GH Update Thursday 8/28/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/28/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Kate and Clarice admire her wedding gown. Sonny arrives at Kate’s house. Kate gets upset and doesn't want Sonny to see the dress.

Jax and Carly are in the hotel restaurant. Karpov interrupts their kiss.

Maxie is at GH with an ailing Spinelli. Maxie says there hasn’t been any word from Jason. Spinelli is worried so Maxie says she’ll find Jason.

Edward, Monica, and Alice go to Shady Brooke to see Lulu. Lulu sees Logan while she’s talking with the Q’s. She tries her best to stay composed.

Kate orders Clarice to take the dress away. Sonny says Kate needs to take some time off. Clarice heads off for the day. Kate objects to taking some time off with Sonny. Kate’s nervousness about the wedding and the supposed curse starts to get the best of her. Sonny is able to calm her down a little.

At the hotel, Karpov and Jax discuss business and women. Jax lets Karpov know that Carly is off limits. Carly gets a little nervous with the situation after Karpov leaves.

Claudia arrives at the PCPD to see Ric. Ric mentions the animosity between Claudia and Trevor. He wonders what the real story is with them. Ric wants his “prize” of Claudia once he gets John acquitted. Johnny comes into the interrogation room with an attitude.

At Shady Brooke, Edward voices his concern over Lulu’s treatment to the staff. Monica wonders what “frightened” Lulu. Lulu asks everyone to leave. Logan appears again when Monica leaves the room. The Q’s talk with Dr. Winters. The doctor tells the Q’s about Lulu’s “visions” of Logan.

At GH, Robin approaches the staff, including Patrick, Dr. Lee and Epiphany. Robin says she feels pressured to “accept” the proposal. Dr. Lee pulls Robin aside and tells her to say “yes.” Patrick listens.

Back at the PCPD Johnny is curious about the connection between Ric and Claudia. Ric wants Claudia and Johnny to tell him everything about the murder. He’s sure they know more than they’re saying.

Meanwhile Logan haunts Lulu in her hospital room. Monica and the Q’s talk with Dr. Winters. After assuring the family that everything is being done to help Lulu, Dr. Winters leaves the Q’s. The doctor then goes to see Lulu.

At Kate’s house, the “vacation get away” is discussed. Kate wants to go to the island but Sonny objects. Kate insists on going to Sonny’s island. Sonny says they should go someplace that has no “Carly history.” Kate says they can make the island about them, not Carly. Sonny brings up Kate’s cousin, Olivia. Sonny finally gives in and agrees to take Kate to the island.

Jax is in a business meeting in the hotel restaurant. He finishes with his associate as Karpov arrives wondering why Jax wants to see him. Jax calls Karpov on the “legitimacy” of his business. Jax threatens to have Karpov investigated if he doesn’t disappear.

Maxie calls Bernie to the coffee house, pretending to be Jason. Maxie insists that Bernie tell her where Jason is. Diane arrives, saying she was also “summoned.”

Sasha goes to GH to see Spinelli. Spinelli has a little daydream about Sasha.

Lulu visits with Laura. Laura tries to get her daughter to open up. Lulu tells Laura the truth about Rick Webber’s death. Laura is happy to learn she didn’t kill Rick. Lulu tells Laura that Scott is the killer.

Bernie tells Maxie that Jason is otherwise occupied. Maxie threatens to cut Diane’s fashion supply off if she doesn’t help out. Diane caves in and calls Jason. She hands Maxie the phone. Maxie tells Jason Spinelli is in trouble.

Spinelli’s daydream about Sasha continues. Leyla arrives in the dream.

At GH, Patrick and Matt argue over Spinelli. Robin makes an announcement over the PA.

Laura insists Scott would never let her take the blame for Rick’s murder. Lulu says Scott didn’t know Rick was dead. Laura feels guilty that Lulu carried the “burden” of discovering the truth. Lulu says she has her own guilt so Laura wonders why that is.

At GH, Robin continues with her public speech. In it, she compliments Patrick. Robin puts down the phone and continues to speak. She approaches Patrick and insists she has no desire to “be married.” Again, Robin tells Patrick, “no.”

Lulu tells Laura the story of Logan and Scott. Lulu tells Laura about Logan’s “dark” side. Lulu tells Laura about Johnny.

At the PCPD, Ric asks Johnny for more information. Johnny stays mum. Ric leaves, asking Claudia to “talk to” John. Claudia tries to reason with Johnny. Claudia says Lulu will die at Anthony’s hands if Johnny is convicted. Claudia says she will be next on Anthony’s list. Johnny suggests Claudia find a way to get rid of their father.

Kate and Sonny arrive at the island. Kate raves about how beautiful it is.

Jax goes to the PCPD to see Alexis. He says he “needs somebody’s Visa revoked.”

Karpov approaches Carly at the hotel. Carly says she won’t “jeopardize” her marriage. Karpov threatens to make “problems” for Jax if he fails to back off.

Spinelli’s daydream finds Leyla fighting with Sasha. Leyla wins. Spinelli comes back to reality to find nurse Leyla in his room. Spinelli fades in and out. Leyla leaves.

Lulu tells Laura about her love for Johnny. Laura understands so Lulu continues with her story. Lulu tells her mom the truth about Logan’s death. Laura tries to comfort Lulu.

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