GH Update Tuesday 8/19/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/19/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick and Robin order breakfast and she asks about the herbal tea of the day. Patrick changes their orders and tells Mike not to bring the tea because Robin doesn't want it anyways and orders orange juice for them both. Robin says that Patrick is out of control now that they know they are having a girl. Patrick admits that he is terrified.

Claudia complains about Johnny being shackled. Johnny asks for a few minutes alone with Claudia and Claudia tells him that it is going to get a lot worse.

Lulu says, "No, No! No!"

Jason tells Bernie that he almost killed a child the previous night.

Sam thanks Liz for stopping by. Liz says that she always follows up with her patients and Sam says that the wound is doing much better. Sam says that she doesn't know how to explain how grateful she is for the unquestioning way Liz helped her the previous night. Lucky says that Liz helped them avoid going to a hospital. Liz says that she is always happy to help and asks about Lulu. Liz asks what Sam's next move on the counterfeit drug front is and Lucky says that they are in over their heads and dropping the investigation. Same says that the scar will help prove to Karpov that she is loyal and help get her further into the organization and that she is not going to walk away from it.

Johnny asks Claudia if she heard anything about Lulu. Claudia denies hearing anything and Johnny says that he doesn't believe it. Claudia says that she isn't lining up for Lulu's progress reports. Johnny says that Lulu wouldn't let him bring her home sooner because she cared too much about him. Claudia says that she was focused on her brother being dragged out by the cops. Claudia tells Johnny that Lulu's love for him ruined his life.

Lulu says no. Nikolas tells Lulu that she is okay and no one can hurt her. Lulu apologizes and Nikolas asks her what upset her. Lulu says that she doesn't want to be there. Nikolas asks her if she sees something and says that he isn't going to judge her. Lulu admits that she sees Logan.

Jason tells Bernie that he went to Karpov's warehouse the previous night to get rid of him and as he finally got his shot, a girl around 10-years old ran into Karpov's arms. Jason says that it was almost exactly like what happened to Michael.

Claudia tells Johnny that there is nothing he can do for Lulu and that he needs to start focusing on himself. Claudia suggests that Johnny tell Alexis that Lulu engineered the escape. Johnny says that he loves Lulu and isn't going to throw her into harm's way. Johnny says that Lulu is to remain untouched. Claudia says that Lulu is at Shadybrook under 24-hour surveillance and that the cops are probably listening to her babbling. Johnny says that he will do whatever it takes to protect Lulu. Claudia says that Lulu is the reason that Johnny had to go on the run and the reason that he got caught. Claudia says that she has no desire to watch him destroy his life.

Lulu tells Nikolas about her hallucinations of Logan. Lulu says that the pressure makes your brain snap and then you become catatonic in Shadybrook like Laura, but Nikolas says no. Lulu asks if she is destined to be trapped inside her own mind with Logan haunting her forever.

Lucky tells Sam that he doesn't want to risk losing her. Lucky says that there are other ways to bust Karpov and asks Sam to let it go. Liz asks if they want an objective opinion and says that they need to have respect for each other's choices, whether they agree with them or not. Lucky asks Liz to stick around and make sure that Sam doesn't leave as soon as he is gone. Lucky says that he wants Liz to make sure that Sam is healing properly, so she can go back undercover at her best.

Jason and Bernie talk about what a preemptive strike would cause.

Nikolas assures Lulu that she won't end up catatonic like Laura and that the visions of Logan will disappear with treatment. Nikolas says that he agrees with Johnny that Lulu doesn't have to make it into a self-fulfilling prophecy and that miracles can happen when you least expect. Monica, Alice and Edward show up to see Lulu. Nikolas leaves. Alice gives Lulu some muffins and Edward says that Tracy went to find Luke. Lulu thanks them for putting up with her in case she goes crazy. Monica tells Lulu to get better and come home where she belongs.

Nadine tries to get Leyla involved with trying to prove that Matt is a part of the counterfeit drug ring. Matt comes up and flirts with Leyla. Nadine gives Patrick and Robin their daily charts. Patrick suggests that he take Robin's so she can rest, but then reconsiders and says that it is still the morning. Matt asks Leyla out to dinner and says that rules are made to be broken and that there are exceptions. Patrick suggests that he turn Matt in for sexual harrassment.

Sam says that she is feeling totally grateful to Liz for her medical attention and for what she said to Lucky. Liz says that she can tell that Sam and Lucky are good together. Liz tells Sam to call her if she needs anything. Sam thanks Liz for everything and Liz tells Sam not to stop believing in Lucky because he won't let her down.

Jason says that he has always been more comfortable taking orders than giving them. Bernie and Jason talk about the choices Jason made to go against Sonny's orders.

Patrick says that Matt could use the sexual-harrassment guidance. Matt says that Patrick is out of line. Patrick asks Leyla if Matt is bothering her and Leyla says that she can handle Matt by herself. Nadine apologizes for asking Leyla to work on Matt. Leyla says that she is intrigued about the dynamic between Patrick and Matt.

Alexis asks Detective Harper to get her Johnny's capture report because there are allegations of brutality. Anthony shows up and tells Alexis that either Johnny goes free or she loses what she loves the most. Alexis says that Sonny and Jerry have assured her that if anything happens to her daughters, Johnny and Anthony will be dead. Anthony says to make sure justice prevails.

Nikolas meets with Claudia and asks what is going on. Claudia tells Nikolas about her visit with Johnny. Nikolas says that Lulu is really shaky right now. Claudia asks how sick Lulu is. Claudia says that if Lulu was already cracking before she and Johnny went on the run, it could help his case and if Lulu is too nuts to testify, that is even better. Nikolas says that Lulu is very ill and getting worse by the minute. Nikolas tells Claudia about Lulu's hallucinations and that Lulu is terrified that she will spend the rest of her life in a catatonic state.

Lulu visits Laura and tells her what is going on. Lulu asks Laura if she is trapped inside her mind. Lucky shows up and Lulu says that she hates it there.

Anna surprises Robin and says that she is planning to stay until the baby is born. Anna tells Robin that she thinks Patrick is heading back in the direction of Leyla. Robin suggests that they get some lunch and she will tell Anna what is going on with Patrick.

Patrick apologizes to Leyla for intruding on her personal life. Leyla says that Anna saw everything and is probably telling Robin.

Claudia and Nikolas talk about their versions of hell. Nikolas says that if Johnny gets convicted, Lulu will really lose her mind. Nikolas and Claudia agree to work together to protect Johnny and Lulu.

Lucky says that going to see Laura wasn't a good idea and that Lulu needs to tell someone when she leaves her room. Lulu says that she needed to see Laura and that she isn't used to checking in with 6 people. Lulu says that she feels like she is going to suffocate. Lulu says that she isn't going to try to take off without Johnny.

Alexis goes to see Johnny and introduces him to her daughters. Alexis says that Anthony has threatened their lives if she doesn't get the charges dropped against him and explains why she can't do that.

Jason tells Cody to keep watching Karpov. Sasha shows up and Jason tells Cody that they will finish up later. Sasha says that Karpov wanted her to reassure Jason that he wants to co-exist.

Robin tells Anna that Patrick's sudden advocacy for women's rights has nothing to do with Leyla. Patrick walks in and swears that he wasn't flirting with Leyla. Robin assures Patrick that she knows he wasn't flirting with Leyla. Anna realizes that they know the sex of the baby.

Nikolas thanks Lucky and says bye. Nikolas asks Nadine what she wants. Nadine says that she thought he might need someone to talk to. Nikolas tells her that she can leave because he is fine. Nadine says that she isn't leaving him alone. Nikolas says that Nadine can't save him and even if they did end up together, she would get hurt.

Scott tells Lulu that faking being crazy won't keep her out of court and that he is going to subpoena her and she will testify against Johnny.

Alexis tells Johnny to confess to killing Logan in self-defense and take his lumps for obstruction of justice and fleeing.

Sasha says that Karpov's arrangement with Sonny fell apart, and they don't want any tension with Jason. Jason says that Karpov has nothing to worry about unless he makes a move against Jason. Jason gets a call from Bernie about some shipments. Sasha says that she thinks they could find each other mutually beneficial.

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