GH Update Monday 9/22/08

General Hospital Update Monday 9/22/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny runs into Olivia at a bar in Bensonhurst. At Jason’s office, Kate asks Jason to come to her and Sonny’s wedding. In the meantime, Sam says to Jerry that he won’t give up his relationship with Alexis for her. Sam says that this is all a game to Jerry. Jerry asks her how far she is willing to go. Sam kisses Jerry.

Lulu brings Nikolas and Lucky to see Laura. Laura is not waking up and Lulu is frustrated. Olivia and Sonny talk about the past, how they used to date for a short period of time. Olivia brings up his wedding to Kate.

Jason says he won’t come to the wedding. Kate wants to know why Jason is refusing to attend. Jason says it would be uncomfortable since he (Jason) sided with Carly when Sonny gave up his children. Kate realizes she isn’t getting through to Jason, so she leaves.

At the hospital, Noah tells Matt that they need to get past their animosity towards each other. Matt says that he doesn’t care. Patrick says to Noah that he can’t believe that Noah knew all this time that he had another son.

Lulu tries to explain that Laura was awake before. Lulu realizes that this is what her mother was worried about all along – that she would relapse. Lainey walks in and says that she didn’t know that Laura had woken up. Lulu explains that Laura talked to her. Lulu says that a doctor knew that their mother had woken up. Nikolas and Lucky ask why they didn’t know about any of this. Lulu says she remained silent because that is what Laura wanted.

Sam says that Jerry has feelings for Alexis. Sam says that she isn’t going to let Jerry use her (Sam). Sam says she is available if Jerry ends things with Alexis. Jerry says he will consider it.

Carly visits Jason at his office. She says she needs a place to hide out. Jason asks what happened. Carly says she doesn’t want to go home, because Jax isn’t there. Carly says she doesn’t want to be alone. Carly says she is going to convince Jax that they need to work things out. She asks Jason if he thinks that her and Jax will ever have a chance.

Sonny explains to Olivia how he ran into Kate again. Sonny says that him and Kate have had their share of ups and downs, but that they are committed to each other. Olivia says that Kate not only changed her name, but also created a new image for herself. In the meantime, Kate is looking at old photos and journals at her home. Maxie walks in unexpectedly. Maxie picks up one of Kate’s photos.

Sonny tells Olivia that he is retired from the mob. He says his coffee-importing business is legit. Sonny explains that Kate had a hard time growing up and that’s why she hasn’t kept in touch. Olivia is obviously upset and says that Kate cut ties with her and her family. Sonny says that Olivia has it all wrong.

Maxie asks Kate if any of her family is going to be invited to the wedding. Kate skirts the issue and says that she doesn’t have much family left.

Jason tells Carly that lying and scheming isn’t the way to get Jax back. Carly says that she trashed Jax’s trust. She says that she broke Jax’s heart and therefore, Jax will never trust her again. Carly says that it only took losing the best thing that ever happened to her to figure out how important Jax was to her.

Patrick tells Robin that he tried to defend Matt and that Matt doesn’t want anything to do with him. Robin says it is going to take time for Patrick and Matt to bond. Robin tells Patrick that he (Patrick) will be a good father, but Patrick is having doubts.

Lulu tells Lainey that Laura has relapsed and that Lainey needs to contact the doctor who witnessed Laura waking up. Lainey says that there is no evidence that Laura ever woke up, which Lulu refuses to believe.

Robin checks in on Matt, who says he doesn’t want to talk. Robin questions Matt on why he won’t give Patrick a chance. Matt says that just because they share DNA doesn’t mean that Patrick has any right to say how he (Matt) feels. Robin doesn’t want to pick a fight, so she says that Matt probably has it all figured out. She leaves, while Patrick listens in on the end of their conversation.

Noah tells Anna that she knows the truth now about Matt being his son. He says that he should go to an AA meeting instead of the bar. In the meantime, Lulu can’t believe that Laura being awake was all in her head. She says that it is unbelievable because she was having conversations with Laura.

Maxie goes to see Spinelli. She says she can’t believe that Kate isn’t having any of her family at the wedding. Maxie says she will take pictures of the wedding to send to Lulu. Maxie says that Spinelli has to be her date for the wedding.

Sonny asks Olivia if she ever thinks about the old days. Olivia says that she was mad at Connie (Kate) for leaving. Sonny defends Kate. He says that Kate has made mistakes, just like all of them have. Olivia can’t believe that Sonny is marrying Kate, after all those years.

At the Metro Court, Kate visits Carly. Kate brings up the night in the limo. Kate explains that her and Sonny have put it behind them and are still getting married. Kate threatens Carly to stay away from Sonny. Carly says that Sonny isn’t Kate’s husband yet.

Lucky shows up at Sam’s apartment. Lucky says that Lulu called him. Lucky says that Lulu had explained that Laura was awake. Lucky says that him and Nikolas went to Shadybrook, but Laura was the same as always. Lucky says it was obvious that Laura never woke up. At Shadybrook, Nikolas says to Lulu that he is happy that Laura helped her get through the Logan situation.

Kate asks Carly why she is trying to undermine her and Sonny’s relationship. Kate says that her and Sonny have been very honest with each other. Kate says that Sonny loves her (Kate) and they will be getting married. Carly isn’t convinced.

Sonny says to Olivia that Kate had goals and she achieved them. Olivia says that Kate’s problem is that she never looked back at where she came from. Sonny explains that he wants to bring some of Kate’s past to their wedding. Sonny says he wants Olivia to come to the wedding.

Patrick checks in on Matt. Patrick asks how Matt is doing. In the meantime, Lucky tells Sam that Lulu is in a downward spiral and that she will end up just like Laura. At Shadybrook, Lulu visits Laura. Laura still isn’t awake. Lulu says that she must have made it up in her head that Laura had woken up. Lulu says that Laura saved her.

Maxie tells Jason that he needs to be at Kate and Sonny’s wedding. Jason says he won’t attend. Maxie pleads with Jason to attend. She says that Jason needs to show support for Sonny. Jason leaves.

Kate reads a few more entries from her teenage journal. Olivia asks Sonny why he wants her at the wedding. Sonny says he wants to make things right for Kate. Sonny says that Olivia has always been honest with him. Sonny says he loves Kate. Olivia agrees to attend the wedding.

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