GH Update Wednesday 9/10/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/10/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Spinelli offers to help Jason with some paperwork, but Jason tells him to concentrate on getting better. Maxie comes out and asks how she looks in her outfit for court. Jason says that Maxie looks fine. Maxie says that she needs to look honest and that she isn’t sure she can pull it off. Maxie says that she needs to look conservative on the stand before she perjures herself, unless Spinelli can hack into the court records and take her name off the witness stand.

Claudia asks Ric how long he has been there. Ric says that she looked uncharacteristically peaceful and he didn’t want to disturb her. Claudia says that she would be feeling a lot better if he was there to tell her that she was getting back on the stand so that she could save Johnny’s life.

Anthony asks Scott for a minute. Anthony says that it is important that Scott hears what he has to say, for Serena’s, Scott’s daughter, sake. Scott says that if Anthony goes near Serena, he will stick a knife in him. Anthony says that Scott has been so busy avenging Logan, that he has forgotten that he has another child he could lose.

Laura asks how Lulu is doing. Lulu thanks Laura for taking care of her the previous night. Lulu says that she doesn’t know what she would do without Laura. Lulu says that Johnny is on trial for his life and that they could end up killing him because he made the stupid mistake of covering for her.

Lucky calls Sam and says that he thinks he found something to tie Karpov to the counterfeit drug ring.

Maxie asks if she looks better now. Jason says that it doesn’t matter what she wears. Maxie says that the jury uses visual clues to make judgments and that sometimes a person can’t overcome a first impression. Jason says that even if Spinelli hacked into the court records and deleted her name, Scott wouldn’t forget her because it doesn’t work that way. Maxie says that she is doomed then because Scott is going to rip her apart on the stand and she will get defensive and say something incriminating enough to be arrested for accessory to murder. Jason says that if she keeps thinking that way, she will make it happen. Spinelli interrupts them. Spinelli asks Jason to be more sympathetic towards Maxie and asks Maxie to walk into the courtroom with confidence and a positive attitude. Maxie tells Spinelli how wonderful he is and assures him that he is her best friend.

Scott tells Anthony that no matter how many threats he makes, it won’t save Johnny because Johnny murdered Logan and will get a lethal injection for it. Anthony says that Scott forged the documents saying that Logan was a cop so that he could upgrade the charges against Johnny so that he would face the death penalty. Anthony says that he will save Johnny by any means necessary and if that means that Serena gets caught in the crossfire, Scott will be the one to blame. Scott says that his daughter is safely out of Anthony’s reach. Anthony says that Serena lives alone and tells Scott her address.

Claudia says that Ric should be in court, but Ric says that he wanted to check on her because there was time. Claudia says that she is going to be fine thanks to Sonny for pulling her out of the car. Claudia says that she doesn’t really know who caused the accident. Claudia says that she can fix it and convince the jury that Johnny is innocent if he will put her back on the stand. Ric tells Claudia that she needs to focus on recovering and that getting Johnny acquitted is his job. Claudia says that Ric isn’t sure that anyone can get Johnny out of it.

Lulu says that she could end the whole trial in a second by walking into the courtroom and confessing. Laura says that Lulu’s credibility has been damaged by being in Shadybrook. Laura tells Lulu to look at it through Johnny’s eyes and says that Johnny sounds a lot like Luke. Laura says that Johnny created the situation by taking the blame for Logan’s death and that she is sure he has a plan. Laura says that she will support whatever decision Lulu makes. Lulu says that she just needs to think and thanks Laura for helping. Nikolas walks in and tells Lulu to get what she needs to travel because they are leaving the country immediately. Lulu says that she isn’t going anywhere.

Patrick tells Robin how great she looks. Liz asks if the baby has settled down and Robin says that she and the baby enjoyed a restful evening. Patrick asks if Robin can do a consult and she agrees. Patrick says that he will find her when he is done. Liz says that it is impressive that he didn’t bring up the concept of marriage. Patrick says that he gets that Robin doesn’t want to marry him and that it is better to live down Robin’s expectations and let the chips fall where they may.

Sam asks Lucky what he found. Sam looks and sees a box exactly like the one that fell out of the crate in the first shipment. Lucky shows her a copy of the shipping manifest. Sam says that it doesn’t implicate Jerry or Karpov.

Jerry shows up at the clinic looking for Nikolas. Nadine says that Nikolas isn’t there and asks if Jerry wants to leave a message. Jerry tells Nadine that he has heard rumors of a new shipment of counterfeit drugs coming in and wanted to let Nikolas know. Nadine asks why he isn’t telling the police. Jerry says that his motives are more self-involved because he is more concerned with Alexis. Jerry thanks Nadine for agreeing to pass on the message.

Maxie apologizes for kissing Spinelli because it is breaking all of their rules, but Spinelli says that he isn’t offended. Maxie says that she just wanted to let him know how much he means to her, in case she goes to jail. Spinelli says that Maxie won’t be in jail and that if she does go to jail, he and Jason will break her out. Maxie thanks him. Jason tells Maxie not to volunteer any information and stick to her story. Jason says that Maxie kept the secret this long, and that means that she can handle court. Jason wishes Maxie luck. Maxie says that she wishes Spinelli could be there, but tells him to take care of himself. Spinelli asks what if that is the last time he will see Maxie leaving a room without shackles on.

Nikolas apologizes to Lulu and asks why she wouldn’t want to leave a place she hates. Lulu says that she is sick and needs to get well. Nikolas says that he has arranged for her to go to a clinic in Switzerland, where she can get well. Lulu asks why it is so urgent and Nikolas asks why they should wait. Lulu realizes that Nikolas doesn’t want her to testify for Johnny and that is why he is trying to get her out of the country. Lulu says that Nikolas figured it out and doesn’t want her to get on the stand and confess. Nikolas says that Johnny asked him to take her someplace safe and that if she really loves Johnny, she will do what he wants.

Sam says that she is going to do it because they are really close now. Sam swears that she will be careful. Lucky says that it is too risky, but Sam says that she is really good at sneaking around. Sam says that they can’t do it there. Jerry walks in and catches them together.

Claudia asks Patrick if she is going to live and Patrick says that she is very fortunate. Claudia says that she has to be in court because her brother is on trial, but Patrick says that it isn’t possible because she is being kept for 48 hours for observation. Patrick says that she won’t do Johnny any good if she keels over and dies in court.

Nikolas asks Jason for a favor. Nikolas explains that he has made arrangements to get Lulu out of the country and if Scott figures out what he is planning, they will need a backup plan. Nikolas says that if Jason can be prepared to get Lulu to some sort of rendezvous point, he can take it from there. Jason agrees and Nikolas realizes that Jason knows what really happened. Jason admits that he knows.

Lulu tells Laura that she just missed Nikolas. Laura says that it was intentional. Lulu wonders why Laura wouldn’t want Nikolas to know that she is getting better. Laura says that it is very possible that she will relapse and she doesn’t want to put Nikolas and Lucky through that again. Lulu says that she has to tell Nikolas because he wants to sweep in there and take her to Switzerland. Lulu says that she has to explain why she can’t go. Lulu says that it was Johnny’s idea to get her out of the country, so that she can’t testify. Laura says that it is a good idea, but Lulu says that she isn’t leaving Laura. Laura says that it is really Johnny that Lulu doesn’t want to leave. Laura says that confessing is the worst possible thing that Lulu could do.

Edward complains about not having a catered lunch. Ron invites Epiphany to lunch at the sushi place down the street. Epiphany tells Edward that he can always go to the cafeteria. The Judge tells Scott to order his next witness. Scott calls Maxie and she is sworn in. Anthony wonders why they are calling Maxie to the stand. Trevor says that Maxie works with Lulu. Anthony says that Maxie better not incriminate Johnny. Scott asks Maxie questions about her relationships with Logan and Lulu. The judge tells Scott to be careful not to badger the witness. Scott asks Maxie if she had a habit of jumping into bed with guys so casually.

Robin asks Liz what she and Patrick were talking about after she walked away. Robin wonders why she isn’t happy about Patrick letting up on the marriage talk, even though she wanted him to. Robin tells Patrick that she agrees with his assessment of the Barnes case.

Sam tells Jerry that Lucky can’t take no for an answer and has been following her around. Lucky says that it is none of Jerry’s business. Sam says that she doesn’t want anything to happen to Lucky, but she wants him to leave her alone. Jerry suggests that they talk to Alexis about it, but Lucky says that he is gone. Sam thanks Jerry.

Nikolas asks Jason how he found out. Jason says that he had access to certain information and then eventually, Lulu confirmed it. Nikolas asks why Jason didn’t come to him and Jason says that he couldn’t. Jason says that Lulu trusted him to keep her secret and he did everything he could for her, but that doesn’t include breaking her and Johnny out of jail. Nikolas says that if he had known, he could have done something like prove that she acted in self-defense. Jason tells Nikolas that Johnny destroyed all the evidence. Jason agrees to make the arrangements and put them on standby and asks Nikolas to let him know when to proceed. Nikolas thanks Jason.

Lulu says that she needs to take responsibility for Logan’s death because she killed him and set everything else in motion. Laura tells Lulu to let Johnny protect her and that he would want her to leave the country with Nikolas.

Robin tells Liz that Patrick gave her a speech about taking back his proposal and apologizing for pressuring her. Liz says that it is good. Robin says that since she got what she wanted, she should be relieved, but admits that she is upset because he doesn’t want to marry her.

Claudia says that she is leaving, but Patrick says that it isn’t a good idea. Patrick tells Claudia to get back in bed because he doesn’t like dead patients ruining her track record.

Alan and Tracy talk about Maxie’s testimony. Maxie admits that after Logan and Lulu moved in together, she told Lulu about the bet. Maxie says that she tried to solicit a second tryst with Logan, but he rejected her. Maxie says that the only person who is surprised that Logan got himself killed is Scott.

Nikolas and Nadine talk about some men. Nikolas says that they are Cassadine lawyers and admits that he has arranged to get Lulu out of the country. Nikolas says that he will do whatever it takes to protect Lulu.

Jerry and Sasha meet. Jerry says that someone in Nikolas’ clinic is on the trail of counterfeit drugs and is getting close. Sasha tells Jerry to hurry up and handle the situation.

Sam and Lucky talk about their performance with Jerry.

Nikolas tells the lawyers that he will expect the documents waiting on the plane. Nadine says that Nikolas can’t just have Lulu removed from the country without asking her first because it has to be Lulu’s decision.

Robin asks if the hormones are making her ridiculous. Liz says that maybe Robin is just ambivalent to marriage. Robin says that she loves Patrick and that she thinks that she really hurt him.

Sam says that she knows how to handle Jerry because he has a thing for her. Lucky says that he isn’t okay with her faking a romance with Jerry because he is too dangerous.

Patrick tells Claudia the risks. Claudia asks him to sign her out and he won’t regret it. Robin walks in and says that she knows what is going on.

Ric asks Maxie about Logan’s demeanor on the day of his death. Maxie says that Logan was out of control and she saw it firsthand twice. Maxie gives a detailed explanation of her encounters with Logan. Scott says that he reserves the right to recall Maxie and she is excused. Spinelli enters and tells Maxie to wait.

Jason says that he is looking for Lulu, but she isn’t in her room. The doctor says that Lulu is gone and that an ADA and a cop showed up and took her away with a court order.

The judge asks if the defense is ready to present its case, but Scott says that the prosecution hasn’t rested. Ric objects to an additional witness because the defense hasn’t had time to prepare for the mystery witness. Scott says that the witness’ testimony is very relevant and calls Lulu to the stand. Johnny tells Ric that he has to stop it.

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