GH Update Tuesday 9/9/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/9/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sam asks Jerry why he is in the clinic and he says that it is about Alexis.

Jason asks Maxie why she was looking through the closet. Maxie says that she came down to get Spinelli another blanket. Jason asks Maxie to be honest. Maxie says that she heard on the news that two Russian guys were beat up and wanted to see if Jason’s gun had been fired. Jason asks, “What if it had?”

Carly says that there is no excuse for her having sex with Sonny and that she has nothing to say in her defense. Carly apologizes and assures Jax that he is the only man that she wants. Carly asks if they can start over now. Jax says that he believes her.

Sonny asks Claudia if she is okay. Claudia asks what happened and says that Sonny was driving like a maniac. Sonny says that Claudia took a wide turn.

Johnny says that he asked to talk to Nikolas and asks where he is. Lucky says that Nikolas is in lockup because he punched Scott over the trial. Lucky says that Johnny will have to tell him whatever he wanted to tell Nikolas. Lucky says that Johnny is the reason that Lulu lost her mind. Johnny says that Lucky has no idea what he has done for Lulu.

Lulu goes to see Laura and apologizes for the late visit. Laura says that she wants to help, but Lulu says that she isn’t sure that Laura can help her.

Maxie says that she didn’t have time to find Jason’s gun and even if it had been fired, she wouldn’t do anything. Jason asks why she was looking for it. Maxie says that she is curious. Jason tells her not to touch his stuff. Maxie says that she is kind of nosy and that she has an extremely active imagination. Jason says that it compromises him to have her in his house because she is the police commissioner’s daughter. Maxie says that she would never give information about him to her dad or any other cop. Jason says that she wouldn’t do it intentionally. Maxie says that if something happened to him because of her, Spinelli would be wrecked and that means that her lips are sealed. Jason says that it would wreck Spinelli if something happened to Maxie and she asks for clarification.

Sam asks why Jerry went to the clinic because of Alexis. Jerry asks her reason for being there. Sam says that she stopped by to see her cousin, Nikolas. Sam asks Jerry what Alexis has to do with the clinic. Jerry says that his sources say that a new shipment of counterfeit drugs are expected in Port Charles soon. Sam asks why he didn’t call the police and Jerry says that he would rather handle it in a more self-serving way. Jerry says that he stopped by to warn Nikolas so that he could put in a good word with Alexis. Sam says that it is time for Jerry to leave because Nikolas isn’t there. Jerry says that there is no reason for either of them to stay there. Sam says that she is going to leave Nikolas a note. Jerry says that the crime rate is high there and he wouldn’t dream of leaving her alone. Sam says that she will be fine, but Jerry says that she is alone and unarmed. Jerry says that he will drive her home and Sam reluctantly agrees.

Carly says that if they are committed to getting past it then they can make it work. Jax says that he thought their marriage would last forever, but that requires trust. Carly says that she will earn his trust. Carly assures Jax that it will never happen again. Jax says that they won’t be married, so if it happens again it won’t be cheating. Carly asks Jax to let her make it up to him, but he says that it is over and that with time he hopes to find a way to stop loving her.

Sonny tries to get through to 911, but can’t. Claudia tells him to keep trying. Sonny says that he is going to call his people to get her out of there so that she can get the help that she needs. Claudia says that she can’t feel her legs and doesn’t want to end up paralyzed and asks him to keep trying to call 911.

Jason says that Maxie isn’t helping Spinelli. Jason says that Spinelli shouldn’t be taking risks with Maxie. Maxie says that Spinelli was trying to impress Jason, but Jason says that he was trying to impress her. Maxie says that she follows Spinelli because she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Jason says that Maxie needs to stop trying to help Spinelli because she is making things worse and it would kill Spinelli if she got hurt while trying to help him.

Carly asks Jax for another chance, but he says that it would be only setting them up to fail. Carly assures Jax that they wouldn’t fail. Jax says that he was running away all the time because he didn’t want to invest too much because he knew this day was coming. Jax says that he knew one day that Carly would push him too far and he would have to leave. Jax says that when he found out about Carly and Sonny sleeping together, something died inside of him. Jax says that Carly hurt him more than he ever thought possible and it is really over.

Jerry takes Sam home and says that it would be so much easier if he was using Alexis. Jerry assures Sam that he genuinely cares about Alexis and that Sam might be more useful than she realizes.

Johnny says that he gave up his freedom for Lulu because she needed help and tells Lucky that he could be across the border by now. Johnny assures Lucky that he didn’t want Lulu involved in this mess. Johnny says that he is trying to fix it. Lucky says that Johnny is the reason that Lulu is the way she is. Johnny says that the only person who can help Lulu is Nikolas and asks to talk to him.

Sonny asks Claudia how she is doing. Claudia says that she can feel her legs a little, but it really hurts. Sonny gets through to 911 and tells them that there has been a car crash and hangs up. Sonny smells gas and Claudia asks him to get her out.

Jax says that he doesn’t want to hurt Carly anymore, but admits that he wants to leave and apologizes. Carly says that loving him has been the happiest time of her life. Jax says goodbye and Carly stops him. Jax says that maybe they will both find someone someday. Carly tells him that she loves him.

Jason says that when Maxie goes after Spinelli she is telling him that she doesn’t think he can handle it on his own. Jason says that Spinelli doesn’t want Maxie to save him, but she does it anyways. Maxie asks Jason if it is time to show Spinelli some hand-to-hand combat or karate. Jason says that he isn’t going to teach Spinelli martial arts. Maxie says that she needs Spinelli around and starts to say something, but stops. Jason asks her what she was going to say.

Lucky shows up at Sam’s and says that he doesn’t want to blow her cover, but needed to see her. Lucky says that Johnny wants to see Nikolas about helping Lulu. Sam asks if Lucky arranged it. Lucky says that he wants to trust that Nikolas won’t do anything that is going to hurt Lulu, but Nikolas thinks that Johnny can save Lulu when he is the reason she is losing her mind.

Laura says that there are more times than she can count where she has felt trapped, helpless and hopeless. Laura says that Lulu is too hard on herself. Lulu says that she has left a lot of casualties. Laura tells Luke about being held captive by the Cassadines on the island. Laura says that she always ended up at the nursery and would stand over Nikolas’ crib. Laura says that feeling Nikolas’ breathing would slow hers down. Laura says that she always left the room stronger because she knew that Nikolas was a blessing. Laura tells Lulu that prospective is that when you least expect it, something wonderful happens out of something horrible.

Johnny meets with Nikolas. Johnny says that Nikolas needs to get Lulu out of the country to keep her off the witness stand. Nikolas says that Lulu isn’t in shape to testify, but it is a lot to ask to get her out of the country. Johnny says that Lulu cannot testify. Nikolas says that he doesn’t think that taking Lulu away from the people she cares about is the right answer. Johnny says that if Nikolas loves Lulu, he will get her as far away as possible until the trial is over. Johnny says that it is about saving Lulu, not about saving him. Nikolas realizes that Lulu killed Logan.

Claudia asks Sonny to get her out of the car. Sonny says that the buckle is stuck, but he is going to try something and tells Claudia to hold still. Claudia tells Sonny to cut it.

Maxie says that Spinelli believes in her and that is the only other person that did other than Georgie. Maxie says that she never understood what Georgie saw in Spinelli until she died. Maxie admits that Spinelli’s babbling drove her crazy. Maxie says that she wants to be as good to Spinelli as he has been to her.

Morgan comes home from the movies and gives Carly some popcorn. Morgan asks Carly why she is crying. Mercedes offers to take him upstairs, but Carly says that she is crying because she made a really big mistake and doesn’t know if it can be fixed.

Jerry asks Jax why he isn’t home with Carly and Jax says that their marriage is over. Jerry tries to get details, but Jax says that he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Johnny tells Nikolas that Lulu killed Logan in self-defense. Nikolas asks Johnny why he didn’t call 911. Johnny explains that they were afraid that Scott would go after her and charge her with murder. Nikolas realizes that Johnny covered it up for Lulu. Johnny says that Lulu came in with a gun in her purse and was going to confess, and that he got her out the only way he saw possible. Nikolas realizes that if Lulu gets on the stand, she will confess. Johnny says that is why Nikolas has to get Lulu out of the country.

Sonny tries to get Claudia out of the car.

Nikolas says that prison is hell on earth. Johnny says that he will be fine as long as he knows that Lulu is safe. Johnny asks Nikolas to take Lulu away and keep her safe. Nikolas asks if Johnny thinks Lulu will agree to go.

Laura says that Lulu is handling it all better than she realizes. Laura says that Lulu is figuring things out on her own time and will continue to do so with or without Laura. Lulu says that she will always need Laura.

Lucky and Sam talk about Lulu and Laura. Lucky says that he appreciates Sam because he feels like he can talk to her and tell her anything without being judged. Lucky says that he is trying to look out for Lulu, but half the time she sees him as her enemy. Sam asks Lucky to let it go for the night and they can pick it back up in the morning.

Maxie says that Jason probably thinks that she used Spinelli because he walked in on them after they had sex. Maxie says that she feels like she used him, but Spinelli didn’t even get angry. Jason says that Spinelli cares a lot about Maxie. Maxie says that she doesn’t know why she is telling him any of it because he thinks she is annoying. Jason says that he is glad she is there because he needs her help.

Carly says that Morgan didn’t want to sleep and that he is playing with his action figures. Mercedes says that she will lower the drawbridge. Carly thanks Mercedes for taking care of Morgan and not asking questions. Mercedes asks if Carly will be all right and Carly says that she doesn’t think so because Jax left and isn’t coming back. Mercedes suggests that Carly is being too hard on herself, but Carly disagrees. Mercedes says that things will get better.

Claudia says that Sonny saved her life, but Sonny says that it was Michael that saved her life. Sonny tells Claudia about Michael’s pocket knife. Sonny tells Claudia that she needs to be still and not move.

Sam tells Lucky that she ran into Jerry at the clinic. Sam says that she is certain that Jerry is the key to Karpov and the counterfeit drugs, but she needs more evidence to prove it.

Karpov tells Jerry that he doesn’t like loose ends and that he is under an assumed name right now. Jerry says that he will handle it. Jerry says that preparations have been made for a regrettably tragic accident at the Emily Quartermaine Free Clinic as soon as all the victims are in place.

Jason says that he has to go out again and needs her to look after Spinelli. Jason tells Maxie to stay in Spinelli’s room and make sure he is resting comfortably, but not to touch his stuff or ask questions. Maxie thanks Jason for not kicking her out and Jason says that he is just doing it for Spinelli.

The paramedics check Claudia out. Claudia and Sonny blame each other for the accident. The paramedics tell Sonny that another ambulance is on the way. Claudia asks if she is going to be okay and Sonny says that she will be fine. Claudia says that she owes Sonny for saving her life.

Mercedes invites Jax in. Jax asks if Carly and Morgan are upstairs. Mercedes says that Carly took Morgan and left without saying where she was going or when she would be back.

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