GH Update Friday 9/19/08

General Hospital Update Friday 9/19/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
Proofread by Anoma

Lulu and Laura are at Shady Brook discussing Nikolas and Lucky.

Sam is at her apartment with Lucky. They are discussing Jerry. Lucky has reservations about Sam’s plan. Lucky hides when Alexis arrives at Sam’s. Alexis asks Sam if she’s been flirting with Jerry.

Carly is at the coffee house with Jason. Carly says the online dating matched them perfectly with each other in all but one category.

Kate and Sonny are discussing the wedding at her house. Sonny says he has to leave for a meeting. Sonny doesn’t give any details on the meeting, which makes Kate nervous.

Noah is with Matt at GH. The two are discussing their relationship, or lack thereof. Patrick stands in the doorway listening. Patrick interrupts and confronts Noah.

Back at Shady Brook, Lulu has concerns over why Laura suddenly wants to share her news with the family. Laura says the burden of her awakening is too much for Lulu to handle alone.

At the coffee house, Carly says she and Jason differ on one count. Jason has no interest in what that count is. Carly says they are both too stubborn to be “a perfect match.”

At Kate’s, Sonny says his meeting is on the level. Sonny says he wants Jason at the wedding. Kate talks about her own choices and says she has “no regrets.” Kate tells Sonny about the last holiday she spent with her family. Kate says she chose to distance herself from her family and her former life. Sonny gets ready to head out for his meeting. He tells Kate to be sure and separate Alexis and Ric at the wedding. Sonny leaves.

Alexis is still at Sam’s. Sam admits she’s been spending some time with Jerry lately. Alexis wonders why. Sam says she’s simply trying to get to know Jerry. Alexis tells Sam what Jerry said. Alexis asks Sam to stop spending time with Jerry. Alexis leaves. Lucky comes out of hiding.

At GH, Patrick wants answers about his new brother. Noah says that Patrick’s mother had no idea about Matt. Noah says he made “a side deal” to take care of Matt financially when he was young. Patrick is unhappy with how Noah handled the situation. Patrick is disgusted with Noah. Patrick leaves Matt’s room. Matt says the reason he came to town was due to the Fellowship. Anna arrives and notices the tension. Noah tells Anna about Matt.

Patrick barks orders at Liz at the nurse’s desk. Robin arrives and Patrick tells her his news.

Carly arrives at the hotel. Max is waiting for her. Max says he’s “free” and wonders about Carly’s situation. Carly laughs when Max suggests that Diane left him for Jason. Max asks Carly out on a date. Carly says Max needs time to “adjust” and suggests they get together in a week. Max wants Carly to go out with him immediately.

Alexis goes to see Diane. They discuss the situation with Max. Alexis tells Diane about Sam and Ric. Next, Alexis brings up what Jerry said about Sam.

Lucky tries to talk to Sam about her situation with Alexis. Sam is frustrated. Sam is upset that Jerry is making her look bad. Lucky says Sam should tell Alexis the truth. Sam insists on trying to find evidence against Jerry. Sam is more determined than ever to take Jerry down.

At GH, Robin is appalled that Matt came to town knowing he was Patrick’s brother. Noah expresses his disappointment in his dad.

Sonny arrives at a bar in his old neighborhood. A man approaches him, and the two realize they are old school friends. The two discuss old times.

Kate is at home looking through a box of old things. She finds her old journal and starts reading. Mike arrives. Mike asks if he can help with anything. Kate discusses her maid of honor with Mike. Mike says he expects to be replaced soon because “Jason is the one who should be best man” at the wedding.

Spinelli is summoned to Jason’s office. Jason asks if Spinelli created an online profile for him. Jason is upset that Spinelli went against his wishes. Spinelli says online dating would make Jason realize that Liz is “his true match.”

At Shady Brook, Lulu supports her mom’s decision to tell Lucky and Nikolas. Laura seems happy and suggests they “call the boys.”

Max and Carly have dinner at the hotel. Max brings Diane into the conversation. Carly asks Max why he broke up with Diane. Max opens up to Carly. Carly tells Max to follow his heart and go to Diane.

Diane and Alexis are still together. Alexis isn’t sure what to make of Jerry’s comments about Sam. Alexis is worried about Sam. Diane says Jerry could be the one lying. Diane claims that her relationship with Max was just “a casual affair.” She says she’s “moved on.”

Jerry goes to see Sam. Sam confronts Jerry about what he said to Alexis. Jerry says Sam can be truthful with Alexis and tell her that Jerry made the first move.

At GH, Robin and Anna discuss the situation with Matt. Noah confronts Patrick. Patrick has nothing to say to his father. He’s upset that Noah cheated on his (Patrick’s) mother. Patrick storms off, saying he has no use for Noah.

Robin and Anna visit with Matt. Matt is less than friendly. Robin says Matt’s family ties “matter” to her. Matt is sarcastic with Robin. Patrick comes in and tells Matt to respect Robin. Noah arrives.

Jason and Spinelli are still at the coffee house. They discuss Liz. Jason tells Spinelli that Liz wants a “secret” relationship with him.

Sonny is still in the bar with his old friend. The man’s wife arrives and recognizes Sonny.

Diane is at home, working, when she hears music outside her window. Diane looks outside and sees Max holding a boombox. Diane looks at Max and she starts to cry.

Lucky and Nik arrive at Shady Brook at Lulu’s request. She takes them to Laura’s room. Lulu tells her brothers that Laura is awake. When Lulu tries to wake Laura up she has no luck.

Jerry is still at Sam’s. Sam wonders why Jerry told Alexis about their new friendship. Jerry says he’s still very interested in Sam. Sam says she won’t sleep with Jerry until “Alexis is out of the picture.” Jerry says his “decision” will be “difficult” and wonders if Sam will make it “worth” his “while.”

At the coffee house, Spinelli wonders why Jason won’t consider online dating. Jason says he loves Liz. Spinelli says it’s only fair that Jason makes a decision so Liz can “move on.” Jason tells Spinelli to leave. Kate arrives. She says Jason was omitted from the guest list. Kate invites Jason to the wedding. Jason declines.

Sonny is still at the bar in the old neighborhood when a beautiful woman approaches him.

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