GH Update Friday 9/5/08

General Hospital Update Friday 9/5/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
Proofread by Anoma

Maxie shows up at Jasonís apartment wanting to take care of Spinelli while he is recuperating. Jason asks Maxie why she thinks she can come over and do whatever she wants. At Kateís office, Clarice reveals to Kate that Sonny and Carly slept together in May.

Jax tells Jerry he is back together with Carly and plans to spend the rest of his life with her. At the Metro Court, Sonny tells Carly that they need to forget the night they slept together in the limo.

Claudia takes the stand at Johnnyís murder trial. Edward, one of the jurors, keeps talking and making comments about Claudia. The judge tells him to be quiet. Scott asks Claudia to describe her relationship with Johnny. She tells him that she and her brother are close. Claudia says that Logan worked for Anthony, pushing him around in his wheelchair. Claudia tells the court that she didnít see any tension between Logan and Johnny.

Kate says to Clarice that she needs to tell her the whole story. Clarice says she overheard Max and Diane talking about Sonny and Carly sleeping together after they had brought Michael to the after-care facility. In the meantime, Carly tells Sonny that she wasnít trying to seduce him that night in the limo. Carly says she misses Michael a lot. Sonny asks Carly if he can send Morgan a birthday gift, which Carly says is okay. Carly tells Sonny that she isnít trying to punish him (Sonny). Sonny tells her to wish Morgan a Ďhappy birthdayí from him.

At the hospital, Lainey tells Robin to stay off the loudspeaker at work. Lainey says that Robinís private life should not be announced for everyone to hear. Nikolas shows up and Patrick tells him he needs to speak to him. At Jasonís apartment, Maxie gives Spinelli a bell to ring when he needs something. Jason is irritated but puts Maxieís luggage in Spinelliís pink room. Jason tells Spinelli that he shouldnít get his hopes up about Maxie. Mac shows up at Jasonís. He wants to ask Spinelli some questions about the hit-and-run. Mac doesnít realize that Maxie is there. Maxie walks out with only a towel on.

Mac tells Maxie that he is taking her home. She says that she is there to take care of Spinelli. Maxie says that Spinelli saved her life and protected her from getting hit by the car. Maxie says she wonít leave. Mac warns that nothing better happen to Maxie.

Clarice tells Kate that Sonny loves her (Kate). Kate says that if she cancels the wedding, the media frenzy will be brutal. Kate tells Clarice that she is glad that she found out the truth. Jax shows up, and Kate tells him they need to talk.

Claudia tells Scott that she had an alibi for the night of Loganís murder. Scott asks her if she saw Johnny that night. Ric objects to Scottís line of questioning.

Jason tells Spinelli they need to discuss what happened leading up to the hit-and-run. At the hospital, Patrick asks Nikolas why Robin wonít marry him. Mac shows up at the hospital. He tells Elizabeth that he saw Maxie at Jasonís and that Maxie was walking around in only a towel. Mac asks Elizabeth to tell Robin to talk to Maxie.

At Sonnyís, Diane tells Sonny that he needs to tell Kate the truth about the night he slept with Carly. Diane says if Sonny and Kateís marriage fails, Kate will be looked upon as a laughing-stock. Sonny reiterates that he will never cheat on Kate again.

Jax tells Kate that he and Carly are back together. Kate says she doesnít want to be scolded again about the lie she told about Carly. Jax asks Kate if she has apologized to Carly. Kate says that Jax doesnít know his wife very well. She tells Jax that the night that Carly and Sonny brought Michael to the after-care facility, they slept together in the limo on the way home.

Nadine takes the stand at the trial. Nadine explains to Scott that she was working at the free clinic when Loganís body was dropped off in front of the door. She says that she heard a car drive off. Nadine says she didnít see the car or the driver. Scott tries to make Nadine admit that Johnny was the one who was driving. Nadine wonít budge. She adamantly says that she couldnít see the driver. Nadine explains that she and Nikolas were at the clinic that night. Scott brings up Nadineís crush on Nikolas and that Nikolas is Luluís brother. Ric objects many times.

Maxie tells Spinelli to rest. Robin shows up at Jasonís and asks to speak to Maxie. Maxie refuses to leave Spinelliís side. At Carlyís house, Max shows up to speak to her. Max is obviously on edge. Carly asks what is bothering him. Max says that he doesnít know what to do about the secret that Carly and Sonny slept together. Max doesnít know if he should tell Kate the truth. Carly says that Max shouldnít worry about it anymore. She says that she talked to Sonny about it, and they decided to never talk about it again.

Diane says to Sonny that he has cheated more than once on his women. Sonny is mad and says that he wonít cheat on Kate again. At Kateís office, Jax is angry that Kate would lie about something like Sonny and Carly sleeping together. Kate says it is true. Kate says Clarice overheard Max and Diane talking about the night in the limo.

Scott asks Nadine if she is in a relationship with Nikolas. Nadine stands her ground and says that none of this would affect her testimony. Nadine tells the court that Scott has his own agenda and wants revenge for Loganís death. Some people in the courtroom laugh, including Johnny.

Robin says that Mac is a little over-anxious these days. Maxie says she is staying with Spinelli. Robin brings up that Patrick wonít give up on the whole marriage thing. Robin tells Jason that she doesnít want to get married.

Carly tells Max that she and Sonny have a long history. Max says it is only a matter of time before she and Sonny are back together again. Carly says that she is committed to Jax and wonít be going back to Sonny. Jax walks in. He doesnít look very happy.

Nadine is put in jail for her outburst in the courtroom. Nikolas shows up to bail her out. At Jasonís, Sasha shows up to talk to Jason. Maxie asks Sasha to leave. Maxie says that Sasha shouldnít make trouble for Jason.

At the hospital, Patrick and Mac shake hands. Robin is mad that the two are finally getting along. All of a sudden, Robin is having pains in her stomach. Mac wonders if the baby is coming already.

Kate shows up at Sonnyís. She demands to know if he slept with Carly. In the meantime, Max leaves Carly and Jaxís. Jax asks Carly if she slept with Sonny back in May.

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