GH Update Wednesday 9/3/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/3/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
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Carly comes out and says that she smells bacon. Morgan says that they made breakfast as a surprise. Carly asks Jax if he is just there for breakfast or if he is home for good.

Johnny asks where Claudia is and says that he needs to see her. Anthony says that the last thing Johnny needs is to be distracted by Claudia.

Lulu and Laura talk about how wonderful Lulu feels.

Jason asks Spinelli how he feels. Liz walks in and asks him how he's doing. Spinelli says that surprisingly, he's feeling chipper, and Liz says that his temperature has gone down. Spinelli asks Jason if he'd heard from Liz the previous night.

Jax, Mercedes, and Carly talk about Morgan's schedule. Morgan asks Jax if he'll be there when he gets home, and Jax says that he doesn't know, but if not, it will be because he is working late. Morgan and Mercedes leave. Carly asks Jax if he meant that, and Jax says that he thinks so. Carly asks Jax if he is coming home and Jax says that he wants their marriage to work. Carly promises that their marriage will work.

Spinelli apologizes to Liz for messing things up. Jason tells Spinelli that he is not involved with Sasha, and it hurt Liz. Maxie says that she has been subpoenaed to testify at Johnny's trial and that if one of them can't get her out of it, she'll spend a long time in an orange jumpsuit.

Nadine and Leyla talk about Nadine's night with Nikolas. He walks up and says that he has a meeting with Dr. Stanton. He tells Nadine that he had a really nice time the night before.

Anna and Robin talk about Anna'a testimony on the internet for Patrick.

Edward and Monica talk about what he can do to get out of jury duty. Monica refuses to lie for Edward. Tracy shows up and says that she had no luck finding Luke. Edward says that Tracy can't give up, because Lulu really needs her father. Monica says that Lulu completely fell apart. Edward says that Johnny is about to go on trial for murder.

Johnny says that he needs to see Claudia. He tells Anthony that either he sees Claudia, or he pleads guilty.

Clarice asks if Cody works for Jason. She says that she needs to get in touch with Kate, but she's gone with Sonny. Cody says that Jason and Sonny are no longer affiliated and that she would have better luck going through Max Giambetti, Sonny's bodyguard. Clarice says that she'll find another way to get in touch with Kate.

Jax asks Carly's professional opinion about building his mother a larger home. Carly says that it's really too big for Lady Jane, and Jax says that he was hoping they could all visit a lot.

Maxie tells Spinelli and Jason what's going to happen if she's put on the stand. Spinelli says that Jason would never allow Maxie to go to prison. Maxie asks if Jason can really get her out of testifying, and reminds them that she has something that needs to remain hidden.

Laura tells Lulu that it's possible that Logan will come back.

Johnny says that he can't participate in the trial, unless Claudia promises to keep her mouth shut about what happened to Lulu. Johnny assures Claudia that he will take a plea deal. Claudia says that she'll be late for court because she has an errand to run.

Anna says that Robin started the whole cyber-war thing with the blog. Patrick says that he has some new testimonials for Robin to look at. Coleman's testimonial plays. Patrick says that Mac and Maxie have already agreed to give testimonials too.

Nadine asks Liz for advice about Nikolas. Nik asks Nadine why she didn't come to the source.

Jax says that they don't have to think about what his mother would like because it's their home. Carly realizes that Jax wants to move. Jax says that it's her house and he still feels like a visitor. Jax says that they need more room for additional family members.

Maxie asks Spinelli if he could arrange a new identity for her. Spinelli says that's not the wisest course and Jason says that no one has to disappear. Jason says that Maxie can think faster on her feet than anyone, and asks her if she can keep her mouth shut when she has to. Jason tells Maxie to tell the truth as she knows it, and not volunteer any information. Jason leaves and Spinelli says that Maxie should take Jason's advice.

Scott and Ric go through the jury selection. Epiphany is selected for the jury. Edward is next to be questioned, and he says that there is no way that he could serve on any jury.

Lulu says that they should be able to leave soon. Laura says that she doesn't see the point in rushing things. Lulu offers to walk Laura to her room so she can take a nap, but Laura says that Lulu should stay outside and enjoy the fresh air. Laura says she'll be back. Lulu asks how long Tracy has been standing there and asks if she found Luke. Tracy says that she hasn't found Luke yet. Lulu says that Tracy doesn't have to bring Luke back because she is okay.

Edward is questioned by Scott Baldwin. Edward claims that being on the jury would cause him financial hardship. Edward says that he is biased because he knows Johnny, and doesn't like him. Scott says that Edward is acceptable and so does Ric. The judge orders a 15 minute break before the start of the trial. Edward complains about being selected for the jury.

Nikolas says that Nadine is terrific and that he had a great time the previous night, and hopes to do it again soon. He says that he really enjoys Nadine's company.

Carly says that she wants a baby also, and agrees to it.

Maxie says that maybe Jason is right about the trial. Liz comes in to check Spinelli's vitals. Maxie says that she should go anyway. Liz says that what happened between her and Jason the previous night is between them, and no one else, including Spinelli.

Jason says that whoever ran Spinelli down is going to pay. Cody tells Jason about Clarice stopping by to get the number for Sonny's island. Jason says that it's for Sonny's people to handle. Carly comes up and tells Jason that she has good news. Cody leaves. Carly tells Jason that Jax came home and her marriage isn't over.

Anthony and Trevor talk about their "plant" on the jury. The judge orders the jury into the courtroom. Tracy and Alan talk about how Edward must feel to be on the jury.

Jax tells Alexis that he and Carly are back together and that he has moved back in temporarily. He tells Alexis that he and Carly are going to build a house and that he was hoping Alexis could handle the transaction. Alexis says that she can't do it, because she won't participate in getting Jax's heart broken again.

Carly tells Jason about the new house plans. Carly thanks Jason for helping to keep her calm and steady. Carly says that she's glad that Jax doesn't know about the night she spent with Sonny.

Max tells Diane that Kate and Sonny are on their way back from the island. Diane tries to convince Max to tell Kate the truth about the limo sex, but Max says that it isn't his business. Clarice shows up and asks if Kate is back yet, because she has to speak to Kate immediately.

The judge tells the jury that if they find Johnny guilty, they must decide whether or not to impose the death penalty. Ric says that Logan wasn't a member of the police department, but Scott says that he has proof that Logan was a police officer. 

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