GH Update Friday 9/12/08

General Hospital Update Friday 9/12/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
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Jason talks with Karpov at the coffee house while Liz hides and listens. Jason accuses Karpov of running Spinelli over.

At Crimson, Kate refuses to keep Sonny’s ring. Kate says their “history wasn’t enough” to make a future.

Lulu is with Laura at Shadybrooke. Lulu tells Laura about her testimony. Laura is sympathetic to her daughter.

Claudia takes the stand in the courtroom. Claudia claims she saw Johnny kill Logan. Johnny whispers to Ric that Claudia is lying. Ric continues to question Claudia. Claudia says she was having an affair with Logan. Claudia says she used Logan for “inside access” to the family business. Claudia says Logan was “obsessed” with Lulu. Edward speaks out and is reprimanded by the judge. Claudia says Lulu “walked in on” her and Logan “having sex.”

Spinelli tries to talk Maxie out of her plan to move out of the penthouse. Maxie tells Spinelli she’s the “slut” Scott portrayed her as in court. Maxie says Spinelli is “better off” without her.

Kate and Sonny continue to disagree at Crimson. Sonny apologizes for hurting Kate. Sonny says he will give Kate the “time” she needs to realize that they should “stay together.”

At the coffee house, Jason threatens to handle Karpov if anything else happens to his family or friends. Karpov leaves Jason’s office. Liz comes out of hiding, and Jason suggests that she leave right away.

At Crimson, Kate says Sonny “can’t charm” his way out of their situation. Kate says she risked everything for Sonny. She says she “believed in” Sonny. Kate says she can never “trust” Sonny. Kate asks Sonny to take the ring and leave.

At the coffee house, Liz asks if Jason now expects her to “run out, horrified.” Jason stays silent. Liz says she loves Jason but she’s not “ok” with his life. Cody interrupts. He tells Jason he overheard Karpov arrange a meeting with someone. Cody suggests following Karpov. Jason agrees and leaves with Cody.

Karpov meets with Jerry near the clinic. Karpov tells Jerry to “take care of” the people at the clinic who are causing him “problems.” Jerry says he will take care of it his way. Karpov storms off.

Claudia continues her testimony in court. She claims Lulu caught her with Logan. She says Logan was “furious and irrational.” Claudia says Logan became paranoid and violent. Scott objects to Claudia’s testimony. Nik and Nadine wonder if Claudia is “telling the truth.” Claudia says Anthony fired Logan. She says Logan was “angry and bitter.” Claudia says Logan came to her apartment and tried to kill her.

At Crimson, Sonny says it’s best that the “truth” finally came out. Kate thinks Sonny would have been happy to “live the lie.” Kate says Sonny would have cheated on her again with Carly during their marriage. Sonny denies the accusation.

Spinelli is upset that Maxie is moving out. Maxie calls herself “selfish.” Spinelli asks Maxie to stay. Maxie says she will end up disappointing Spinelli. Spinelli calls Maxie “loyal and kind.” Spinelli says Maxie has saved him “from the jaws of doom.” He says Maxie was “brave and beautiful” in court.

Claudia testifies that Logan broke through her door with an axe. She says she went to the kitchen and got a knife. She says Logan was “out of control.” Claudia’s testimony is emotional and believable. She says she dropped the knife and she couldn’t fight off Logan. Claudia then says Logan was “about to rape” her. She says Johnny arrived, and Logan attacked him. Claudia says Johnny held the knife, and Logan ran into it. She says Johnny killed Logan while protecting her.

Cody and Jason arrive at the clinic. They look around outside. Jason wonders what Karpov’s connection is to the clinic.

Leyla is inside the clinic. She moves the cart with the explosives into an exam room.

Claudia tells the courtroom how Johnny “saved” her from Logan. Claudia says it was her idea to “cover up” the murder. She admits to replacing the door and the carpet in the apartment. Claudia says Johnny is “a good person.” She begs the jury not to “hurt him.” The judge instructs the jury to “disregard” Claudia’s plea. Scott questions Claudia. He asks Claudia for “proof” that her testimony is true. Claudia says she “destroyed” the physical evidence. Scott calls Claudia a “fabricator.” The judge tells Claudia she can leave the witness stand. Claudia leaves the courtroom. Ric introduces Logan’s military records. There is mention of an incident where Logan stabbed someone over a woman. Ric says Logan had a history of violence.

Laura tries to console Lulu at Shady Brook. She says love will help Lulu “survive.” Laura brings Luke into the conversation. Laura says Lulu is “a survivor.”

Maxie and Spinelli are still at the penthouse. She says he’s not seeing her clearly. Spinelli says Maxie is a “real work of art.” Spinelli pours his heart out to Maxie. He tells her to “learn from” her “mistakes.” Maxie agrees to stay on at the penthouse.

At Crimson, Sonny asks Kate if she thinks he was using her the whole time. Kate says she “believes” that Sonny loves her. Sonny promises to be “faithful for the rest of” his life. He asks Kate for another chance.

Matt is at the clinic. Jerry comes up behind him and hits him. Matt falls to the floor and watches Jerry walk out of the room. Matt loses consciousness. Jerry leaves the clinic. Jerry sets off the explosives at the clinic.

Ric and Scott present their closing arguments. Scott says Johnny killed Logan so he could have Lulu for himself. Ric uses Claudia’s testimony as well as Logan’s records from the military to drive his points home. The judge instructs the jury to use “care” when making their decision.

At Shady Brook, Lulu thanks her mom for her support. Laura is tired, so she goes to her room. Lulu stays outside. Nikolas arrives. Lulu asks him what happened after she left the courtroom.

Sonny and Kate are still at Crimson. Kate pleads with Sonny to let her get back on track. Sonny insists they should keep trying. Maxie and Spinelli arrive. Spinelli puts his foot in his mouth about Kate and Sonny’s breakup.

Jason is at the penthouse. Liz arrives as Jason is about to head out the door. Liz insists on talking to Jason. Jason apologizes for his inability to give Liz a future. Liz says she only wants what’s “right now.”

Nadine arrives at the clinic. She sees smoke. Nadine discovers Matt unconscious as the fire rages on. Nadine can’t get Matt to wake up, so she tries to drag him to safety.

Nik tells Lulu about Claudia’s “convincing” testimony.

Claudia visits Johnny at the PCPD. John thanks his sister for trying to save him from conviction.

Anthony vents to Trevor about Scott at the courthouse. Anthony is happy that “Claudia stepped up” for Johnny.

The jury discusses the trial. Epiphany says they must choose a leader.

At Crimson, Kate dismisses Spinelli and Maxie. Kate says she was going to “give in” before Spinelli and Maxie arrived.

At the penthouse, Jason says his conversation with Karpov was the real him. Jason says, “Being able to kill is a measure of success.” He wonders why it is that Liz loves him. Liz kisses Jason.

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