GH Update Monday 8/25/08

General Hospital Update Monday 8/25/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nadine and Nikolas dance outside. Nadine steps on Nikolas’ toes. Nadine fantasizes that her and Nikolas are dancing at a ball at Wyndemere. In the meantime, Kate tells Sonny he has to go get some salt because she got blood on her dress, which she thinks is a bad omen. At the police station, Lulu keeps seeing Logan. She starts to scream.

Spinelli and Maxie step out of the car while at their stakeout. A car hits Spinelli and he is left unconscious. The car speeds away from the scene.

Sonny brings Kate some salt, which she throws over her shoulder. Lulu continues to scream, as Johnny reassures her that Logan isn’t there. Lucky comes into the interrogation room and grabs Johnny.

Sam calls Lucky and leaves him a message on his voicemail, saying she felt up to working tonight. Karpov and Jerry meet at the warehouse, unaware of Sam watching them.

Spinelli wakes up, while an ambulance approaches. He passes out again. Over at Kate’s, Kate tells Sonny that her dress is ruined. Sonny can’t believe that Kate is making a big deal over the blood. He says that it will be okay. Sonny says he wants Kate to wear this dress on their wedding day. Sonny and Kate kiss.

Leyla updates Matt that she was seeing Patrick before Robin and Patrick got back together. Nadine tells Nik that she enjoyed dancing. She tells him she would like to dance again. They dance again in Wyndemere. Nikolas leans in to kiss her as Nadine’s pager goes off. She has to go to the hospital.

Alexis goes to her office and Jerry shows up. Alexis tells him she is really busy and doesn’t have time for him. Jerry brings her some food. They kiss.

Lucky asks Lulu if she is alright. She doesn’t answer him. Lucky tells her that they can go somewhere to talk. He motions her out of the interrogation room. Lulu says she can’t say goodbye to Johnny. She starts to freak out. In the interrogation room, Claudia tells Johnny that everything is going to be okay. Scott gets in Johnny’s face and Claudia pulls her brother away. She tells Johnny to not do anything stupid.

Nadine asks Leyla how Spinelli is doing. Leyla tells Nadine that Matt is treating Spinelli, which Nadine has reservations about. Matt tells Elizabeth to keep an eye on Spinelli’s abdominal bleeding. Maxie tells Matt that she won’t let anything happen to Spinelli.

Alexis says to Jerry that he is a bad influence on her. Sam shows up to speak to her mother. In the meantime, Sonny can’t believe that Kate is still worried that their wedding is cursed.

At the police station, Scott threatens to send Johnny to Pentonville. Scott leaves. Claudia tells Johnny he keeps making things worse. Johnny says that Lulu is seeing things. Claudia tells him that Nikolas told her the same thing. Claudia asks Johnny what really happened the night of Logan’s death. At Shadybrook, Lainey asks Lulu if she wants to talk. Lulu doesn’t answer her. Lucky tells Lainey that Jason brought Lulu to the police station to see Johnny. Lainey tells Lucky that Lulu needs to work this out herself. Lulu tells Lucky that she didn’t want to leave the police station. She is upset that Lucky didn’t give her the chance to speak to Johnny for a little longer.

Johnny tells Claudia that he killed Logan and Lulu showed up right after. Trevor walks in. Claudia tells Trevor to take care of this or she will get Johnny a different lawyer.

Sam says to Alexis and Jerry that she can’t believe that her mother is with Jerry. Sam says she was in the area and came to talk to her mother. Disgusted, Sam leaves. Alexis wonders if Jerry has something going on with Sam. Jerry says he doesn’t. They kiss and Jerry leaves.

Kate tells Sonny that she misses her grandmother. She tells Sonny about a broken mirror and how her grandmother said it was a curse. Kate says she hasn’t kept in touch with her old friend, Olivia. She says if Olivia could see her right now, Olivia would say that Kate is really happy.

Spinelli tells Maxie that he is okay. Spinelli asks her to stay with him. Maxie admits to Spinelli that she was scared seeing him lying there in the alley. Matt tells Spinelli that his spleen has ruptured and he needs to be operated on.

Trevor tells Claudia that she is stuck with him. Claudia says that Ric was the mastermind that got Anthony released. Trevor says that Ric doesn’t care about Johnny’s defense. Trevor says that Ric went on vacation with his daughter and no one can get a hold of Ric.

Lulu pays a visit to Laura. She tells her mother that she is scared. Lulu says she keeps seeing Logan. Lulu tells Laura that she is worried that she is losing her mind. Lulu says she wishes there was someone she could talk to that would understand what she is going through.

Sonny says he can’t stay and has to go. Kate says she is going to prepare a meal for him. Kate convinces Sonny to stay a while. Sonny calls Lois Cerillo’s mother for a favor.

Nadine says that Spinelli doesn’t need to have surgery. Matt is angry that Nadine questioned his professionalism. Maxie asks Elizabeth if Spinelli can wait for surgery. Liz says it is urgent that Spinelli is operated on. Spinelli says that Maxie can decide on whether he has emergency surgery or not.

Claudia breaks into Alexis’ office, looking for info on Johnny’s case. Alexis walks in and Claudia says she can explain. Alexis says that she is going to charge Claudia with breaking and entering, as well as tampering with evidence.

Lulu tells Laura that her and Johnny would have been happy together if Logan had stayed away. Lulu starts to cry, as Laura’s hand touches her head. Lulu looks up, shocked that her mother is awake. Laura tells Lulu that everything is going to be alright.

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