GH Update Thursday 9/11/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/11/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Kate arrives at Crimson. Clarice is there. The two discuss magazine business. Kate tells Clarice “the wedding is definitely off.” Sonny arrives.

Jerry runs into Matt outside of the clinic. Jerry warns Matt about his treatment of Maxie. Matt tells Jerry he should leave before he scares the patients.

Jason is told that Lulu was taken from Shady Brook by the authorities. Liz approaches Jason at the clinic.

In court, Tracy is upset when Lulu enters the courtroom. Edward and Epiphany also voice their opinions. Edward and Tracy argue and Luke is brought into the conversation. Scott objects to Tracy’s outburst. Ric reminds the court that Lulu is “a mental patient.”

At Crimson, Sonny tells Kate about the car accident. Kate wonders if Sonny has been sleeping with Claudia too. Sonny says the wedding is on. Kate says she and Sonny “are over.”

At GH, Robin walks in on Claudia trying to manipulate Patrick. Claudia insists on leaving the hospital against Patrick’s advice. Patrick and Robin leave Claudia’s room. Robin starts a conversation that ends abruptly when Patrick is paged.

Nik and Nadine are at the clinic. Jason calls and fills Nik in on Lulu. Nik heads to court.

Liz talks with Jason about the trial. Liz starts to talk personal with Jason. Liz wonders why they can’t have “a very private relationship.” Jason leaves Shady Brook.

Back in court, the jurors chat about Lulu and her possible testimony. Ric tells the judge that Lulu isn’t competent to testify. Scott disagrees and the judge sides with him. Lulu is called to the witness stand. Scott questions Lulu. She answers questions about her relationship with Logan. John stands up and tells Lulu not to “say another word.”

At Crimson, Kate and Sonny disagree about the wedding. Sonny calls his mistake with Carly “one bad night.” Sonny admits to his mistake. Kate says, “everything has changed.” Kate says she made the mistake of believing in a “fantasy.” Sonny comments that Kate is still wearing her ring. He leaves the office promising to “wait” as long as it takes.

At Sam’s, Lucky expresses concern over Jerry. Sam plans to try and trap Jerry.

Jason arrives at his office. Spinelli is there and he’s worried about Maxie. Spinelli tells Jason about Maxie’s testimony. Spinelli says Maxie was courageous during her testimony even though she was humiliated.

Back in court, Ric is told to “control” Johnny. Scott continues to question Lulu. Scott presses Lulu. She admits to killing Logan.

At the office, Spinelli is sad about Maxie’s situation. Jason says Maxie will be fine. Spinelli thinks he should just leave Maxie alone.

Mike goes to see Sonny. Sonny fills Mike in about what happened with Carly. Mike thinks the situation with Carly is more than a “temporary setback.”

At Crimson, Clarice says a strike may keep the magazine from getting published on time.

Lucky and Sam continue to disagree about Jerry. Sam says she must bring Jerry down to save her mother. Sam worries about her relationship with Lucky. Jerry knocks on Sam’s door.

In court, Scott doesn’t believe Lulu’s confession. Scott continues to grill Lulu. Ric questions Lulu. He asks Lulu if she brought Johnny the gun he used to escape police custody. Lulu again says she killed Logan. She explains why she brought Johnny the gun. Ric thinks Lulu is lying about her confession. He tries to discredit Lulu. Nikolas steps up and insists Lulu be taken back to Shady Brook right away. Lulu insists she’s the guilty one as Nik takes her out of the courtroom. The judge allows Lulu’s testimony to “stand.”

Maxie goes to GH to see Robin. She tells Robin about her testimony. Maxie feels bad about the “bad choices” she made. She tells Robin how she disappointed Spinelli. Robin says people can change. She uses Patrick as an example.

Jerry goes to see Sam. He offers to take her for a “boat ride” to see some property. When Sam declines, Jerry says he’ll take Alexis instead. Sam tells Jerry to choose between her and Alexis. Jerry tells Sam she “drives a hard bargain” and he hopes she plans to “back it up.” Jerry leaves and Lucky comes out of hiding.

Sonny is still at home with Mike. Sonny tries to explain his actions to Mike. Mike says Sonny is “addicted to Carly.” Sonny disagrees and says he will “make it up to” Kate. Mike wonders how Sonny would feel if Kate had cheated on him. Kate bursts in and accuses Sonny of orchestrating the labor strike. Sonny says he has no idea what Kate is talking about. Sonny wonders why Kate came over rather than calling him.

Liz goes to the office to see Jason. Jason thinks the visit is a bad idea. Liz says she was once “fearless” and will revert back to that behavior so she can be with Jason.

At the courthouse, Lulu pleads with Nik to convince the jury of her “story.” The authorities take Lulu back to the hospital. Nadine arrives and Nik fills her in. Claudia arrives and runs into the courtroom after Nik fills her in.

At GH, Robin tries to give Maxie credit for some of the changes she’s made. Maxie is convinced her relationship with Spinelli will be changed forever. Maxie leaves. Robin approaches Patrick. Robin says she’s “committed” to Patrick. Patrick says they are “in a good place.” He tells Robin to stay calm. Patrick leaves.

Lucky thinks he should talk with Jax about Jerry. Sam convinces him not to. She says she can handle the situation. Lucky reluctantly agrees. Sam calls Jerry and invites him over for dinner. Jerry accepts Sam’s invitation.

Kate arrives back at Crimson and barks orders to Clarice. Clarice says the dispute was settled and “the crisis is over.”

At the coffee house, Jason and Liz discuss their relationship. Jason says his life is too dangerous. Cody interrupts and says Karpov is there to see Jason. Liz ducks out of site instead of going out the back door as Jason suggests.

Spinelli gets home with flowers just in time to see Maxie gathering her bags. Maxie apologizes to Spinelli but says they need “distance.”

Kate wonders about the details of the “crisis.” Sonny arrives at Crimson so Clarice leaves. Sonny says he didn’t create the crisis but he helped settle it. Kate takes off her ring and gives it to Sonny.

Liz listens in on the conversation between Karpov and Jason at the coffee house. Jason admits to attacking Karpov’s guards.

Lulu is back at Shady Brook with Laura. Lulu tells Laura about her testimony.

Back in court, the jurors think Lulu is trying to “cover for” Johnny. Trevor tells Anthony he will appeal the conviction if John is found guilty. Anthony says Trevor will “lose” Ric if he (Anthony) loses Johnny. Claudia comes into the courtroom. She tells Ric to let her testify. Ric calls Claudia to the stand.

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