GH Update Thursday 8/21/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/21/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

 Patrick and Epiphany disagree about something at GH. Epiphany urges Patrick to reconsider. Robin is curious about the conversation.

Maxie and Spinelli look for evidence together while at the penthouse. Jason comes home.

Sonny is at home discussing business with Max. Kate arrives. She tells Sonny about a wedding gift from Karpov.

Lulu calls the PCPD and pretends to be a PI so she can talk to Johnny. Lulu breaks down on the phone. Scott arrives and takes the phone from Johnny. Scott says the call “will go on record” against Johnny and Lulu. Johnny denies killing Logan. Alexis arrives and tells Scott he should leave.

Dr. Winters goes to the hospital to see Lulu. Lulu tells the doctor about the call. Lulu says it made her feel “good” to talk with Johnny. She wonders if she can go to the PCPD for a visit. Lucky arrives.

At GH, Robin says she’s not a fan of secrets or surprises. Dr. Lee arrives. Anna arrives at Patrick’s request. Robin thinks Patrick wants her to “go home and nest.” Robin is adamant against the idea that Patrick hasn’t even suggested.

At the penthouse, Spinelli still thinks Jason is having an affair with the attorney. Maxie says Jason should take him seriously.

At Sonny’s, Kate talks up the wedding gift. Sonny is upset by the news of the gift. Kate is curious so Sonny admits Karpov is in the mob.

Nik and Liz are at Wyndemere. Liz asks Nik about Nadine. She wonders if Nadine is a “possibility” for happiness for Nik.

At home, Sonny tells Kate about his “arrangement” with Karpov. He tells Kate how he cut their ties. Sonny insists his “intentions” were “good.” Kate is disappointed but glad Sonny made a good decision.

At the penthouse, Maxie tells Jason to take Spinelli’s concerns seriously. Jason insists he’s not in a relationship with Karpov’s lawyer. Jason tells Spinelli to cut the research on Sasha. Jason leaves. Spinelli is still concerned.

At the PCPD, Alexis says Scott has “a conflict of interest” with Johnny’s case. Scott says Alexis has her own conflicts of interest with the case. He tells Alexis to call Lulu “as a hostile witness.” Scott is angry with Alexis. Scott leaves the interrogation room.

Lucky is still with Lulu at the hospital. Dr. Winters leaves. Lulu asks Lucky to take her to Johnny.

At GH, Anna tells Robin about her own pregnancy. Robin says she’s able to “enjoy” her pregnancy. Epiphany advises Patrick to change his mind. Matt arrives and questions Nadine about a patient. Nadine arrives and Matt confronts her. Patrick and Matt have a disagreement. Anna says Robin should continue to work if it’s what she wants. Robin leaves. Anna tells Patrick not to “smother” Robin.

At Sonny’s, Kate is concerned about Karpov. Sonny insists that they are “safe.” Kate wonders if Jason’s previous visits were about Karpov. Kate is satisfied with Sonny’s answer.

Lucky tells Lulu a visit with Johnny is a bad idea. Lulu admits to bringing Johnny the gun. Lulu says Johnny protected her while they were on the run. Lucky is against taking Lulu to the PCPD. She wonders if Lucky can bring Johnny to her.

Claudia goes to the PCPD to see Johnny. Claudia says he should stay away from Lulu. Johnny insists Claudia arrange for a visit with Lulu. “Forget about Lulu,” Claudia tells her brother. Claudia says Lulu will testify against Johnny.

Lucky refuses to take Lulu to see Johnny. Lulu says she wants to see Johnny “one last time” in case she ends up like Laura. Still Lucky refuses. Lucky blames Johnny for Lulu’s condition. Lulu begs Lucky to help her. Lucky refuses and leaves Lulu’s hospital room.

Nadine and Liz are at GH. Nadine brings Emily into the conversation. Nadine tells Liz she’s ready to “move on” from Nik.

Maxie and Spinelli discuss staking out the Karpov warehouse. Spinelli is sure Jason is having an affair with Karpov’s attorney. Maxie and Spinelli head off for the stake out.

Nadine gets a call from Nik at GH. He asks her to come over to Wyndemere. Nadine says she’s on her way. Liz wonders if Nadine had a change of heart.

Jason goes to visit Lulu. He asks if he can help her in any way. Lulu asks Jason if Johnny is the cause of her illness.

At the PCPD, Claudia insists Johnny can’t help Lulu. Johnny worries that Lulu’s condition will worsen.

Spinelli and Maxie go on a little stakeout to check on the Karpov operation. Spinelli is haunted by his last stakeout.

Jerry goes to see Karpov. Karpov questions Jerry about Alexis. He wonders if Jerry can be trusted.

Nadine goes to Wyndemere. Nik greets her with an apology and a romantic dinner.

At the PCPD, Claudia says John’s “fixation with Lulu” is hurting him. Johnny insists on seeing Lulu and he wants Claudia’s help.

Still in her hospital room, Lulu talks with Jason about killing Logan. Jason says Johnny is not the reason for Lulu’s illness. Lulu asks Jason to take her to Johnny.

In Karpov’s office, Jerry gets offended and says he’s done with Karpov like Sonny is. Karpov says it’s never good when people disappoint him. Sonny and Max arrive at Karpov’s office.

Mac arrives at GH at Patrick’s request. He sees Anna. Patrick gets on the PA and makes an announcement about Robin. He announces how much he loves Robin. Epiphany, Liz, Matt, and others are all there. Robin leaves her patient and approaches Patrick. As everyone watches and listens, Patrick commits to Robin and asks her to marry him.

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