GH Update Wednesday 8/27/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/27/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Matt tells Maxie that Spinelli’s infection is spreading. Maxie says that it is all Matt’s fault.

Mac tells Scott to take Johnny to the van. Ric walks up and says that the transfer is being cancelled because his client isn’t going anywhere.

Kate calls Jax and says that they have some important business to discuss. Carly says that they can discuss away.

Sonny thanks Mrs. Cerullo and says that he will keep in touch. Sonny tells Diane that he is in a good mood and realizes that Diane has revisions on the contract. Diane tells Sonny that it is bad manners to invite your ex-wife to your wedding, especially when you are still sleeping with her.

Matt says that he needs to examine the patient and asks Maxie to wait in the hall. Maxie says that she isn’t going anywhere, but that she wants another doctor. Matt says that he doesn’t have time for her tantrums. Maxie says that Matt botched the surgery and Spinelli is getting worse, so Matt isn’t touching him again. Matt says that the infection is from other causes and that is what he needs to find out. Matt says that he will have security throw her out if she doesn’t get out and let him examine the patient. Spinelli says that he objects.

Patrick and Anna talk about scones. Anna says that there shouldn’t be sides in a marriage proposal and Patrick reminds her that they are talking about Robin. Patrick says that he really needs Anna to convince Robin that he is ready for commitment. Robin shows up and Patrick says that she is in time for breakfast. Robin says that they shouldn’t get married.

Ric produces a court order cancelling prisoner transfer and announces that Johnny is to stay at the Port Charles jail until his trial. Ric asks Mac to put Johnny into interrogation room 1 so that they can talk. Scott and Claudia argue. Scott says that he has enough evidence to send Johnny away for the rest of his life and Claudia says that Logan was a psycho because of his deadbeat dads disappearing act.

Sonny says that he stays out of Diane’s private life and would appreciate her staying out of his. Diane says that Sonny doesn’t stay out of her private life and reminds Sonny that Kate is her personal friend. Sonny asks Diane who told her that he slept with Carly. Diane says that Carly told her when she thought she might be pregnant. Diane says that Sonny needs to think about his intentions for Kate. Sonny says that sleeping with Carly had nothing to do with Kate and explains that he thought they were over that night and it was an accident. Diane brings up Sonny and Carly’s pattern. Sonny says that he is in love with Kate. Diane says that Sonny should show his commitment to Kate by not inviting Carly to his wedding.

Carly says that she wouldn’t dream of interfering. Kate asks Jax to stop by the office when he is free and he says that he is glad she stopped by. Kate says that Crimson’s initial sales are way ahead of projection. Carly offers Kate some coffee. Kate says that she wants to have some eye-popping covers for the holidays and is in contact with Gwyneth and Natalie’s people for December and January, but it will put them over budget. Kate shows Jax some figures about it. Kate admits that the numbers are a little high, but she thinks that they are worth it. Jax tells Kate to go for it. Kate says that she is going to go to the office to make some calls. Jax says that he wants to talk about how Kate lied to him to make Carly look bad.

Robin tells Patrick to stop wasting his money because they aren’t getting married. Anna suggests that Robin hear Patrick out. Anna says that Patrick’s reasons for wanting to get married are genuine, but assures Robin that she isn’t taking Patrick’s side. Anna says that there shouldn’t be sides in a marriage proposal and says that she is going to leave so they can sort it out. Patrick asks if they have room for discussion and Robin says that she is over the marriage talk. Robin asks why they should ruin their relationship by making it official. They make plans for dinner. Robin asks if they can stop talking about marriage because it stresses her out. Patrick says that the stress can magically disappear if she gives in and agrees to marry him. Robin tells Patrick that it is all about her dad. Robin asks how sick her dad has to get before she tells her mother what is going on. Patrick says that it is Robert’s decision.

Ric says that he needs to know everything that happened the night Logan was killed. Johnny says that he has already given his statement. Ric says that he needs to know if Johnny actually killed Logan. Scott tells Alexis that Ric got a court order and she needs to get it overturned. Claudia says that Alexis isn’t getting anything overturned. Alexis says that Claudia needs to settle down because Nikolas isn’t there to intercede for her. Claudia says that she just wants justice for Johnny and that she won’t let them railroad Johnny for a crime he didn’t commit. Alexis assures Claudia that Johnny will get a fair trial. Ric says that if Alexis wants to save herself the time and trouble of presenting a weak case, she should drop the charges immediately.

Lucky says that he is happy that Sam considered not doing the job with Karpov the night before. Lucky and Sam talk about Jerry’s visit the previous night. Sam says that Lucky can’t be jealous of Jerry.

Mike visits Sonny and says that he needs some advice about what to get for Kate and Sonny’s wedding present. Sonny asks Mike if he believes that Sonny and Kate’s marriage will last forever. Sonny says that Diane was giving him a lecture about Carly going to the wedding. Mike says that Sonny has never been able to stay away from Carly before.

Jax says that he has the phone records from Crimson for the day in question and that no calls were made to his house. Kate says that she was wrong and regrets it. Jax says that he expects his business partners and employees to conduct business with ethics and integrity, but at the moment, Kate doesn’t meet those standards. Jax tells Kate to backup all her meetings with paperwork. Kate assures Jax that nothing like that will happen again. Jax says that if Kate lies to him again, he will replace her with someone more trustworthy to run Crimson. Kate suggests that they keep the disagreement private for the good of the magazine and Jax agrees. Kate leaves and Carly asks Jax if he knows how much she loves him.

Mike reminds Sonny of his bond with Carly. Sonny says that it was all before Kate. Mike asks Sonny if he is sure that he and Carly will never be together again. Sonny says that after Michael was shot, Carly treated him very badly and he will not forget that.

Ric says that he plans to make a case for trial that the special prosecutor’s actions were prejudicial and that there were discrepancies in the investigation that showed that other suspects weren’t properly considered. Scott says that Johnny proved his guilt when he ran away. Ric says that Scott might be the reason that Johnny goes free. Scott says that Johnny will never see the light of day again. Claudia asks to see Johnny. Ric says that he can drive a truck through the prosecution’s case, but Alexis says that he can’t and that she has sympathy for Johnny and is willing to offer a deal.

Anna tells Mac that he has to help Robin. Anna says that Mac has to convince Robin to marry Patrick.

Maxie says that the antibiotic isn’t working. Spinelli says that maybe the medicine hasn’t had enough time to work, but Maxie says that it should have kicked in by now. Nadine comes in and asks how Spinelli is feeling. Maxie asks Nadine to have Patrick look at Spinelli. Patrick comes in and checks out Spinelli. Maxie suggests that Matt made a mistake during the surgery and asks Patrick to examine Spinelli. Matt comes in and asks why Patrick took his patient’s chart. Patrick explains that he was called in for a second opinion and Maxie admits that she called Patrick. Patrick asks to talk to Matt in the hall. Matt says that he is ordering new antibiotics because obviously the first one was counterfeit. Matt says that he is having it tested since no one else did. Patrick says that Matt is blaming his incompetence on bad medication.

Johnny asks how much Claudia told Ric. Claudia says that Ric knows that Johnny killed Logan because Anthony told him. Johnny says that he doesn’t want Ric to know anything. Claudia says that Johnny needs to trust Ric because he is going to get him released.

Ric tells Alexis that they aren’t interested in a deal and that he is going for an acquittal. Alexis offers 3 years for voluntary manslaughter, but Ric refuses the deal.

Mac says that Patrick isn’t good enough for Robin. Anna says that Robin needs a little shove to convince her to marry Patrick. Mac says that he is staying out if it, but Anna says that Mac can get through to Robin. Anna says that Mac is the only one that can give Robin the courage to believe in her future.

Robin and Elizabeth sit down to talk. Robin says that nothing stresses her out more than having to repeatedly tell Patrick that she won’t marry him. Elizabeth asks why Robin won’t marry him. Elizabeth tells Robin that obviously she and Patrick are in it for the long haul. Elizabeth says that her advice is to grab the chance for a lifetime commitment to the man Robin loves and never let go.

Carly thanks Jax for believing her. Jax admits that it was hard for him to believe that Kate would jeopardize the magazine by not telling him about an important meeting. Jax tells Carly that they still have a lot of things going on and that Kate was just the catalyst for their separation. Carly says that she doesn’t care about the rest because he knows she didn’t lie to him. Jax apologizes for putting Carly through it. Carly says that she doesn’t care. Someone knocks on the door and Carly says that it better not be Kate. Jerry comes in and says that they need to discuss Andrei Karpov.

Kelly, Elizabeth, Lainey and Epiphany talk about Robin and Patrick. Robin walks up and asks what is going on. Patrick walks up and says that Matt botched Spinelli’s surgery, so he is taking over the case. Patrick asks Robin to look at something and says that he will be back in 10 minutes and Robin agrees. Epiphany says that they were noticing what a cute couple Robin and Patrick make. Kelly says that Robin isn’t fooling anyone and that she wants to marry Patrick, so she should.

Lucky says that Jerry is dangerous and Sam says that ever since she has been piloting shipments for Karpov, Jerry has been there and it isn’t a coincidence.

Carly says that Jax already warned her about Andrei Karpov and she is going to stay away from him. Jerry says that Karpov is especially brutal to women and he doesn’t want to see anything happen to Carly. Jax thanks Jerry for stopping. Jerry leaves. Carly assures Jax that she will stay away from Karpov. Jax says that he believes her. Carly says that they are becoming a textbook case of a happy, healthy marriage. Jax reminds Carly that they still have some issues. Carly says that it doesn’t matter because now they are being honest with each other.

Kate tells Sonny that they need to talk about Carly. Kate tells Sonny that Carly tried to get Claudia to buy out Jax’s portion of Crimson and that she turned it around to make it seem like Carly lied to Jax. Sonny tells Kate that it wasn’t right to frame Carly. Kate tells Sonny about her meeting with Jax. Sonny tells Kate that she has to let it go. Kate says that she needs to do damage control with Jax and that the wedding is the perfect opportunity.

Patrick and Robin talk about new antibiotics. Epiphany volunteers to have them tested before trying them on Spinelli. Lainey and Kelly suggest that Robin is avoiding it. Robin says that her girlfriends aren’t supposed to gang up on her. Lainey and Kelly keep going on about Robin’s future happiness. Patrick walks up and Robin says that there are no sides in a marriage proposal. Elizabeth, Lainey and Kelly tell Robin the good things that she would get if she accepted Patrick’s proposal. Mac walks up and Robin asks him to tell everyone what a disaster it would be if she married Patrick. Mac says that he isn’t sure it would be.

Claudia asks Johnny to promise to cooperate with Ric. Johnny says that he will cooperate with Ric as long as he blocks any attempt by the D.A. to put Lulu on the stand. Alexis says that Ric needs to present the deal to Johnny. Claudia walks up and asks about the deal. Scott walks up and says that the deal is off the table because Alexis is out and he is in. Scott says that the trial starts on Monday and that he will have a conviction by the end of the week.

Carly asks when Jax started believing her about Kate and he says on his business trip. Jax says that they should make an appearance at Sonny and Kate’s wedding to let everyone know that things are okay with Crimson’s management. Carly says that she wouldn’t miss Sonny and Kate’s wedding for anything in the world because they deserve each other and she can’t wait for them to get married.

Sonny asks what their wedding has to do with framing Carly. Kate says that she and Jax agreed to put on a good face for the magazine, which means that Jax and Carly will be invited to the wedding, but Sonny says that it is a bad idea. Kate says that it is a great idea because Carly won’t be able to stop herself from acting out and Jax will finally see the truth about her. Sonny reminds Kate that their wedding isn’t supposed to be about manipulation and games. Sonny says that he doesn’t want Carly anywhere near the wedding because she will find a way to blow everything apart. Kate asks what Carly could do to blow everything apart.

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