GH Update Tuesday 9/2/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/2/08


Written by Mandy
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Sonny says that a bet is a bet. Kate says that Sonny’s virility wasn’t compromised by picking his fiancée a bouquet. The maid says that she will get a vase, but Kate says that she can do it. The maid says that Mrs. Corinthos loved the freesias and planted them everywhere.

Jax assures Andrei that it is valid. Sasha asks Andrei what is wrong. Jax explains that Andrei’s visa has been revoked. Andrei tells her to make it go away and tells Jax that he doesn’t like obstacles.

Lulu gasps and Laura asks what is wrong.

Claudia says that she saw Johnny kill Logan in self-defense. Johnny swears that Claudia wasn’t there and Ric says that it is all right. Ric tells Claudia that he isn’t going to let her get on the stand and commit perjury. Claudia explains and says that she heard Logan ranting about keeping Johnny away from Lulu for good and that she was yelling at them to stop, but Logan kept going. Claudia says that she was trying to find her cell phone and that she looked up and Logan had cornered Johnny with an ax and Johnny used the knife in self-defense.

Laura asks what is the matter and asks if Lulu sees Logan again. Lulu says that Logan is standing behind Laura and that he is the hallucination that is driving her crazy. Laura says that they won’t let it happen.

Kate says that she is still enjoying her bouquet and not putting them in the vase yet. Sonny says that he has had the place for about 10 years and that he wants to start from scratch with her. Sonny says that he would go to the beach, take a picnic and a walk into the cove and go for a swim. Kate reminds Sonny that she doesn’t swim, but he says that all she has to do is let him hold her and she would feel safe.

Sasha asks Jax when he managed to get the document and they speak in German. Andrei says that they will let the American legal counsel see to it. Andrei says that Jax chose to speak German so that they wouldn’t alarm Carly, but Jax says that she has nothing to do with it. Andrei says that Carly is worried about Jax and should be because he did something extremely foolish.

Jason tells Liz that they can’t do this and she wonders why they can’t be together. Jason says that they can’t do it and there is no “us”. Liz says that there is. Jason says that if he sleeps with her he will want the life he can’t have. Liz asks why they can’t grab the little happiness they can. Jason says that neither of them is going to be satisfied with meeting in secret and that they are going to want more and asks why they do it to themselves. Liz says that she needs him and asks him not to shut her out. Jason answers a call from Bernie about Ramirez.

Laura tells Lulu not to give Logan the power to frighten her. Lulu says that she can’t help it. Laura says that they will have to make Logan go away. Laura says that Lulu had the right to defend herself. Lulu says that she did everything wrong and now Logan is dead because of her. Laura tells Lulu that it is her not wanting to allow herself to move forward.

Maxie and Matt talk about the counterfeit drug ring. Matt says that he lost a patient to counterfeit drugs and that he is going to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Claudia says that Johnny wanted to call the police, but she wouldn’t let him because Scott would have been out for blood. Claudia says that she made all the decisions for Johnny and that she is the only one who is guilty. Ric tells Claudia that it is a total lie, but she says that it doesn’t have to be. Ric says that Claudia isn’t going on the stand, but Lulu is. Johnny says that if Ric puts Lulu on the stand it is over.

Laura tells Lulu to tell herself that she has the power to make Logan go away, but Lulu says that she doesn’t. Laura says that Lulu must confront Logan and Lulu says that Logan isn’t real. Laura says that Lulu must talk to Logan and tell him why he died and that Lulu is sorry, but that she isn’t going to give up the rest of her life.

Matt and Maxie talk about the counterfeit drugs. Matt explains that he is very close to figuring out where the warehouse is and where they are storing the bad meds and then he can blow the whole thing wide open. Maxie agrees to leave and keep Matt’s secret because she has empathy for his patient with the heart condition that died.

Carly asks Jax what happened. Jax says that Karpov’s visa was revoked, so he can no longer stay at the hotel because he is in the country illegally. Carly says that Karpov is dangerous, but Jax says that he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Sonny says that he had the restaurant send over some food. Kate asks about the shells. Sonny says that Carly and the boys collected them and that he should have sent them all to Carly after they got divorced, but never got around to it. Sonny says that he likes seeing them and remembering his children on the peach picking up shells. Kate talks about how Carly has left her mark on the place. Kate says that she is starting to wonder if Carly will ever really be out of Sonny’s life.

Diane and Max flirt a little. Diane says that she can’t wrap her mind around Kate marrying Sonny because she is so full of love and hope. Diane tries to convince Max to tell Kate about Sonny and Carly’s limo tryst the night that Michael was sent to the institute.

Laura says that Lulu needs to explain the situation to Logan. Lulu says that it is partly her fault because she kept going back to Logan even though she wanted Johnny. Lulu admits that the night Logan died, she hated him for the things he did that led to his death.

Andrei says that someone has caused a serious problem for him and asks Jerry what he is doing there. Jerry says that Matt Hunter might have caused a set back because he has made contact with someone who has access to the warehouse where the drugs are stored. Andrei tells Jerry to shut Matt up permanently.

Jason tells Bernie that he won’t be much longer. Liz says that being second is okay with her because she understands that business will always come first. Liz explains that she has changed and understands that he will never live a normal life, but has come to a compromise. Jason says that he doesn’t want to keep hurting Liz, but Liz says that all they have is the present and all she wants is him. Liz says that if it becomes too painful, she will walk away. Jason says that there is too much at stake for both of them, but Liz says that there isn’t if they are careful. Jason says that Liz’s children need to come first and that it only takes one mistake. Liz asks if Jason has stopped loving her and why he is fighting it so hard. Jason says that they wouldn’t even been there if Spinelli hadn’t come up with a crazy scenario in his head, but Liz says that it isn’t true because it has been building for months because she misses him and thought he felt the same way. Jason says that he can’t do it anymore. Liz asks Jason to tell her if he doesn’t love her anymore so that she can let it all go.

Sonny asks when it stopped being fun for Kate. Kate says that it happened when she started fishing around about Carly. Sonny assures Kate that he and Carly are done. Kate explains that Jax thinks there is something between Carly and Sonny too. Kate says that she wants Sonny to validate her feelings that there is a spark between Sonny and Carly that could be ignited at any time, without warning and she would be the one burned.

Laura tells Lulu to let herself remember how she felt the night that Logan broke into the apartment. Lulu says that she wants to run, but there is nowhere to go and she can’t get away. Lulu tells Laura how she felt through every step of the night. Lulu says that she hated him when he attacked her. Laura tells Lulu to talk to Logan and explain what happened, and then tell him to go away. Lulu says “Stop!”

Johnny says that he has said from the start that Lulu stays off the stand. Claudia says that Lulu’s testimony could get him acquitted, then they could go off and have a happy life together. Johnny says that Lulu completely snapped the day Jason brought her there to see him. Johnny says that if Lulu takes the stand, she could have a permanent breakdown like Laura, and he won’t risk it. Claudia asks Johnny why he is so determined to keep Lulu off the stand, and Johnny says that he doesn’t want Lulu to get worse. Claudia asks what Lulu saw the night that Logan died and Johnny tells her to leave it alone. Claudia realizes that Lulu killed Logan.

Jason says that his feelings don’t matter, but Liz says that it matters to her. Jason says that Liz knows he loves her.

Lulu says that she hates that Logan used her and lied to her. Lulu says that with or without Johnny, she never could have loved Logan and apologizes to him. Lulu says that she forgives Logan, but ne needs to leave her alone so that they can both be at peace. Lulu says that he is gone and Laura says that she is proud of Lulu.

Johnny says that Logan was already dead when Lulu and Maxie showed up, but Claudia says that she remembers Lulu being completely flipped out that night, while Maxie was a little shaken up. Claudia says that Johnny would have gotten his gun instead of using a knife. Claudia says that Lulu killed Logan, Johnny has been covering it up and she has been stupid enough to help. Johnny tells Claudia to drop it, but she says that he is throwing his life away for Lulu. Johnny says that if Claudia tells anyone her theory, he will confess and that if she turns it on Lulu, he will never forgive her and that he will wreck her life. Claudia says that she is going to save Johnny.

Jax says that he is almost ready to come home and Carly asks if he can move the timetable up a notch.

Max says that Sonny would kill him if he told Kate the truth. Diane says that she can’t tell Kate because it would be a breach of privilege and that the worst thing is that Kate is being kept in the dark.

Sonny says that he has gone back to Carly in the past when he was with women in short-term relationships. Sonny admits that he was addicted to the drama and the pain they caused each other.

Jax says that he wants to keep going slow until they are both sure. Carly says that he is the best thing to ever happen to her.

Sonny says that he was different back then, but now he is in the best place he has ever been because of Kate.

Carly says that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Jax.

Sonny says that his future is with Kate and that he feels sadness about Carly. Kate says that she needed to hear that and thanks him.

Max says that what Kate doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Diane says that it would be a wakeup call for Kate because she wouldn’t walk down the aisle with Sonny if she knew that he was having sex with Carly in the back of a limo in May.

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