GH Update Friday 8/29/08

General Hospital Update Friday 8/29/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Spinelli calls Jason from GH to fill him in. Jason arrives at GH in the middle of Spinelli’s phone message.

Jax is at the PCPD with Alexis. Alexis warns Jax about Karpov.

Karpov and Carly are at the hotel. He wonders why she doesn’t seem interested in getting to know him anymore. Carly says she’s committed to her marriage. Karpov seems offended and he leaves.

At Shady Brooke, Lulu tells Laura about killing Logan. Laura tries to reassure her daughter.

Sonny and Kate wake up on the island. Kate brings up “that first winter” her and Sonny “were together.” Kate admires Sonny’s island. She compliments Sonny on reaching his “dream.” Sonny says he has everything he wants, “now.”

Claudia and Johnny discuss their father at the PCPD. Johnny worries for Claudia’s safety if he’s convicted. Anthony arrives and is suspicious that something is up.

At GH, Spinelli wonders where Jason came from since Jason is dressed in a suit. Spinelli tells Jason about the accident. Spinelli says he can’t remember pushing Maxie to safety. Spinelli brings Sasha into the conversation.

Laura tries to help Lulu come to terms with what happened. Lulu tells Laura the entire story of how Logan came to Crimson the day he died.

Maxie arrives at GH. Robin asks her for advice on the proposal. Maxie is “stressed.” Patrick and Matt come along, arguing about Spinelli. Matt exits and Maxie runs after him.

At GH, Spinelli says Sasha was involved in the accident. Leyla arrives. She tells Jason Spinelli will recover nicely. Leyla confirms that Sasha visited Spinelli. Jason exits. Spinelli worries that Sasha will “further ensnare” Jason.

At the PCPD, Anthony tells his kids that Johnny won’t be convicted. He tells Johnny not to think negatively. Anthony says he will get vengeance if John is convicted. He implies that Claudia and Lulu will be his targets. John says he won’t “turn on” his dad any more than he will tolerate threats on his loved ones. Ric arrives and tells Anthony to leave.

Lulu tells Laura what she saw from the penthouse window the night Logan died. She blames herself for not calling for help. Laura tells Lulu a story from years ago. Lulu says she froze when she saw what Logan was doing to Maxie. She tells Laura how Logan called her cell phone.

Back to Kate and Sonny on the island. He offers to take her for a tour. Kate is hesitant about letting Sonny “bank roll” her gambling. Kate says she’s “a self made woman” who can take care of herself.

Jax comes back to the hotel. Carly tells him about her recent chat with Karpov. Jax tells Carly not to worry. He claims everything is taken care of

Liz visits with Spinelli at GH. She brings him a cactus. Spinelli says he wants to tell Liz something. Spinelli says Jason needs to be “saved.”

Laura says she understands Lulu’s predicament. Lulu continues with her story. Laura is clearly upset by Lulu’s words. Lulu tells Laura every detail of how and why she killed Logan.

Anna comes to GH to see Robin. Anna says Patrick invited her. Anna takes Robin aside and “reminds” her that Patrick is a good man. Robin wonders if her mom is “siding with” Patrick.

Patrick goes to Spinelli with news that his fever has broken. Spinelli is upset about Jason but he won’t give Patrick details. Patrick gives Spinelli a computer project to take his mind off things.

Liz and Jason meet at her old studio. Liz tells Jason about her talk with Spinelli. Jason says Spinelli is wrong. Jason says he’s involved with nobody. Liz is relieved.

At the PCPD, Ric gives Anthony a warning to “stay out of” John’s case. Ric threatens to put Anthony back in the hospital if he keeps it up. Anthony warns Ric that he better know what he’s doing. Anthony leaves.

Lulu continues with her story. Lulu tells her mother how afraid she was. Laura gets upset. Laura comforts Lulu.

Kate and Sonny return to their room at the island. Kate is mad because Sonny “rigged the tables” so she could win at gambling. Sonny claims he “did not rig the tables.” Kate is still skeptical. They bicker.

Patrick brings Anna to see Spinelli. Spinelli videotapes Anna telling Robin that she approves of Patrick. Anna talks about the importance of family. Patrick “approves” of Anna’s message. Anna stresses the importance of love.

Outside, Matt comes up and grabs Maxie from behind, covering her mouth. Maxie is afraid and surprised. Jerry comes by and pulls a gun on Matt.

Jason and Liz are at the studio. They talk about their decisions. Jason insists he misses Liz but he is “ok.” Liz says she wants Jason back.

Laura tells Lulu she’s not a bad person. She says Lulu did what she did because she had to. Laura says Lulu needs to “forgive” herself.

On the island, Kate challenges Sonny to a card game. Sonny laughs and says Kate is being absurd. Kate insists that Sonny cut the cards. Sonny gives in and cuts the cards. Sonny draws a Queen.

Carly talks with Marty at the hotel restaurant. Jax is at a table with Karpov. Jax offers Karpov a ticket to Moscow. Karpov says he has no plans to leave town. Jax informs Karpov that his Visa has expired.

Outside, Jerry holds a gun to Matt’s head. Maxie tells Jerry she’s in no danger. She thanks Jerry for his help. Jerry leaves. Matt tells Maxie he’s looking for counterfeit drugs and she’s getting in his way. Jerry is still close by and he hears what Matt says.

At the PCPD Claudia tells Ric she witnessed the murder. She says it was self-defense. Claudia says she will testify as a witness for Johnny. Ric says Claudia is a liar.

At the studio, Liz tells Jason how much she wants him back. Liz says she wants to be with Jason in “secret.” Jason is hesitant. Liz tells Jason to go if he no longer wants her. Jason stays. Jason and Liz kiss.

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