend talk about crows and ravens. Kate explains that she has asked Clarice to step in as maid of honor. Maxie says that something bad has happened to Clarice now.

Lucky and Liz talk about the trip. Lucky tells Liz not to use up all the free time on double shifts. Liz gets a call from Jason. Jason asks if Liz can take a break and meet him and she asks where.

Ric and Lucky talk about Johnny. Ric says that Johnny is planning to visit Lulu at Shadybrook.

Carly tells Lulu that she and Jax are getting divorced and explains what went wrong.

Diane tells Jax that he might want to leave because it is going to get ugly. Diane points out that Alexis ordered the same dress that she did for the wedding. They both offer to pick out different dresses. Diane says that wearing the same dress would be a disaster on the scale of the Litigator of the Year award banquet.

Kate asks Maxie to be her maid of honor. Kate realizes that the rehearsal flowers are funeral flowers and says that she can’t go through with the wedding.

Jason says that business is running smoothly, so he doesn’t have to be at the office every minute. Liz says that lucky is taking the boys to the mountains for the week. Jason says that he is taking some time off and that he is going to Italy. Jason asks Liz to go with him.

Lainey shows up to see Lulu about Johnny’s visit. Lainey says that her opinion is that further contact with Johnny would be harmful to Lulu’s recovery.

Lucky tells Johnny to stay away from Lulu.

Ric tells Claudia that Lucky took the bait. Claudia says that she is grateful. Claudia offers to be Ric’s date to Sonny and Kate’s wedding.

Kate and Sonny talk about the omens. Sonny says that they are stronger than the omens. Maxie brings Kate some flowers from the garden outside.

Olivia checks into the Metro Court and says that the reservations were made by Sonny.

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