GH Update Tuesday 9/23/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/23/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly and Marty talk about an upcoming convention. Carly changes one of Jax’s decisions. Jax says that they need to talk about it before Marty changes it. Jax says that Carly can’t just go around undoing every decision he makes. Carly says that he can’t expect her to stop having an opinion just because she isn’t going to be his wife anymore.

Spinelli tries to take measurements for Jason’s tuxedo for Sonny’s wedding. Jason says that he isn’t going to the wedding.

Olivia tells Vito that she has stuff to do. Vito asks if her “stuff” has anything to do with Sonny.

Kate tells Helmut that the concept for the shoot sounds fabulous. Sonny walks in and says that he is ready to report for wedding duty, as promised. Kate says that Sonny can start by telling her the truth about why he mysteriously disappeared the previous night. Kate says that if Sonny doesn’t tell her the truth, there won’t be a wedding.

Maxie visits Lulu and brings a goodie bag. Maxie explains what is in the bag. Lulu says that she is crazier than she thought.

Jason tells Spinelli to stop, but Spinelli says that he is trying to avoid a catastrophe. Spinelli says that Maxie has charged him with the task of getting Jason to attend the wedding. Jason says that he is going to work.

Sonny says that he is calling Kate’s bluff because she knows that calling off the wedding would devastate him. Sonny says that Kate’s surprise will be worth the wait.

Olivia admits that she had a couple of drinks with Sonny the previous night. Olivia says that Mrs. Cerullo called and said that Sonny wanted to arrange a meeting and that she agreed to it. Olivia says that Sonny wanted to invite her to the wedding.

Carly says that she is just trying to look out for the hotel. Jax says that he isn’t going to argue with her because it is counter-productive. Jax tells Carly to put the conventioneers wherever she wants and says that they have to talk about the divorce proceedings. Carly asks why they have to rush into court so quickly and Jax asks what the point in waiting is. Jax says that he wants it to be as painless as possible for both of them. Jax says that he wants Alexis to represent him, and maybe even if Carly objects. Carly says that she objects to the whole damn thing.

Maxie and Lulu talk about how their relationship has changed. Lulu tells Maxie about Laura being awake and talking to her, but that it turns out that Laura was never awake. Maxie says that if Lulu needs anything, to call. Maxie tells Lulu to concentrate on getting better. Lulu says that Maxie turned out to be a pretty good friend.

Olivia and Vita argue about the wedding. Olivia explains that she agreed to go to the wedding as a surprise present for Connie. Vito says that he has a kitchen to install and asks Olivia (in Italian) to think first for once.

Kate tries to guess her surprise, but Sonny says that he isn’t going to tell her. Kate asks for a hint, but Sonny refuses to give her one. Kate says that she went to see Carly the previous day and told her to stay away from him.

Carly apologizes for snapping at him. Carly says that it will be hard for her to have Alexis rip her apart or take a stand against her. Jax agrees to find someone else to represent him. Jax says that the last thing he wants is for Carly to feel like she is being punished for what she did. Carly asks how they ended up there. Carly says that if Jax wants Alexis to represent him, then that is how it should be. Carly says that his attorney is there and that she should go find one of her own. Alexis asks how she can help Jax. Jax says that he wants her to represent him through the divorce proceedings.

Johnny and Carly talk about Lulu. Carly agrees to make sure that Lulu doesn’t think that he is abandoning her and agrees to let him know what she thinks after her visit with Lulu. Scott comes over and says that Johnny will pay for killing Logan.

Kate and Sonny talk about Carly. The doorbell rings and Sonny asks Kate to ignore it. Kate says that Sonny has to get out of there.

Anthony tells someone to prepare for big changes. Jason walks in and announces that Anthony needs to move a shipment or it will be blown up because it is a violation of their truce. Anthony says that none of his shipments touch pier 24, including the current one.

Ric and Trevor talk about the organization. Anthony says that he is canceling the shipment and puts Ric in charge of imports. Anthony tells Trevor to split up Johnny and Lulu.

Jax says that he and Carly didn’t share a lot of community property. Alexis suggests that he should offer Carly a lump sum.

Maxie says that she is following up on RSVP’s for Kate’s wedding and realized that Carly hadn’t sent hers in. Maxie says that Carly needs to be at the wedding.

Kate and Sonny meet Reverend Norris. Kate realizes that in the eyes of the Catholic Church, Sonny and Carly are still married.

Carly asks why she would want to watch Sonny marry a woman that she hates. Maxie says that it would show that Carly is the bigger woman. Carly says that either Maxie is disloyal to Kate or she has an agenda. Maxie asks if Carly will need an escort for the wedding.

Kate asks the reverend how she and Sonny can say their vows before God if God still considers Sonny to be married to Carly. Reverend Norris explains that as long as Sonny is actually divorced from his previous wife, they can still get married.

Lulu talks to Laura and says that it scares her to know that Laura only existed in her head. Lulu tells Laura that she is going to let the doctors help and that she will reclaim her life.

Carly asks Jason to escort her to Sonny and Kate’s wedding. Jason says that he isn’t going and she shouldn’t either, but Carly says that she can’t stay away. Jason says that he will let Carly know if he will go with her.

Maxie and Spinelli talk about Lulu. The conversation changes to Kate and Sonny’s wedding.

Olivia asks Vito to take her to the airport the following day.

Kate admits that she is a little worried. Sonny says that his surprise will be the good omen that ends all bad omens.

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