GH Update Thursday 9/4/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/4/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly goes to see Jason. She comments on Jason’s lack of “Spinelli” type food.

Alexis visits with Jax at home. They discuss Carly and her “dynamic” with Sonny.

Kate and Sonny get home to find Max, Diane, and Clarice.

In court, Ric objects to Scott claiming that Logan was a member of the PCPD. Scott says he can prove his claim.

Back at the Jacks house, Alexis claims Carly and Sonny have a “love/hate” relationship. Jax says he trusts his wife.

Back at the penthouse, Carly tells Jason how happy she is with Jax. Carly says she wishes Sonny “happiness with Kate.” Carly leaves.

At Sonny’s, Clarice says she needs to talk with Kate. Kate tells Clarice to get lost and they can talk later. Diane asks Kate about the trip. Diane gives Max the signal to talk with Kate. Max tries to ignore Diane’s signals.

Nikolas goes to visit Lulu. Dr. Winters is there. Lulu seems to be making “progress.” Dr. Winters leaves. Lulu tells Nik she’s “doing better.”

In court, Ric tells the judge that Scott’s claim is a lie. Scott claims to have proof. Scott’s claim makes it possible for Johnny to be punished by death. Ric is denied the request to prove Scott’s documentation isn’t real. Ric apologizes to Johnny for the setback.

Liz and Maxie wheel Spinelli out of the hospital. Maxie is irked because Jason has yet to show up.

Nik and Lulu discuss her sudden recovery. Nik seems skeptical that Lulu is “cured.” Lulu says she’s sorry for what happened to Logan.

Back in court, Edward and Epiphany serve as jurors on Johnny’s case. Anthony tells Trev that people “will pay” if John is found guilty. Ric talks with John about entering “a plea.” Johnny says no way. Ric says the evidence against Johnny looks bad.

Jerry meets Alexis at the hotel restaurant. Jerry seems happy to see Alexis but she acts indifferent toward him. Alexis asks Jerry to help her by talking with Jax.

Back at Sonny’s Diane keeps trying to get Kate to go outside with Max. Kate and Sonny refuse to separate from each other. Kate finally agrees to go have an iced tea with Max while Diane discusses supposed business with Sonny. Max goes outside and makes small talk with Kate. Max appears to be very nervous. He suddenly brings Carly into the conversation.

At GH, Spinelli gets upset that Maxie let it slip to Liz about Sasha. Jason arrives to pick up Spinelli. Maxie worries about sending Spinelli home with Jason. Jason puts Spinelli on the elevator.

At Sonny’s, Diane pretends to talk business while Max continues to talk with Kate. Kate insists that Carly is no longer an “issue.” Max rambles until Sonny interrupts.

Clarice is at Crimson. Jax arrives. He tells Clarice he’s unhappy that she took part in “setting up” Carly. Clarice hints that Carly is guilty of something.

Nik talks with Lulu about Johnny. He tells Lulu to “focus on” her “recovery.” Lucky arrives for a visit. He comments on how great Lulu looks.

In court, Scott refers to John as “a blood thirsty killer.” Ric does his best to counter. The trial continues with both attorneys presenting their case.

Jason gets Spinelli home. Spinelli is hesitant to take his pain meds. Jason tells Spinelli not to risk his life again. He wonders “what part of his life” Spinelli is drawn to and why. Jason says Spinelli is “a better person” than he is.

At Sonny’s, Diane tries to convince Kate to stay longer. Kate says she must get to the office. Kate leaves. Sonny wonders what’s “going on” with Diane and Max. He tells them to offer “support” instead of making trouble.

Lucky and Nik are still with Lulu. Lucky won’t divulge anything on Johnny’s trial. Lulu is offended. Lucky tells Lulu about Scott’s announcement. Lucky says the death penalty is now a possibility.

Back in court, Scott questions the coroner. Ric then has his say. Ric tries to discredit the man. Scott calls Harper to the stand.

At the penthouse, Spinelli gives in and takes his pain pill. Jason says Spinelli is “one of the few remaining friends” he has. Jason expresses concern for Spinelli’s safety.

Lucky tells Lulu nothing can be done for Johnny. Lulu wants to testify. Lulu asks Nik to send a message of hope and love to Johnny.

Jerry goes to see Jax at home. Jerry comments that Alexis is “territorial” over Jax. Jax wonders if Jerry is there to speak out against his marriage. Jerry says Carly is the “best thing” for Jax.

Carly is at the hotel. Sonny arrives and tells her it’s time make things “right.”

Back at the penthouse, Jason brings Spinelli some soup and suggests he “lay off the junk” food for a while. Maxie arrives with an overnight bag. Her plan is to stay at the penthouse and care for Spinelli.

Laura notices that Lulu seems “upset.” Laura asks Lulu not to share her awakening with her brothers. Lulu tells Laura about the trial and about Scott’s new strategy.

Harper testifies at the trial. Harper says that Logan had been dead for a few hours before his body was dropped at the clinic. Trev comments to Anthony that Ric is doing a good job so far. Edward gets a hand slap from the judge for speaking out of turn. Scott calls Claudia in to testify.

Jax and Jerry discuss Carly at the house.

Sonny and Carly discuss the island at the hotel. Sonny regrets not sending Carly the shells Michael collected on the island. Carly gives Sonny her “best” wishes in his life with Kate.

Kate arrives at Crimson. Clarice drops the bomb about the limo sex.

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