GH Update Thursday 9/18/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/18/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jax is on a date with Leyla at the hotel restaurant. Carly sits across the room with Maxie and Spinelli discussing Internet dating.

Noah goes to see Matt at GH. Anna is there and she asks if Noah knows Matt. Noah leaves Matt’s room. Matt wakes up.

Diane is distraught at the coffee house. She tells Jason about her troubles with Max. Diane tries to collects herself so she can attend a meeting with Jason. Diane literally cries on Jason’s shoulder. Sonny comes in.

Lulu meets Laura’s doctor at Shady Brook. Laura gives Dr. McGinnis permission to answer Lulu’s questions. Lulu asks the doctor why nobody knows Laura is awake. The doctor explains about LS49, the drug Laura took to wake up in the first place. Lulu asks why Nik wasn’t notified. Apparently Laura signed some documents that forbid the hospital from notifying the family.

Robin and Patrick discuss Matt’s case at GH. Robin explains some paperwork pertaining to the baby’s birth. The two discuss baby names.

At GH, Anna talks briefly to Matt. Noah lurks outside the door as Anna says she’s trying to locate Matt’s family. Matt says his mom is dead and his dad is estranged.

Diane is very upset at the coffee house. Sonny wants to discuss the wedding with Jason. Diane yells at Sonny about his life and his lies. Sonny says he’ll come back another time. Sonny leaves.

Jax and Leyla are still at the hotel. Jax asks Leyla about her family and her career. Carly watches Jax and Leyla. Spinelli sets up her online dating profile. Maxie and Spinelli read some of Carly’s potential matches.

Diane and Jason are still at the coffee house. Diane apologizes for her behavior. Diane says she’s “fine” and they should get to the meeting. Diane brings up Max again.

Back at GH, Patrick and Robin tentatively agree on a baby name. Patrick wants to give the baby his last name. Patrick says he’s let go of the “marriage thing.” Robin wants to give the baby the Scorpio name. They each give valid arguments for their opinion.

Nikolas carries Nadine to a spare room at Wyndemere. Nadine says she’s grateful to be alive. Nik says Nadine will stay out of trouble by staying with him. Alfred comes in to welcome Nadine.

Laura’s doctor says all they can do is “hope for the best.” Dr. McGinnis says Laura’s health can go either way. Laura wants to stay at the clinic and hopes to “recover” fully. Dr. McGinnis leaves Laura’s room. Lulu apologizes for questioning her mother.

At the hotel, Jax talks with Leyla about his travels. Carly watches from afar. She has reservations about online dating. Maxie and Spinelli retrieve a message for Carly. The first man appears to be married. Leyla talks with Jax about her career. Spinelli continues to go through Carly’s matches. Jax makes plans with Leyla for a second date. Spinelli continues to screen Carly’s matches. Leyla thinks Jax is on the rebound. Carly is unhappy with most of her potential dates. Leyla tells Jax thanks but no thanks and leaves the restaurant. Carly thinks one of her matches is Scotty. Spinelli deletes Scotty’s contact information.

Laura and Lulu discuss her health at the clinic. Lulu says she thought Laura’s awakening was a dream. Laura says she wants to keep her awakening a secret temporarily.

Noah goes to see Matt again at GH. Matt is less than friendly with Noah. Matt calls Noah “Dad.”

Lucky goes to see Sam. He says the fire was arson. Sam says it’s best to keep her suspicions about Jerry quiet until she has proof.

Jerry and Alexis are having a drink at the hotel. Jerry says he’s got something to say about Sam. Jerry says he thinks “Sam is coming on to” him. Alexis remains silent.

Carly voices her dating reservations to Maxie and Spinelli at the hotel.

Sonny goes to Kate’s house. Max is there and he’s drunk. Max goes on and on about Diane. Sonny tries to help. Max is suddenly convinced Diane left him for Jason.

Diane and Max return to the coffee house after the meeting. Diane says the meeting was a huge success. Jason compliments Diane on her brilliance. Jason hands Diane a trinket the cleaning person found. Diane says it belongs to Max. Diane gets upset and says she bought it for Max and he was upset when he lost it in the office.

Nadine is tidying up at Wyndemere. Nik says the staff will clean up and Nadine should rest.

Lulu tells Laura about Johnny’s visit. Laura says Lulu should “focus” on her recovery. Laura is upset that Lucky and Nik are disagreeing about Lulu and Johnny.

At Kate’s, Sonny tries to help Max. Kate gives Max coffee. Sonny assures Max that Jason and Diane aren’t involved. Max insists, “Diane likes Jason better” than Sonny so she must have feelings for him. Sonny tries his best to help console Max. Max says he’ll have Milo take him to “the woman of his dreams.” Max leaves.

At the hotel, Spinelli finally finds a perfect match for Carly. The man’s screen name is “Danger Dude.”

Noah is still at GH with Matt. Noah’s presence agitates Matt. Noah says his role in Matt’s life never went beyond “financial support.” Matt says he has no use for Noah. Patrick overhears that Noah is Matt’s father.

Jason is at the coffee house. Carly bursts in. She tells Jason about the online dating. Carly says she found one man who was an almost perfect match for her. When Jason asks who the “poor guy” was, Carly answers “you.”

At Kate’s house, Sonny says he went to invite Jason to the wedding. Sonny says Jason would have been his best man in the past. Kate says her family won’t be at the wedding. Sonny heads off to attend a meeting.

Lulu goes back to Laura’s hospital room. She gets nervous to find Laura sleeping. Laura wakes up and says she feels “different” and has high hopes about her recovery. Laura says it’s “time” to tell Lucky and Nikolas she’s awake.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas listens to Nadine’s childhood stories. Nadine says she doesn’t “need to be pampered.” She wonders why Nikolas is being so supportive of her since the fire. Nik says he knows “something good is going on” between them but he’s not sure what it is. Nikolas kisses Nadine.

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