GH Update Wednesday 8/20/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/20/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sasha says that she finds Jason attractive and that a personal alliance would be beneficial and enjoyable for both of them. Jason tells her to put it back on or leave without it. Spinelli walks in and Sasha says that he has bad timing.

Nikolas asks if that is what Nadine wanted and she asks what would happen if she said yes.

Alexis says that Johnny has a conscience and that he stayed with Lulu because she needed him. Johnny asks how Lulu is and Alexis says that she will find out. Alexis says that Johnny has to tell her what happened with Logan and she will plead him out on self defense. Johnny says that Anthony has to be stopped. Trevor walks in and tells Johnny not to say another word because Alexis is trying to entrap him.

Patrick says that he wanted a boy because he could figure out how to be a father to a boy since he was a boy, but he doesn't know about a girl. Robin says that Patrick is nervous and he admits it and says that the thought of being a father to a girl is scaring him.

Scott says that Lulu is faking being crazy so that she doesn't have to testify against Johnny. Sonny says that Scott is out of there and Scott says that he is on the job and there are potential witnesses. Sonny tells Scott to leave or he will call Diane and have him written up for whatever violations she can find. Sonny says that a press conference can be held to show the whole world that Scott is attacking a defenseless traumatized girl in a mental hospital. Scott tells Sonny to call Lulu a lawyer. Sonny tells Lulu that Scott is gone and isn't going to hurt her and asks her to look at him.

Trevor tells Alexis that coercing a confession from Johnny is a breach of ethics. Alexis explains to Trevor that Johnny needs to confess and then she can plead him out at self defense.

Nikolas says that he shouldn't have done it and asks Nadine why she is there. Nadine says that she thought he might need a friend becuase he is upset about Lulu. Nikolas says that Nadine shouldn't be anywhere near him. Nadine says that if she didn't want to be kissed, she would have kicked him where it counts. Nikolas says that it isn't going anywhere. Nikolas tells Nadine all the things that could hurt her if they were involved. Nikolas says that he can't allow her to risk her heart or waste her time on him. Nikolas asks Nadine to get out.

Spinelli says that he didn't know that Jason had entered into a romantic relationship with Sasha. Jason tells Spinelli to stop and says that Sasha needs to leave. Sasha leaves and Spinelli says that she can't be trusted. Spinelli says that he knows that Jason struggles with his longing for Liz. Jason tells Spinelli not to start talking about Liz.

Lucky and Nikolas talk about Lulu's condition. Lucky says that Lulu went to see Laura and Nikolas says that Lulu will never get better at Shadybrook. Nikolas tells Lucky about Lulu's hallucinations of Logan. Lucky says that Lulu would be fine if it weren't for Johnny. Claudia says not to put it on Johnny.

Alexis says that a confession as part of a plea bargain is a reasonable compromise. Trevor says that the best way to save everyone is for Alexis to free Johnny, but Alexis says that she can't do that. Johnny tells Trevor to stop Anthony, but Trevor says that he can't.

Clarice, Kate and Maxie have a meeting about wedding plans. Kate tells Maxie that Sonny is going to visit Lulu. Kate says that if Maxie would like to go see Lulu, she can now and asks Maxie to tell Lulu that her job is waiting for her when she is ready.

Sonny says that he knows how scary breaks from reality can be and says that he felt hopeless when he would let himself disconnect. Lulu says that she hates the place and how people look at her. Sonny tells Lulu about him being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and his treatment. Sonny says that Lulu needs to let the doctors help her and offers to track Luke down for her. Lulu says that she doesn't want her dad to know about it and that maybe she will be better when he gets back.

Mike says that it is karmic justice when a former ladies' man finds out that he is going to be the father of a little girl. Robin and Anna try to get Patrick to tell them his lamest pickup line. Patrick reluctantly agrees to tell them one of them.

Jason asks Spinelli if he got the encrypted information off Karpov's PDA and Spinelli keeps talking about Sasha. Jason tells Spinelli to get back to work and says that he has a meeting with Bernie. Spinelli tells Maxie that he really needs her immediate assistance.

Maxie brings Lulu truffles. Lulu and Maxie talk about their hatred for each other, and the fact that Maxie is the only one who Lulu can talk to about what really happened with Logan. Lulu admits that she is seeing Logan and thinks that she should confess. Maxie says that Lulu needs to ignore it and the visions will go away. Lulu says that if she doesn't tell the truth, she will get worse and end up going completely crazy.

Claudia says that Lulu is to blame for what happened to Johnny. Claudia and Lucky argue about what happened with Johnny and Lulu. Claudia says that she only came there to make sure that Nikolas and Lucky keep Lulu off the stand because her testimony could cost Johnny his life.

Patrick and Robin talk about his actions. Patrick says that he thought Matt was being a pig. Patrick explains that Leyla told him that Anna might have jumped to conclusions. Patrick says that he has to go.

Nadine tells Leyla about the kiss.

Maxie says that if Lulu confesses, no one will believe it because she is in Shadybrook and Johnny will never admit that Lulu did it. Lulu asks what kind of case they have against Johnny. Lulu says that Maxie is the only person who tells her the truth and that everyone else is vague and patronizing, except for Scott who exaggerates. Maxie says that Logan deserved to die and tells Lulu that her life could be over, like Georgie's. Maxie tells Lulu to forget about Scott and to focus on getting better. Lulu says that she is happy that Maxie is there. Maxie passes on Kate's message.

Trevor and Johnny talk about what will happen if Johnny goes to prison. Sonny walks in and says that Johnny wants to hear what he has to say. Sonny gives Johnny an update on Lulu's condition and tells Johnny about Scott attacking Lulu. Sonny says that if Lulu is forced to testify, she will have a breakdown.

Maxie shows up to see Spinelli. Spinelli says that he has began extensive research into who Sasha really is and what she wants. Maxie tells Jason that Spinelli thinks that he is sleeping with Sasha.

Lucky tells Johnny that Lulu needs his help and that she isn't strong enough to testify. Johnny says that his lawyers won't be calling her and Lucky says that Scott will be. Johnny says that he will have his lawyers block the subpoena. Lucky says that the only way to save Lulu is to confess.

Kate and Clarice talk about Frederico and the dresses. Sonny walks in and Kate asks about Lulu. Sonny says that he tried to help Lulu, but doesn't know if he got through or not. Kate and Sonny talk about Lulu ending up like him or Laura.

Jason confronts Spinelli. Maxie says that normally she would believe Spinelli, but no one has ever accused Jason of being a liar.

Lucky asks Johnny to admit he killed Logan, but Johnny says that he is innocent. Johnny says that if he confesses, Lulu will get worse. Lucky says that the only way to save Lulu is for Johnny to get out of her life. Claudia walks in and threatens to have Lucky's badge. Lucky tells Johnny that if he loves Lulu, he will confess. Claudia says that if Lucky loves Lulu, he will do whatever it takes to save Johnny.

Nikolas talks to Laura about the things he told Lulu. Nikolas talks about Nadine's crush on him and says that it is never a good idea to care about a Cassadine.

Sonny and Kate talk about his bipolar disorder.

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