GH Update Wednesday 9/17/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/17/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Robin and Patrick talk about Matt’s condition. Patrick says that it is hard to be objective because he keeps seeing himself when he looks at Matt.

Jax asks about the managers meeting and Marty says that it was pushed back. Carly walks up and says that she pushed it back and that they should talk.

Maxie says that Spinelli’s idea could crash and burn, but he says that he is trying to help Carly meet a prospective suitor. Maxie and Spinelli disagree about finding romance online. Jason comes up and says that they are not signing him up on a dating service.

Johnny visits Lulu!

Anthony asks why Claudia missed breakfast and she says that a little distance between them is healthy, but Anthony disagrees. Anthony says that he has plans for Claudia because she saved Johnny and he is grateful. Claudia says that she did it for Johnny, not for Anthony. Anthony says that Claudia will be rewarded for helping the family, but she says that she doesn’t want his reward. Anthony says that it is time to shake the town up.

Johnny and Lulu talk about the trial and about how Claudia helped to set him free. Johnny says that now they need to focus on getting her better and Lulu says that she already is because of her mom.

Jason says that his personal life is off limits. Maxie says that the world doesn’t revolve around Jason. Maxie says that they were going to help someone who would be more appreciative and then admits that they were going to sign Carly up.

Nadine and Nikolas wake up. Nikolas says that he is happy that Nadine is okay and says that she is important to him.

Lucky and Alexis talk about the fire at the clinic. Alexis says that it could be someone sabotaging the clinic. Sam shows up to see Alexis. Lucky leaves. Sam says that Lucky is better off with an uncomplicated woman like Elizabeth.

Robin and Patrick talk about the similarities between him and Matt. Patrick says that he doesn’t know if he would want to recover if he was in Matt’s place.

Jason says that the last thing Carly needs is a bunch of strangers coming on to her over the internet. Maxie says that when a woman has had her heart stomped on, nothing makes her feel better than a hot, eligible man hitting on her. Maxie and Jason disagree about Carly’s feelings towards online dating. Maxie asks who put Jason in charge of anyone’s dating life.

Jax asks Marty to give him a moment with Carly. Jax asks Carly to accept that their marriage is over. Carly tells Jax that their lives intersect no matter what because they co-own 2 hotels together.

Max and Diane talk about how bad Carly is hurting.

Liz comes in to check on Nadine and tells Nikolas that Nadine is doing well. Nikolas apologizes for asking questions, but Nadine tells him that it is nice to be fussed over. Jerry walks in and says that he is glad that Nikolas pulled Nadine out before she got burned. Jerry and Nikolas talk about the prospective shipment of counterfeit drugs.

Robin and Patrick talk about Matt’s treatment. Patrick says that there is no next of kin in Matt’s records.

Anna and Noah talk. Noah says that he was in Myanmar. Anna fills Noah in on what has happened while he was gone. Anna and Noah talk about what Robin and Patrick have to look forward to with the baby.

Maxie and Jason argue about Carly being signed up for an internet dating service. Jason tells them that if they are determined to do it, they need to talk to Carly about it. Maxie suggests that they sign Jason up too.

Jax says that the hotels are constant reminders of the life that they planned together. Carly says tht they can keep it strictly business and be amicable. Carly asks Jax not to force her out because she loves the hotel. Jax says that he will let her handle the managers meeting.

Diane and Max talk about infidelity. Diane tells Max that they are through so that he will never have the chance to cheat on her again.

Alexis and Sam talk about the trial. Sam says that she wants to talk about Jerry and that she doesn’t want Alexis to get hurt. Alexis invites Sam to dinner and Sam agrees to go. Lucky asks if Sam told Alexis about her suspicions about Jerry’s involvement in the fire at the clinic. Sam tells Lucky to meet her later and she will explain.

Lulu says that she sits with her mom and talks to her. Lulu says that talking about it out loud makes her think about how wonderful he has been. Johnny and Lulu talk about their relationship over the last year. Johnny wishes Lulu a happy anniversary and gives her a present.

Anthony says that Ric did a great job at saving Johnny. Trevor complains about not getting the chance to defend Johnny. Claudia says that there is no way that Trevor could have pulled off what Ric did. Anthony says that he is giving Claudia and Ric more power as a reward for saving Johnny.

Nikolas and Liz talk about what happened. Liz says that Alfred called and that Spencer is fine. Liz says that whether Nikolas wants to or not he cares for Nadine.

Carly asks Marty to reschedule the manager meeting for after her meeting with the pr company. Spinelli and Maxie talk about Carly’s heartbreak and say that they are there to console her during her breakup.

Robin and Anna meet. Anna says that she wouldn’t miss the birth of her granddaughter for all the tea in China. Robin asks Anna to call headquarters and ask to use the database to look up a patient’s family.

Jason and Diane meet. Diane says that he needs to sound sincere so that he can get building permits. Jason asks if Diane is okay. Max comes in and suggests that Diane cheated on him.

Lulu and Johnny enjoy their time together. Lainey comes in and says that it is time for group. Johnny says that he will stay and wait for her. Lainey says that Lulu has a long road to full recovery. Lainey talks about Lulu’s testimony and says that for Lulu’s sake, this should be Johnny’s last visit.

Jerry shows up to see Alexis. Alexis says that she can’t afford the distraction. Jerry keeps talking and Alexis says that she is busy. Jerry asks if they know how the fire started and Alexis asks why he is so interested.

Nikolas and Nadine talk about her chart. Nikolas says that he was hoping that she would stay with him at Wyndemere when she is released.

Patrick and Noah talk about Patrick’s P.A. proposal. Noah says that he is very proud of Patrick. Noah says that Patrick is going to be one hell of a dad and Patrick thanks him.

Diane and Max argue about cheating. Max says that Diane has a guilty conscious. Jason tells them both to stop.

Lulu returns to her room and finds a note from Johnny telling her that he doesn’t want to mess with her progress and that he loves her. Lulu goes to visit Laura and suggests that Laura never got out of the chair.

Diane tells Jason that Max is willing to trade her in for a cheap twenty-something in a tight sweater. Max says that Diane probably wants Sonny for herself. Diane tells Max that they are through and tells him to leave.

Carly and Spinelli talk about the online dating service. Maxie points out that Jax isn’t hurting as much as she is when he walks in. Carly asks to see the men they found for her to date.

Jerry and Alexis talk about his interest in the clinic fire. Lucky shows up and says that the clinic fire was definitely arson and the inspectors found the remains of a fire bomb.

Anna reviews what she knows about Matt’s family from what Robin told her. Noah comes up and recognizes Matt’s name. Anna asks if Noah knows Matt.

Laura says that she can get out of the chair whenever she wants. Lulu says that it seemed like she needed Laura so much that she invented her. Lulu says that it makes sense because no one else has seen Laura and she doesn’t want to see anyone else. Dr. McGinnis comes in and apologizing for interrupting.

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