GH Update Friday 8/22/08

General Hospital Update Friday 8/22/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
Proofread by Anoma

At GH, Patrick continues with his marriage proposal to Robin.  Everyone is watching.  Robin wants to talk with Patrick “in private.”

Sonny and Max take the wedding gift back to Karpov.  Sonny says he wants nothing to do with the Russian mobster.

At Shady Brooke, Lulu pleads with Jason to take her to the PCPD. 

Claudia visits with Johnny in the interrogation room.  He asks her to find a way for Lulu to visit.  Claudia thinks it’s a bad idea.

At GH, Matt, Liz, Leyla, Anna, Robert, Epiphany and others listen as Patrick shares his feelings with Robin.  Patrick gets very emotional.  Patrick gets on one knee and shows Robin the ring. 

At Karpov’s office, the two men disagree.  Karpov insists he has “no hard feelings.”  Sonny suggests that Karpov leave town.  Karpov laughs and says the possibilities in PC are endless.  Sonny and Max leave the office, and Jerry comes out of hiding.  Jerry tells Karpov it’s a bad idea for Sonny to know of their alliance.

Maxie and Spinelli stake out the Karpov warehouse.  Spinelli babbles on about their last stakeout.  Maxie thinks it’s silly to watch Sasha.  Maxie is sure that Jason and Sasha have no connection.  Maxie says they should concentrate on Lulu instead.

At the PCPD, Claudia puts the “blame” on Lulu for Johnny’s predicament.  Claudia says mental illness runs in the Spencer family.  Lucky bursts in and blames everything on John.

Jason tells Lulu her idea to visit Johnny isn’t wise.  Lulu fears she will become like her mother.  Jason wants to protect Lulu.  Lulu pulls the “Jake and Elizabeth” card.  She asks Jason if he would visit them one last time if he were in a similar situation.

Back at GH, Patrick waits for an answer.  Mac makes a snide comment to Anna.  Robin is overwhelmed.  She says she’s unsure.  Robin runs off. 

Nik shares a romantic dinner with Nadine at Wyndemere.  They discuss table manners. 

At the PCPD, Claudia tells Lucky to back off Johnny.  She reminds Lucky that the mental problems “run in the family.”  Lucky says Johnny is the cause of Lulu’s illness.  Lucky attacks Johnny, and Claudia runs for help.  Harper pulls Lucky away from Johnny.  Harper sides with Lucky.

At Shady Brooke, Jason says he can’t compare his situation with Lulu’s.  She insists that the worst is yet to come.  She wants to see Johnny while she’s still aware of things.  Jason checks Lulu out of the hospital.  Lulu tells the hospital staff that Jason is her brother.  The two head for the PCPD.

Patrick finds Robin sitting in the park.  He wonders if her answer is “no.”

Kate and Clarice look at her dress in the Crimson office.  Sonny arrives.  Kate hides behind Clarice so Sonny can’t see the dress.  Kate allows Sonny to see her in the dress. 

Maxie and Spinelli are still outside of the warehouse.  Maxie says Spinelli should stop wasting time worrying about Jason.  Maxie worries that Lulu will confess to the murder.  Spinelli says the stakeout will take Maxie’s mind off her worries.

Lucky goes to visit Lulu.  He’s told that Lulu’s “brother” signed her out for “a ride.”  Lucky learns Lulu left on a motorcycle.

John watches as Lulu arrives at the PCPD for a visit.  Harper says it’s fine as long as Claudia will leave.  Claudia is against the visit.

At GH, some of the staff gathers to discuss Patrick’s proposal.  Epiphany says she “tried to warn” Patrick.  Matt makes a nasty comment about Patrick.  Dr. Lee says Robin was terrified.  Liz takes Patrick’s side. 

In the park, Robin says she’s “committed” to Patrick.  She asks why Patrick had such a sudden change of heart about marriage.  Patrick agrees and says getting married would be “a mistake.”

At the warehouse, Jerry is insulted that Karpov doubts his loyalty.  “I’m loyal to whoever pays me,” Jerry tells Karpov.  Karpov gets a call about something happening “in the ally outside the warehouse.”  The call disturbs him.  Jerry asks what the “problem” is.  Karpov says Jerry could be “the solution.”

Maxie and Spinelli are still sitting outside the warehouse.  Maxie notices someone going in the warehouse with a gun.

At the PCPD, John insists on seeing Lulu.  Harper brings Lulu in but says the two can do no more than “hold hands.”  Claudia approaches Jason about setting up the visit.  Lucky bursts into the station, and Jason stops him from going toward the interrogation room.  Lucky threatens to have Jason “locked up” for signing Lulu out of the hospital.  Jason tells Lucky to let the visit happen.  Jason leaves the station.  Claudia stops Lucky from going into the interrogation room.  Inside, Lulu tells John she fears for her sanity.

Maxie and Spinelli lay low in the car.  Maxie suggests they call the police.  Spinelli says he “must investigate further” before they call for help.

Nik and Nadine are still at Wyndemere.  Nik compliments Nadine for being able to “live in the moment.”  Nik says Nadine always has the best “motives.” 

At Crimson, Sonny compliments Kate’s dress. 

In the park, Patrick says he wants to “commit” himself to Robin.  She says they don’t need marriage to do that.  Patrick says he thinks they do and  it’s what he wants.  Robin says she “can’t” marry Patrick.  Robin leaves.

Nik takes Nadine out to the garden and they dance. 

Sonny is still at Crimson with Kate.  He says he shouldn’t tease her about the wedding.  Sonny cuts his finger on a pin in the dress.  He gets blood on the dress.  Kate says it’s bad luck.

At the PCPD, Claudia is able to stop Lucky.  Scott arrives and says Lulu has to go.

In the interrogation room, Johnny offers Lulu his support.  Lulu sees Logan standing behind Johnny.  Lulu screams and gets upset.

At the Karpov warehouse, Spinelli gets out of the car to look around.  Maxie tries to stop him.  A car comes screeching toward them, and Maxie screams.

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