GH Update Tuesday 8/26/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/26/08


Written by Mandy
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Karpov says that he would like to register a complaint because he is alone and there is no vodka or sweet messages. Carly explains that things have been hectic lately and Karpov asks if her husband has become an obstacle. Jax walks up and introduces himself and asks who Karpov is.

Claudia and Alexis argue and Nikolas walks in. Claudia says that Alexis is going to have her arrested for standing in the office and Nikolas says that it would be a mistake. Alexis explains that Claudia was caught behind her desk rifling through papers. Nikolas brings up Jerry’s criminal behavior.

Anthony asks Johnny how he is being treated and Johnny says that it is as good as expected. Anthony says that Lulu put on quite a show, but Johnny says that it wasn’t a show and that Lulu is in bad shape. Anthony says that the crazier Lulu is, the easier it will be to get Johnny out of the mess.

Laura tells Lulu that she is there and that they will make it right. Lulu says that she will get the doctors, but Laura says that they already know because they were there when she woke up. Lulu asks why the doctors didn’t say anything to the family and Laura explains that she asked them not to because she didn’t want to disappoint her family if she relapses. Laura asks what has Lulu so upset. Lulu says that she is a patient and that she thinks she is going crazy like Laura.

Johnny says that they aren’t going to use Lulu to get him out of it because he doesn’t want her involved. Johnny says that he doesn’t want Lulu on the witness stand or in the court room. Anthony says that they shouldn’t waste his money and the court’s time unless they can make sure that Lulu is a mess in front of the jury. Anthony says that the best chance they have at an acquittal is to prove self-defense and to convince the jury that Lulu was crazy enough to keep him and Logan fighting all the time and provoked Logan into coming after Johnny. Johnny explains that it didn’t happen that way, but Anthony says that he doesn’t care what happened.

Nikolas suggests that Alexis wants Claudia arrested because she doesn’t like her. Nikolas says that Scott is trying to railroad Johnny and that Claudia is probably desperate to protect him. Nikolas says that Claudia would do anything to protect Johnny and reminds Alexis that Johnny sacrificed his freedom to get Lulu help. Alexis tells Claudia that she is free to go.

Carly introduces Jax and Karpov. Carly says that Karpov has been staying there for a few weeks and that she knows he is a Russian gangster. Carly tells Jax that Karpov is getting established in Port Charles and she introduced herself trying to get information for Jason.

Spinelli tries to talk about the hit-and-run, but Maxie tells him to conserve his energy. Spinelli tells Maxie to make the decision about the surgery for him because his cognitive skills are compromised due to his pain. Spinelli assures Maxie that he trusts her.

Elizabeth says that Spinelli is clear on the pre-op workup. Matt asks Elizabeth to scrub in and find out if Epiphany is available. Nadine says that the patient hasn’t agreed to surgery or to the surgeon.

Nadine says that the doctor can’t be trusted and Maxie says that Spinelli’s pain is getting worse. Nadine says that she will page Dr. Drake, but Maxie tells Matt to do the surgery. Maxie hopes she made the right decision.

Sam tells Lucky that she is running a shipment that night and Lucky suggests that she wait. Sam explains that Jerry might not be running more shipments and she knows he is involved. Sam says that if she does the shipment she can gather enough evidence to prove that he is involved. Lucky reminds Sam that Jerry isn’t the focus of their investigation and says that if Sam is too worried about Jerry, the real perps might get away.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she will be there when he wakes up. Spinelli asks Maxie to let Jason know what happened. Maxie says that she will tell everyone what happened as soon as she knows that he will be okay. Maxie says that if Spinelli does wander into the void, he needs to tell Georgie to send him back because she will know how much Maxie needs him and Spinelli promises. Maxie tells Spinelli to think about someone that he loves more than anything in the world and that he wants to live for. Epiphany comes in and says that it is time to go.

Carly admits that she knows how dangerous Karpov is and that she was trying to help Jason. Jax asks why Carly got involved with a Russian gangster and Carly explains that Sonny made a deal with Karpov and cut Jason out. Carly says that she is worried about Jason. Carly says that she needs a distraction because Jax won’t come back no matter how much she begs. Jax asks Carly where she is going and she says that she is going to visit Lulu in Shadybrook.

Laura says that she likes that Lulu always says what is on her mind and tells Lulu not to sugar coat things for her. Lulu agrees not to tell Luke about Laura’s recovery because there is no point in getting his hopes up for something that might be temporary. Laura tells Lulu that she will get through it because she still has courage shining in her eyes. Laura says that Lulu is stronger than she is. Lulu realizes that Laura is getting tired. Laura says that she needs to rest a little bit and that she will be there when Lulu gets back.

Matt starts operating on Spinelli and Nadine keeps suggesting things. Matt orders Nadine out of the operating room.

Carly shows up to see Lulu and asks how she is doing. Lulu says that she is doing a lot better than she was. Carly says that the stuff in the bag will cheer Lulu up and that she bought a few hoodies. Lulu tells Carly how wonderful she is. Carly says that she brought some tabloids too so that Lulu can know that the rich and famous are as messed up as they are. Lulu say that being there was awful for a while, but that she found a reason to hope and it changed things.

Johnny asks about Lulu. Nikolas says that Lucky thinks Lulu is headed for a complete breakdown. Nikolas says that Lucky thinks sending Johnny to jail is the only way to save Lulu, but that he disagrees because Lulu is in love with him. Nikolas says that it is in Lulu’s best interest for him to help Johnny and that is what he will do. Nikolas asks Johnny what he needs and Johnny says that Lulu needs to stay off the stand no matter what because Anthony wants his lawyers to break her down on the stand. Nikolas says that Johnny might want to listen to Anthony, but Johnny says that if Lulu ends up in the courtroom or on the witness stand then she will be gone to all of them forever.

Carly says that she knows how Shadybrook is and that all Lulu has to do is listen to the doctors. Lulu says that she had Jason sign her out for a visit as her “brother” and that she went for a wonderful visit with Johnny, but then she saw Logan. Lulu says that she is feeling better now because she had her session with Lainey and talked to some other patients. Lulu says that she is still scared, but she needs to focus on getting well. Carly says that if Lulu needs to talk, she won’t judge her and she won’t tell anyone what they talk about. Lulu says that Carly is the best.

Jerry meets with Jax and Jax asks about Karpov. Jax says that Karpov is staying at his hotel and that Carly has been flirting with him to get information for Jason. Jerry says that Carly shouldn’t speak to Karpov and that she shouldn’t be alone with him under any circumstances because Karpov is a sadist and that women who cross him end up dead.

Jerry goes to see Alexis and she says that her day has gotten worse. Jerry wonders why Alexis is trying to avoid him. Alexis says that she isn’t trying to avoid Jerry, but she has a murder trial pending and a lot on her mind. Jerry tells Alexis to get some sleep and that he will check in the following day.

Sam tells Lucky that she is healing and the wound will be fine in a couple of days. Sam says that Lulu will be okay and that she is probably fast asleep. Lucky thinks of something that Laura used to tell him and Lulu when they were falling asleep.

Matt says that the surgery was a success and that everything went very well. Maxie asks Epiphany how the surgery really went. Epiphany confronts Nadine about her constant badgering in the operating room. Epiphany says that Spinelli should be up and about in no time. Epiphany says that Maxie can see Spinelli as long as she makes it brief. Nadine says that she would have felt so much worse if the surgery had gone wrong because of her and Leyla says that she doesn’t know if she could have forgiven Nadine either.

Maxie walks in to see Spinelli and assures him that he isn’t dreaming or dead. Maxie says that she isn’t angel material, but Spinelli says that he begs to differ. Maxie tells Spinelli to sleep and that she will be there.

Carly meets with Jax and he tells her what he found out about Karpov. Carly reveals that Jason already told her. Jax asks Carly if she thought about him or Morgan when she decided to risk her life. Carly asks if they can not have that fight right now.

Claudia walks in on Ric and Claire and tells him to get dressed. Ric tells her to get out of there. Claudia tells Ric what is going on with Johnny and Ric says that Trevor can handle it. Claudia reminds Ric that they had a deal.

Matt orders antibiotics when Spinelli’s fever spikes. Maxie says that if something happens to Spinelli that she can trace back to him, his life will be over.

Jerry shows up at Sam’s and she tells Lucky that she can’t ignore him. Sam tells Lucky to hide because they are supposed to be broken up and answers the door. Jerry asks when Sam became so concerned with Alexis’ sex life. Jerry says that it was rude for Sam to interrupt his picnic with Alexis. Sam says that she wishes he would leave Alexis alone. Jerry suggests that Sam wants him for herself. Sam says that nothing will happen between them while he is with Alexis, so maybe he should choose. Jerry asks how far Sam is willing to take it.

Carly says that she will let Jax know when she is available to be scolded. Carly tells Jax about her visit with Lulu and says that it is a delusion. Carly says that she is afraid that Lulu will end up like Laura and Michael.

Claire and Ric talk about how demanding clients can be. Claire realizes that Claudia believes she is a hooker. Ric explains that Claire is a partner in a corporate law firm in Manhattan. Ric asks how Claudia tracked him down. Claudia says that it doesn’t matter and tells him to get dressed.

Lulu visits Laura again and says that she loves her. Laura says that she was just resting and that being with Lulu is the best possible medicine for her. They both say that they are getting stronger. Lulu says that she only came in to say goodnight. Laura and Lulu talk about how Laura got Lulu to sleep when she was younger. Laura and Lulu say goodnight.

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