GH Update Monday 9/8/08

General Hospital Update Monday 9/8/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Robin says she can’t be in labor already. It is too soon, she tells Patrick and Elizabeth. At Jason’s, Sasha asks if Jason is about to start a mob war. Kate confronts Sonny about sleeping with Carly in the limo. Sonny admits that he did. Jax asks Carly if it is true that she slept with Sonny. Crying, Carly tells him the truth.

Jason tells Sasha he is planning on honoring the alliance between him and Karpov. Sasha leaves. At the free clinic, Sam and Lucky meet to talk about the counterfeit drug ring. She says that it looks like Nadine has a crush on Nikolas. Lucky and Sam kiss. Suddenly, they hear someone yelling in the lobby. A woman needs help and Matt is trying to assist her.

In the interrogation room, Claudia asks Ric where Johnny is. Claudia says she can’t believe that everyone thinks Logan is a martyr. Claudia asks how things are looking for Johnny. Ric asks her if she wants the truth.

Sonny apologizes to Kate about the limo tryst. He adamantly reinforces that it won’t happen again. He explains how him and Carly had just brought Michael to the facility and how Carly was crying. Sonny says one thing led to another. Kate says she can’t trust Sonny now.

Carly tells Jax how her and Sonny ended up sleeping together in the limo. Carly says that she was heartbroken over Michael. Jax is furious and says that is no excuse.

At the hospital, Anna shows up, wondering how Robin is doing. Mac says that Robin is stressed. Anna asks if it is Robin’s job, but Mac says that it’s Patrick who is causing her stress. Anna sticks up for Patrick. Mac wonders why Anna is on Patrick’s side. Mac says he sees right through Patrick. Mac says he admires Robin and that he is worried about her.

Robin is admitted to the hospital. Robin says everything will be fine. Patrick says they need to be prepared if their daughter is going to be born soon. Kelly comes in and tells the two of them that Robin isn’t in labor. Kelly says Robin needs to relax and avoid stress. Robin is relieved. Patrick kisses Robin.

Nikolas asks Nadine how she ended up in jail. Nadine says that Scott was pressuring her to lie in court by saying she saw Johnny as the driver. She says that Scott questioned her about her love life. Nadine says that it isn’t Scott’s business if she is in love with him (Nikolas). Nikolas gives her a confused look.

Kate says to Sonny that Carly is always going to be in their life. Sonny says that the limo tryst happened about the time that Kate paid off Ian Devlin. Kate says that she doesn’t want to hear excuses. Sonny says he regrets the tryst. Sonny says after they slept together, Carly showed him the papers to give up his kids. Kate is shocked. In the meantime, Jax asks Carly how she could sleep with Sonny and then sleep with him (Jax) on the same night.

Nadine tries to cover up what she just blurted out. She denies being in love with Nikolas. Nadine says she couldn’t keep her mouth shut when Scott started badgering her.

Matt tells Lucky to get a list of people who took medications at the clinic. He says that the medications appear to have been switched. Sasha and Jerry meet on the docks. He tells Sasha that the police are getting close to finding out who is behind the counterfeit drug ring. Sasha says that isn’t good news for them.

Jason tells Spinelli to go rest. Maxie says that Jason should be thankful she is there to help. At Sonny’s, Kate says she can’t believe what Carly did to get him to give up his children. Sonny says that both him and Carly regretted what happened that night. Sonny explains that the reason he didn’t say anything about the tryst was he didn’t want to hurt Kate. He asks Kate if she still wants to marry him.

Carly says that she wanted to forget what she did with Sonny. Carly says to Jax that she wanted to be close to her husband that night in May. Jax asks where she went that night after they had sex. Carly says she went to see Jason, not Sonny. Jax asks what she would have done if she had become pregnant. Jax says that Sonny came to him prior and talked about taking a paternity test. Jax says he should have known then that Sonny had slept with his wife. Carly says to Jax that she didn’t want to hurt him (Jax).

Kate says to Sonny that him and Carly will never be over. Sonny says that isn’t true. Sonny explains that Carly brings out the worst in him. He tells Kate that she (Kate) gives him hope for a better life. Kate asks Sonny if he can promise to never go back to Carly. Sonny says he won’t go back to her. Kate walks out.

Lucky and Sam discuss the counterfeit drug ring. Sam says she needs proof before they can arrest anyone. She says she doesn’t trust Jerry.

Maxie tells Spinelli that Sasha seemed worried when she left. Maxie asks him why his bedroom walls are pink. Spinelli explains that it used to be Brenda’s room. Maxie asks Spinelli if he finds Sasha attractive. Maxie says she thinks that Sasha had something to do with Spinelli’s hit-and-run. Maxie tells Spinelli that she will always stick up for him. Spinelli worries that Jason has alienated himself from everyone he loves. Maxie admits that she was ready to self-destruct after Georgie died. She says that Spinelli saved her life just by being her friend.

Anna visits Robin in the hospital. She tells Robin that she has so much love and support right now. Anna asks if it is alright if she hovers from time to time. Robin says she hopes to be half the mom that Anna was to her.

Nikolas bails Nadine out of jail. Scott is mad and says he will come after Nadine. Nikolas says that Scott is really mad at Johnny. Nikolas punches Scott.

Claudia tells Johnny that he has to give Lulu up. Johnny asks why they are discussing this in the first place if Ric is doing his job. Claudia says Johnny’s acquittal won’t be that simple. Claudia says if Johnny won’t help her, she will become just like Anthony. She is angry and storms out of the interrogation room.

Maxie is watching the local news on TV while Spinelli sleeps. Jason comes home and Maxie tiptoes out of Spinelli’s room. In the meantime, Jerry breaks in to the clinic.

At the hospital, Patrick asks Robin how she is doing. Patrick says he is glad that this happened. Patrick admits that he has been stressing Robin out by proposing over and over. He says he loves her and respects her decision.

Carly says that she knew it was a mistake to sleep with Sonny. Jax says it is hypocrisy. He tells her that Sonny looked at their marriage as a sham. Jax says that they are through.

Jason finds Maxie snooping and tells her it’s a bad idea. Sam shows up at the clinic, where Jerry is. Sam asks what he is doing there. In the meantime, Jax says that he doesn’t know how to make their marriage work. Carly starts to cry and admits that she knew that one day the secret would come out. Carly asks Jax to stay.

Sonny is driving and swerves to not hit a car. He appears to be injured and looks to see if the other driver is okay. The other driver is Claudia Zacchara.

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