GH Update Tuesday 9/16/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/16/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nikolas calls 911 to report the fire at the Emily Quartermaine Clinic. Nikolas calls out for Nadine.

Jerry and Sam talk. Jerry wonders why Sam went from despising him to being weak-kneed with desire so quickly. Sam says that she is tired of being this reformed character.

Sonny says that he wants to marry Kate and asks her. Kate says that she will marry him.

Carly apologizes and Liz asks if Jason wants to go after her.

Nikolas helps Nadine out of the clinic. Nadine tells Nikolas to help Matt because he is really bad and Nikolas agrees.

Epiphany and Ron tell the judge what they heard while Mrs. Albright was on the phone. Mrs. Albright claims that she doesn’t know Anthony Zacchara, but Edward says that she is lying. The judge removes Mrs. Albright from the jury. The judge tells Epiphany that they have to start over with Alonzo Garza as an alternative. Edward complains about being sequestered. The judge says that they can resume deliberations or Edward will spend the night in jail and be cited for contempt of court. Epiphany says that they have to start from the beginning. Alonzo says that they don’t have to because Johnny Zacchara is guilty and should fry.

Sam says that she would really like another glass of wine. Sam says that she understands Jerry in ways that she isn’t anxious for certain people to know. Sam agrees that they are exactly alike.

Jason says that Carly does crazy things when she gets angry and Liz says that he should catch up with Carly. Liz tells Jason to do what he needs to do.

Carly says that she needs to find her purse and get out of there. Spinelli suggests that Carly shouldn’t drive. Carly says to tell Jason that she didn’t mean to interrupt. Jason comes down and asks Carly not to run off. Jason asks Carly to tell him what happened.

Kate and Sonny talk about how close they came to losing each other again. Kate says that the wedding might be smaller than they planned and Sonny says that he is happy that she is marrying him and that he doesn’t want to move the wedding back. Diane walks in and tells Kate to rethink wanting to be Sonny’s wife.

Nikolas and Nadine hear sirens. Nikolas tells Nadine that she is okay. The firefighters arrive and check out the victims.

Edward talks about the mob element of the city and suggests that they deliver a guilty verdict. Epiphany says that Johnny was defending Claudia and did what he could to save her.

Sam and Jerry talk about her true potential.

Carly apologizes for barging in. Spinelli says that he mistakenly told Carly that Jason wasn’t home. Jason asks Carly to tell him what happened. Liz comes downstairs and says that she is going to go because she is needed at the hospital. Liz says that it is okay because Jason wants to help Carly.

Diane says that Kate’s judgment is compromised. Diane says that it isn’t personal and that she doesn’t expect Sonny to understand. Maxie comes in and apologizes. Sonny says that he is glad that Diane is there because he would rather be undermined to his face than behind his back.

Monica thanks Liz for coming in. A doctor comes up and tells them that Dr. Hunter has third-degree burns on his legs. Monica tells Liz to pull Matt’s file and notify his next of kin. Liz convinces Nikolas to stay with her and let the doctors help Nadine.

Sam tells Jerry to slow down. Sam says that her life blew apart the last time she slept with one of Alexis’ men and it isn’t going to happen again.

Spinelli says that he wouldn’t have sent Carly upstairs if he had known that Jason and Liz were together. Carly assures Spinelli that it is okay because he didn’t mean to do any harm and asks to speak to Jason alone. Spinelli leaves and Carly says that he is a great guy. Carly says that Jax found out about her limo sex with Sonny and moved out, but that he isn’t coming back this time.

Diane tells Maxie to write down her moments of brilliance. Diane goes over Sonny’s history with Carly. Kate objects and says that there were special circumstances at play the night that Carly and Sonny had sex in the limo and that she isn’t going to let Diane gloss over it.

Nikolas asks Monica about Nadine’s condition. Monica says that Nadine should make a full recovery. Monica goes to check on Dr. Hunter. Elizabeth tells Nikolas to go in and see Nadine.

Sam and Jerry talk about the possibility that he would tell Alexis about their “hook-up”.

Carly says that she was crazy to think that Jax would never find out about her and Sonny. Jason says that Carly made a bad choice and didn’t want to lose Jax.

Kate says that Carly and Sonny turned to each other in their mutual grief. Diane calls Kate to the stand and asks questions Kate about the “technical” break-up before Sonny and Carly’s night in the limo. Kate says that she has forgiven Sonny and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Jax walks in and says that Kate’s decision is dangerously naïve because as long as Carly is breathing, Sonny will never remain faithful.

The judge orders the jury back into the courtroom. Epiphany says that they have reached a verdict.

Diane suggests that Maxie show her some samples. Jax says that Kate disappoints him. Jax says that he and Carly are over and that Kate’s relationship with Sonny doesn’t have a chance of lasting.

Lucky shows up at Sam’s. Sam says that she thinks she convinced Jerry that she wants to turn back to the dark side and admits that she kissed Jerry. Lucky asks what happens the next time.

Nadine wakes up and Nikolas tells her that she is going to be okay. Nikolas tells her that Matt is in ICU and that he got burned really bad.

Epiphany announces that the jury finds Johnny not guilty. Scott says that he wants justice for his son. The judge thanks the jury for their service and announces that all charges against Johnny are dropped.

Nadine and Nikolas talk about her rushing into the burning clinic. Nikolas says that he thinks Nadine is amazing and that he is glad she is in his life.

Sam says that the only man she wants touching her is Lucky.

Anthony congratulates Johnny. Johnny says that he won’t forget that Anthony had his back the whole time. Ric says that Claudia saved Johnny.

Kate and Sonny talk about what Jax and Diane are trying to tell her.

Carly says that Jason knew that she would try to replace the pain of Michael with something that was familiar. Carly says that she will never love anyone like this again because Jax has ruined her.

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