GH Update Monday 9/15/08

General Hospital Update Monday 9/15/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At the hospital, Carly tells Leyla that she received a phone call that Jax was in an accident. In the meantime, there is a fire at the free clinic. Matt and Nadine are trapped in the room where the fire is located. Matt is passed out, while Nadine is trying to find an escape route. Elizabeth and Jason kiss.

Nikolas tells Lulu that in court, Claudia revealed that she was sleeping with Logan. According to Claudia, on the night of Logan’s murder, Logan was going to attack her and then Johnny walked in. Claudia said that Johnny killed Logan in self-defense to protect her. Lulu says it seems unlikely that the jurors would believe Claudia’s story. In the interrogation room, Claudia tells Johnny that the jurors didn’t believe Lulu’s confession on the stand. Claudia says that she needed to make up a story that the jury would believe. Johnny says that normally he is the one always saving his sister, but this time Claudia is saving him.

During jury deliberations, Edward says that it is obvious that Johnny is guilty. The jurors nominate Epiphany to be the jury foreperson. At Jason’s, Jason tells Elizabeth that they can’t be together. In the meantime, Jerry shows up at the hospital. Carly asks him what happened to Jax.

Kate tells Sonny she hasn’t forgiven him yet. Kate admits that Sonny was vulnerable that night and that Carly was preying on his vulnerability. Sonny threatens to break a mirror if Kate doesn’t agree to still marry him. Kate tells him that she won’t be blackmailed into marrying him.

Elizabeth says to Jason that they took refuge in each other when her marriage to Lucky was in trouble. At the clinic, Nadine is having a hard time breathing with all the smoke she is inhaling from the fire.

At her apartment, Sam wakes up in Lucky’s arms. Lucky asks if she had a bad dream. Sam says that she wants Jerry to stay away from her mom. Sam says that she hates that she has to flirt with Jerry to gain information. Sam hopes that this whole thing doesn’t change her and Lucky’s relationship.

Jerry tells Carly that Jax was totally committed to her and that Jax was devastated when their marriage was destroyed. Carly starts to cry. She says she doesn’t understand why she always ruins the best things in her life. Jax appears in the hospital lobby, with a few cuts on his face and hand.

Lulu goes to see Laura. Her mom is sleeping. For a split second, Lulu thinks Laura is back in her catatonic state, but Laura wakes up. Johnny tells Claudia he is grateful for what she did. Ric walks in and Claudia tells him that he did a good job in court. Ric tells them that they shouldn’t be celebrating yet.

Anthony asks Trevor if he thinks that Lulu was telling the truth in court. Trevor doesn’t believe Lulu’s story. Trevor says that no one buys Lulu’s confession.

During jury deliberations, Epiphany asks the jury members if they think Johnny is guilty. Edward raises his hand. Epiphany says they shouldn’t jump to conclusions. She says they need to look at all the facts before making a decision.

Carly offers to take Jax home. Jax says he wants Jerry to bring him home. Jax doesn’t have much to say to Carly and walks away. Jason tells Elizabeth that he is afraid that something could happen to her and Jake if he (Jason) is in their life. Elizabeth says she is willing to take the risk.

Edward tells the jury members that Johnny is a monster and the Zacchara family is dangerous. Edward tries to convince everyone that Johnny murdered Logan. The other jury members aren’t convinced. One jury member says that Johnny acted in self-defense. The other jury members start agreeing with the self-defense theory, which angers Edward.

Ric tells Claudia and Johnny that they need to be prepared that the verdict might not go the way they want. Ric says that Claudia was very convincing on the stand. In the meantime, Lulu tells Laura that she wants to tell Nikolas and Lucky that their mother is awake. Laura says that she doesn’t want to tell them until she knows that this condition is permanent and that she won’t slip back into catatonia.

Lucky warns Sam to be careful. Lucky says he doesn’t trust Jerry. Sam says that once this counterfeit drug thing is over, her and Lucky should celebrate. Jerry shows up at Sam’s place. He has brought her flowers.

Elizabeth says she won’t give up on Jason. Jason says it doesn’t matter how he feels. He says that he is trying to protect her. Elizabeth wants to know if Jason feels the same way about her. Jason kisses Elizabeth passionately.

The jury members deliberating over Johnny’s fate keep bringing up reasonable doubt. One juror says that they can’t find Johnny guilty when he was only protecting his sister.

Lulu leaves Laura to rest. Lulu is leaving her mother’s room when Lucky shows up. He asks if she was visiting Laura. Lucky asks Lulu about her confession in court. Lulu says that no one believed her. Lucky says that he has been fighting for Lulu all this time. Lulu thanks him for looking out for her.

Sam pours Jerry a drink. Jerry says that she is the anti-Alexis. At Kate’s office, Sonny won’t stop bothering Kate. Sonny says they should break the mirror since it won’t change anything in Kate’s eyes. Sonny says he will believe that Kate is over him when she breaks the mirror.

Jason and Elizabeth head to the bedroom. Spinelli returns home to Jason’s apartment. There is a knock on the door. It is Carly. She says she needs to speak to Jason.

The fire continues to burn at the clinic. Nikolas shows up and sees the smoke coming out of one of the rooms. He tries to open the door, but it is locked. Nikolas yells Nadine’s name. Nadine has passed out.

Sam tells Jerry that she is drawn to danger and that is why she doesn’t mind working for Karpov. Sam starts to flirt with Jerry. He grabs her throat. In the meantime, Lulu is able to call Johnny and speak to him.

One of the jury members (the one that was pushing for Johnny’s acquittal) calls someone from a cell phone. She tells them that she has already convinced two other jury members that Johnny isn’t guilty of murder. Epiphany and some other jury members catch her red-handed with the cell phone. Epiphany says that this is Anthony’s doing.

Sonny asks Kate if she will be with him. Kate doesn’t answer. In the meantime, Jason and Elizabeth are kissing in his bed. Carly walks in. Jason and Liz look at her, shocked. Carly has a stunned look on her face.

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